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Hobby People Century EP RTF Park Flyer with 2.4G Radio & Battery

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This is a Hobby People Century EP Ready-to-Fly Park Flyer w/2.4GHz Radio & LiPo Battery. The Century is the perfect plane for small flying areas and all new pilots! So easy you'll be flying in a snap!

Hobby People Century EP Ready-to-Fly Park Flyer

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  • Hobby People Century EP Ready-to-Fly Park Flyer
  • Hobby People Century EP Ready-to-Fly Park Flyer
  • Hobby People Century EP Ready-to-Fly Park Flyer
  • Hobby People Century EP Ready-to-Fly Park Flyer
  • Hobby People Century EP Ready-to-Fly Park Flyer
  • Hobby People Century EP Ready-to-Fly Park Flyer
  • Hobby People Century EP Ready-to-Fly Park Flyer


User's Guide (797.8 KB)This is the User's Guide for the Hobby People Century EP


Hobby People Century EP

Ready-to-Fly Park Flyer w/2.4GHz Radio & LiPo Battery

This is a Hobby People Century EP Ready-to-Fly Park Flyer w/2.4GHz Radio & LiPo Battery. The Century is the perfect plane for small flying areas and all new pilots! So easy you'll be flying in a snap! The Century's unique quick assembly takes just a few minutes. The wing is retained with a magnet, the tail clips-on. Everything else is assembled and ready, right out of the box so you can get flying in minutes! And flying is what you'll be doing with this Century, over and over again. It's glide is smooth and stable. The power is perfect for good climb-outs with the reserve power needed to get out of trouble. Even the charger is built into the transmitter so you can recharge right at the field.

Many people may be flying the Century for the first time. To help the new pilot be successful we've included a detailed manual that includes both assembly, use, and flight tips geared to make you successful faster! Additionally, we know that every landing might not be so perfect. That's OK, the Century is easily to repair and supported with a full-line of replacement parts to get you back in the air quick! The Century's appeal doesn't end there. Experienced modelers looking for a relaxing, easy Park Flyer will appreciate the quality and engineering that went into this model. It's refined designed make it reliable and fun. It's a spectacular little grab and go, lunch-break flyer! So small you might even keep it on your desk, ready to fly! The Century is the perfect easy-flying Park Flyer anyone can enjoy!


• Easy-to-Fly - The Century EP is Perfect for New Pilots

• Great Size for Small Parks/Flying Areas

• Quick and Easy Assembly - No Glue or Tools Required

• Snap-On Tail for Easy Assembly and Replacement

• Magnet-Attach Wing for Easy Assembly and Transport

• Includes 2.4GHz FHSS Radio with Built-In LiPo Charger

• Indirect Gear-Drive Motor with Folding Propeller

• 1S 150mAh LiPo Battery for Efficiency and Long Flight Times


• Wingspan: 24.75 Inches (629mm)

• Wing Area: 66.5 Square Inches (

• Length: 19 Inches (483mm)

• Weight RTF: 1.75 Ounces (50g)

• Wing Loading: 3.8 Ounces/Square Foot (11.56g/

Items Required, But Not Included:

• 4 'AA' Alkaline Batteries for Transmitter

Additional Information

SKU 117216
Manufacturer Hobby People
Mfr Part Number 117216
Video No

Customer Reviews

Nice little glider,but Review by propnut48
It is a nice flying little park glider ,but..... it has to be under power all the time as the prop blades won't fold back because the motor is very free to spin and windmills and acts like a prop disc brake.It has springs on the blade and they feel like they should fold the blades back but don't. If throttled off it porpoises too bad so i have to keep power on slightly all the time.For the price its ok and extra batteries are cheap . Fun plane none the less. (Posted on 10/6/14)
My son and I are learning to fly with the Century Review by Lance
Great little plane, far more durable than I expected. A really great project for my son and I, and when we have a successful flight, a whole lot of fun. (Posted on 2/13/14)
Poor range hampers fun little TOY Review by Bill
I am an experienced RC'r and have flown this little toy twice now. Both times I experienced loss of control because of poor range at about 200'. I also started with some nose weight but ended up flying without it after a couple of test hops. If the plane is not responding add some throttle to get it to maneuver. The servos center poorly so you have to keep this in mind when flying it. Power allows for good climb at start of flight but tapers off. Definitely not a floater - needs to be kept on step. I am very impressed with the construction and technology.

Issues with poor servo centering and range lead me to say:
My sons first plane Review by Sarah
Bought this for my son for Christmas. My husband and my son put the plane together, charger the battery, and off to the park they went. Next day off they went to the park. New years day off they went to the park. I think the plane is a family winner. (Posted on 1/9/14)
Pretty Fun Review by Bill
Mine started with little rudder control. I added a piece of 1/32nd balsa making the rudder twice it's size making it turn better. After some fiddling, I realized it was tail heavy. I added some weight inide the cowl and moved the circuit board forward and then removed the balsa from the tail, She flew like a bat outta bell.

They are pretty tough. I have about 100 flights on her (Not kidding). The wing attachment magnet is pretty weak and needs to be replaced with a stronger magnet. I was in a thermal and the plane didn't want to come down, it just kept going up and up so I put it in a spin to bleed off altitude and the wing parted the fuselage. The wing fluttered down for a couple of minutes and the fuse came down like a lawn dart. All that happened was the tail broke loose and was repaired with some foam safe CA in minutes, back in the air she went.

She still fly's today. (Posted on 12/31/13)
Great slow flyer Review by Lake forest
After some modification to the tail assembly done by the lake forest ca staff, this plane is so easy and relaxing to fly. I'm getting about 15 minutes worth of flight time roughly at 25% to 40% throttle. At full throttle it can do loops if you dive down first also. Overall a super fun small area slow flyer for both experienced and beginner pilots. If this plane had a brushless it would be perfect. (Posted on 12/31/13)
flew it tday Review by cathy
gift for kids, husband has been to park 4 times himself today. (Posted on 12/25/13)
Needs balance Review by Ronnie espolt
I bought the Century for two reasons.
First I am building a small indoor plane
and need the guts of the Century.
Second as president of local club VVRCF.ORG
I expect to see these show up at our field from Christmas gifts.
I want to know how to tune them in. I never like crashing a gift.
So here what it needs. A small amount of nose weight.
The manual said nothing about CG and the balance was close.
So I tried as a came. It will fly as balanced under power.
Gliding and landing are not good as plane will porpoise with power off.
To over come this small problem you must add nose weight.
With folding prop you cannot tape weight to outside.
Without a ballast pocket we have a problem.
Here is my solution. Four Daisey air gun pellets .177 sizes.
Drill 1/8" hole in foam just about a 1/4" behind plastic motor cowling
on top of fuselage
Press in pellet until flush with surface. Interference fit will hold them.
No glue is needed. The plane then flew fine.
One other small issue was manual showed incorrect elevator stick direction.
Then a few pages later shows correct direction.
I used the high throw possition on the horns and was happy.
Plane shows good glide ratio and may even termal.
I may need to buy a second one to strip for parts as this is a fun plane.

(Posted on 12/22/13)
bought yesterday in fv Review by David
flew same day. 1st airplane, my son and I had 3 reasonable successful flights between charges. Amazingly, no damage to plane. I wish we could fly again today but too dark too early in evening. we will be at park again sat morning. great plane (Posted on 11/12/13)

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