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Hobby People Waco Biplane EP Rx-R BL (No Tx/Rx/Bat/Chgr)

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Everyone loves a biplane! And, this biplane is absolutely stunning! The Hobby People Waco Biplane makes a perfect small-field flyer. The generous wing area and light wing loading give it spectacular low speed handling. You'll find this Waco unusually forgiving. Look just like the real-thing as you pull through big loops and rolls just like barnstormers of yesteryear.

HP-MDL Waco Biplane EP Rx-R BL (No Tx/Rx/Bat/Chgr)

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  • HP-MDL Waco Biplane EP Rx-R BL (No Tx/Rx/Bat/Chgr)
  • HP-MDL Waco Biplane EP Rx-R BL (No Tx/Rx/Bat/Chgr)
  • HP-MDL Waco Biplane EP Rx-R BL (No Tx/Rx/Bat/Chgr)
  • HP-MDL Waco Biplane EP Rx-R BL (No Tx/Rx/Bat/Chgr)
  • HP-MDL Waco Biplane EP Rx-R BL (No Tx/Rx/Bat/Chgr)
  • HP-MDL Waco Biplane EP Rx-R BL (No Tx/Rx/Bat/Chgr)


User's Guide (1.3 MB)This is the User's Guide for the Hobby People WACO Biplane EP.
Review: Model Airplane News (504 KB)This is a review of the Hobby People Waco Biplane from Model Airplane News


HP-MDL Waco Biplane EP Rx-R BL

Waco Biplane - Golden Age Beauty.

Everyone loves a biplane! And, this biplane is absolutely stunning! The Hobby People Waco Biplane makes a perfect small-field flyer. The generous wing area and light wing loading give it spectacular low speed handling. You'll find this Waco unusually forgiving. Up front, the brushless power system gives this bipe just the right amount of power for great scale flight maneuvers with power to spare. Look just like the real-thing as you pull through big loops and rolls just like barnstormers of yesteryear. And you can fly with unusual precision as this Waco has solid linkage and a separate servos for the right and left wing halves, NO torque rods to bend or flex.

Of course, this is a factory- finished EPO foam model with the motor, esc, and servos installed. So, whether you get the Rx-R or RTF version, you can be flying this beautifully finished model in less time that it takes to charge the battery.

Fly with style, Fly the Hobby People Waco Bipe.

Waco Biplane EP Specifications

• Top Wing Span: 39in - 991mm

• Bottom Wing Span: 35.5in - 902mm

• Total Wing Area: -

• Length Overall: 31in - 787mm

• Weight RTF: 32oz – 907g

• Wing Loading: 10.1oz/sq.ft. - 30.9g/

• Functions: Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, Throttle

• Power System: Brushless Motor and ESC with 3S Li-Po Battery

Waco Biplane EP Features

• Molded EPO Foam, Factory Finished

• Scale Outline and Detailed

• Dedicated Battery Hatch

• Durable Dual-Wire Landing Gear with Gear Cover and Wheel Pants

• Servos Factory Installed.

• 2-Blade Scale Spinner and Prop Hub

• Steerable Tail Wheel

Waco Biplane Electric Powered with Brushless Motor & Esc Included. Transmitter, Receiver, Battery, and Charger Not Included (Sold Separately).

Additional Information

SKU 117239
Manufacturer Hobby People
Mfr Part Number 117239
Video No

Customer Reviews

Questionable C/G datum & measurement considerations Review by Flybybaby
Legitament concerns have been raised about the correct C/C issue in previous reviews of this product. Yet no one has offered a definitive measurement & datum point as to their trial & error measurements other than what the operators manual recommends. As anew owner of this wonderful recreation of a classic biplane I'm sure that I am not alone in not wanting to see my latest acquisition end up as a hazmat clean-up site. How about it people? Some hard numbers would be infinitely more helpful than a bad review. The same message is being forwarded to the distributor as well, so let's do our part in helping make a decent product better. On behief of those who have taken the time to respond to the review site, you have my sincerest thanks for your input. -Flybybaby-

-HP Response: I fly mine on the recommended CG point without issue. We have found, however, that there are inconsistencies with the down-thrust from the one I fly to some production runs. So, the simple answer is to move the battery pack forward slightly and/or add an ounce of lead to the nose to move the CG forward about 1/4 inch. This naturally happens if you decide to fly it with a 2200mAh pack instead of the stock 1500 (many people have 2200 packs and they are heavier. obviously). The other challenge is that it's a biplane made of foam with plastic interplane struts. So, incidence of the wing offers some variation as well.

IN ALL cases, the elevator is more than enough to compensate for these variations. It is overall a very forgiving airplane that with a bit of care on trimming on the first flight or two will result in a very nice, reliable airplane that should give you a lot of fun for a lot of flights. We are still flying our first product model years later. And it is still an attention getter every time I take it out.

