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  1. Toysmith Water Rocket

    Toysmith Water Rocket

    No. 377994


    The Toysmith 4M water rocket is simple to use and will provide loads of fun. Assemble your rocket, fill it with water, pump up the pressure, and let the fun begin! Capable of blasting over 30 feet high, this is a reliable water rocket your kids will love to launch, time after time.

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  2. Toysmith Deluxe Water Rocket Set

    Toysmith Deluxe Water Rocket Set

    No. 377992


    This is a Toysmith Deluxe Water Rocket Set. This six piece set has two 5.5" rockets, one 8.5" rocket, two fuel funnels and a launcher.

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  3. Toysmith Submarine 7'' Auto Dive & Resurface
  4. Toysmith Water Bazooka
  5. Toysmith Beach Racket/Ball

    Toysmith Beach Racket/Ball

    No. 649866

    Regular Price: $6.99

    Special Price: $6.29

    This is a Toysmith Beach Paddle Ball Set. A classic beach game, this set includes two 15 inch long wood paddles with a beach motif, and one ball, packed in a net bag.

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  6. Toysmith Pull String Clownfish

    Toysmith Pull String Clownfish

    No. 678477


    This is a Toysmith Pull-String Clownfish. Pull the worm and watch this colorful 6 inch clownfish chase it through the water.

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  7. Ja-Ru Waterbomb 75 pk. with Tote
  8. Toysmith Rocket Ballon w/ Pump 40pc

    Toysmith Rocket Ballon w/ Pump 40pc

    No. 378110


    This is a Toysmith Rocket Balloons w/Pump. Blast off into the skies with Toysmith Rocket Balloons. These rocket balloons can be inflated up to 40 inches in length. Let them go and watch them zoom skyward. Recommended for ages 8 years and up.

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  9. Toysmith Water Balloons 120

    Toysmith Water Balloons 120

    No. 377998


    This is a 120 pack of Toysmith Water Balloons. Includes 120 different colored water balloons and filler nozzle. For ages 8 and up.

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9 Item(s)

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