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HP-PRT Servo Mount - Tempest/Vertex/Demon Crusher

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This is a replacement Steering Servo Mount and Arm Set for the Hobby People Tempest 1:10 Scale 4WD Brushless Stadium Truck and the Hobby People Vertex 1:10 Scale 4WD Stadium Truck.


HP-PRT Servo Mount - Tempest/Vertex/Demon Crusher

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This is a replacement Steering Servo Mount and Arm Set for the Hobby People Tempest 1:10 Scale 4WD Brushless Stadium Truck and the Hobby People Vertex 1:10 Scale 4WD Stadium Truck.


• Includes Composite Plastic Steering Servo Mount

• Includes Composite Plastic Steering Servo Arm

*Servo Arm fits Cirrus CS-603 servo. May fit other similar brand servos.

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SKU 143768
Manufacturer HP-PRT
Mfr Part Number 6588-P012
Video No

Customer Reviews

Crap Review by Nick
Crap broke on third day (Posted on 10/27/13)
part prone to breakage on backorder Review by buster
Buster, thank you for posting review. We believe we will have part back in stock in warehouse within next 7 days, and a few days after that in the stores. Our apologies for running out, we didn't properly predict sales of the HP trucks. Matt

I bought my son his first RC car to get some experience in the RC world. On the second day , he lost steering control.Upon inspection, we found the steering saver arm had broke.That night we searched online and saw it was in stock. Two days later we went to the local HP store and was not in stock.Online was also out of stock.The store estimated the arm to be in the following week.The part did not arrive that week.Now two and a half weeks later no parts or known date for this steering arm to arrive.My wife and son are very upset.This steering arm should always be in stock knowing it to be a part that is prone to break.How much longer on this arm, or any other parts on this line of RC cars, are they to be on back order.
On a positive note, this is a very fast little RC car.Durability for now is questionable but over all, performance is ten times better than the RC cars in wal mart. (Posted on 3/13/13)
143768 Review by matty
Love the vertex i abuse mine all the time but when the arm snapped i wa s sad i wish came in a three pack or in aliuimum for a stronger support. But luckyly it was back in stock and got mine repaired. (Posted on 3/5/13)
Weak Cars TEMPEST/VERTEX/DEMON CRUSHER!! Guys it's not the Part it's the cars.... Review by Jay
Guys, it's not the part that's the problem, it's the actual cars them selves. I have the tempest it's been a month now of owning it. And let me tell you. It's been a consistent nightmare. From bending axles, to consistently snapping dogbones along with snapping the main shaft, not to mention going through several spur gears stripping left and right!!! It's been horrible. Thats from regular outdoor use. This truck is really useless and definitely a money pit in the making. After buying the truck and taking multiple 15mi trips back and forth to my nearest hobby people parts. They tell me "well you know that this is more of a light use truck and not for bashing or track use"... At that point I'm ticked thinking huh?!?!?! No where in the beginning did the salesman tell me that when I was buying it. His exact words were the opposite "Oh yeah, awesome truck, great for track use" I guess that's why he's called a salesman right?
Also in my manual it also states somewhere about the stock pinion gear being "great for bashing??!?!" go figure.

Now for the problem at hand. "Servo Arm Breaking" now first off after 3 days of owning the tempest I had a problem where the crappy cirrus servo crapped out. So I then replaced it with a Hitech servo which has been serving me well all this time till I changed my tires 3 days ago. I wanted a different tread tire instead of the stock pin type I went with the "Vertex V-Bar Tires". The minute I started to use them I was breaking the servo arm left and right. I believe it's caused by how the v-bars grip and pull under load compared to the regular pin type tires that are causing the breakage. I literally broke the arm 3 times in one backyard session.
I am totally bummed out. Cause the minute I think the car is good to go, something else pops up. I'm beginning to feel that this car should be sitting on my shelf. Sad to say a definitely a money pit and a poor build. I never even got to enjoy the car. HP, if you have any kind of rebuttal PLEASE fill free to e-mail me with your concerns to I'd like to hear from you. (Posted on 5/11/12)
weak part Review by adgon
ADgon, the parts are now back in stock. We are working to change packaging, and I hope to have this done in next 60 days. Matt

I bought the Vertex for my daughter and it broke on her 3rd drive. This is obviously a cheaply made part since others are having issues with it. I do agree that the mount and arm should be seperate with a few in the pack to replace the broken one. It broke pretty easy and if it going to be a continuous problem the truck is pretty much useless. I came here to order the part and realized they were out of stock so it makes the truck even more useless. (Posted on 3/17/12)
waiting for parts Review by colin
Colin, you are correct. We have parts being air freighted in by Friday the 23rd. Matt

trying to get this part replaced, every time i check, it is "out of stock"...seriously we thought we were buying a decent product with parts availability... what's the sense of a parts list for replacements parts when they are not available??? (Posted on 3/13/12)
Overpackaged Review by Brian P
Brian, we are asking our factory to change packaging. Matt

The servo mount is pretty much not necessary. If you have broke this mount, then your cheaply made Vertex or Tempest is probably smashed beyond repair and most or all of it's steering components and linkage are probably smashed too.

All a guy really needs is the servo horn. I have broken two of these on two different Vertexes. Both accidents under 5-7mph. Hobby People needs to package these separately. One part number for the mounting bracket and another for the horn.

The horns should be packaged 3-5 to a pack for 4.99. At this rate, I am going to end up with a bunch of servo mounts I don't need for anything.

I was going to buy a Tempest, but I am tired of replacing parts over small incidents and not getting to actually drive my Vertex. I am glad I only paid 99 for my Vertex. It is a great car and will last forever if you never drive it! It is a car that is engineered and setup out of the box to break!

Also, the steering servo saver was set absolutely way too tight on both of our Vertexes. I guess we are learning the hard way. Thanks Hobby People! (Posted on 1/15/12)

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