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Traxxas High-Current Connector Male/Female (1 pr) No wires

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One pair of Traxxas High-Current Connectors. The Traxxas high current design allow for high current with minimal resistance as well as making it nearly impossible to make a backwards connection or short the terminals.

Traxxas High-Current Connector Male/Female (1 pr) No wires



Traxxas High-Current Connector

One Pair of Male/Female High Current Plugs

With today's brushless motors and high-density, high-discharge battery packs, attaching a wimpy battery connector is like attaching a garden hose to a fire hydrant. The pressure is there, but the flow is strangled with resistance. The Traxxas pursuit for superior innovation and performance has led to the development of a new standard, engineered to remove the limitations of traditional connectors.

The Traxxas connector is easier to handle than old-style connectors with large easy-to-grip surfaces. The feel is silky-smooth as the contact surfaces glide together. The superior design provides multiple levels of protection making it virtually impossible to make a backward connection, or short the terminals. They are easy to assemble with molded-in wire shrouds that eliminate the need and extra steps to install heat shrink tubing.

Traxxas has adapters for LOW-CURRENT applications. They are intended mostly for charging use, but might be used in some vehicles being careful not to exceed the current rating of the Tamiya-style side of the adapter.

What adapters are available?

• #3061 - Adapter, Traxxas HC male to Tamiya-style female (1)

• #3062 - Adapter, Traxxas HC female to Tamiya-style male (1)

Why did Traxxas design a new connector?

Traditional connectors in use today were not keeping up with battery technology and the needs of Ready-To-Run customers. Today's batteries have greater energy density, higher capacities, and higher output that exceed the current handling capability of typical Molex (Tamiya style) connectors. These older connectors were never intended to be used in high-current applications. Other high-current connectors on the market can handle the current load, but they are generally difficult for the average user to handle and assemble, and some do not offer enough protection against a reverse-polarity connection.

The Traxxas High-Current Connector flows current like a firehose with virtually zero voltage loss from power-robbing resistance. Beefy, gold-plated terminals with large, spring-loaded contact surfaces ensure positive current flow. Even after thousands of uses, Traxxas connectors maintain their precision contact and incredibly low resistance.

*This product includes one male connector and one female connector, without wires.

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SKU 631860
Manufacturer Traxxas
Mfr Part Number 3060
Video No

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