Bottom line: Fly it as recommended once. If you decide you do not like the way it flies, move the CG forward or add a bit of downthrust to the motor.

email: [email protected] with questions (Posted on 12/19/15)
Update Review by Rich
I swapped the prop adapter with hobby people part number 163401 (3mm prop adapter). It was under five bucks. It runs much truer and smoother than the stock unit. Also it allows you to use a std propeller rather than the plastic one that comes with the arf. I also removed the nose weight and started using a hobby people 3s 2200 pack. Surprisingly it fits and it flies over ten minutes now on a charge. Still having fun with this one. (Posted on 12/5/15)
Pretty plane - Lots of fun Review by Rich
What a pretty little biplane! The engine mount is some kind of a hard plastic. Mine seemed very strong and well attached. Can't imagine it breaking for no reason but who knows. The top wing mounts were "Soft". No problem, ran a bead of thin CA along the edges and "Worked them" until it was all soaked up under the mount(s) and into the foam. Let it sit overnight, super strong now. The push rods were way too long, again nothing that was hard to correct. Didn't use the supplied propeller. Changed it out for a 10X4 APC I had lying around. The clevis's were all good quality. Easy to assemble. Glued the tail on - no double stick tape here. "Gorilla Glued" the landing gear into the mount also. The instructions are very clear - you must check the balance! Mine was tail heavy (All arf's seem to be tail heavy frankly - probably because they don't know what battery you are going to use). A little nose weight and I was off to the flying field. Fits into my Camry fully assembled. The battery hatch has a locking tab on it so the battery cannot fall out - nice touch but the battery compartment is very small. Flew perfectly on a Hobby People 3S 1300 for about four and a half minutes. It is a slow calm flier that will loop and roll and wing over with no problems. Easy to land and take off. Super pretty in the air. Very happy with this one. (Posted on 12/1/15)
Horrible Review by L
i've had this plane a yr now and it was junk right out of the box. the plane came with 2 bad servos but the store mgr in my lake forest store (mark) is great and replaced them free. also, the fuselage wasn't glued properly and i had to re-glue it. like other reviewers my plane's top wing struts broke loose from the fuselage and i almost had my top wing rip off. i epoxied them back on and used toothpicks as rods to go into the side of the fuse for extra strength and lighter weight than bolts. and like other reviewers, my plastic motor mount broke after the 3rd flight. no crashes, acrobatics, no hard just broke because its cheap plastic. made a new motor mount from 1/8 inch thin plywood. cg is way too far back. after modifying the battery hatch to accept a 2200 mah 3si tried flying it with hopes the weight would offset the cg. nope. what did fix it though was moving the landing gear forward 2 3/4 inches. this also lets the take off without tipping forward as the stock setup does. the motor is underpowered and the prop is inefficient. replace them with an 1100 kv motor and use an 8x4 or 9x5 prop and it'll fly much better. now after a year the bottom wing is starting to sag because it has no reinforcement rod in it. i glued a carbon rod 1 1/2 inches from the leading edge and a 2nd rod 1 inch forward of the the rear attachment screw to make the wing flat again and fix the air flow & aerodynamics. it's take a year of work to get this plane fly-able and reliable. i'd rather buy a kit and build it myself so i know its reliable and can have fun with it instead of having a year of headaches and fixing problems. i've been flying 7 yrs and cannot recommend this plane. (Posted on 10/24/15)
great airplane Review by Toby
easy to moderate assembly. I installed a RDS8000 and the plane flies exactly as expected. more than enough power and good flight characteristics (Posted on 10/13/15)
great bipe Review by Joe
been flying for over a year, no problems (Posted on 7/18/15)
descent Review by zach
on my first flight tale heave was an understatement! once i put lead in the front of the plane it flew real nice it could use a better motor plate my plate beoke on my third flight. igave a little throtle and all of a sudden the motor made a strange sound the plane needs a stronger mount despratley. ive been flying for 5 years and this is my first plane to do this. i wasnt even doing aroebatics
(Posted on 7/7/15)
Pretty plane, but some things need fixing Review by nagromnewo
I bought this plane on sale at $99.

First of all, the recommended CG was way too far back. I was lucky to be able to get her back on the ground in one piece as she was dangerously tail heavy.

My nano-tech 1600 mAh 3S batteries could only go in vertically from the hatch and it was very difficult to get my relatively slim fingers through the tiny hatch to add any ballast further forwards. Also, several people have had the top wing rip off on one of the first flights, usually leading to a crash and total loss.

In view of the above, the first thing I did even before the maiden was to reinforce the plane where the struts attach to the wings and fuselage. I drilled holes right through (except for the fuselage), then inserted bolts and filled with foam safe CA from the other side. So far this seems to have worked.

After the dangerously tail heavy maiden, I cut out and made a much larger hatch in the bottom that is attached with a tab and magnets. This takes a bit of modelling skill as the undercarriage has to be attached to the hatch. The battery can now go in horizontally which puts the weight much further forwards and the plane flies much better. She seems a little underpowered, but my batteries are old. I've bought some new batteries, but haven't had time to fly this plane yet. We will see if that improves things.

One of the stock clevises was broken from the factory and they don't look very secure. I ended up changing the tail pushrods for longer ones. This allowed me to cut off and use the original ones for the ailerons so that I could use EZ connectors all round for peace of mind.

After the mods I have a nice looking and well flying model that maybe could do with a little more power. However, at the full price, there may be better deals for a Waco of approximately the same size out there.

This is NOT a plane for beginners, but once balanced correctly, she does not seem to have any vices. You may notice that the control horns for the ailerons are quite far back on the aileron rather than in line with the hinges. I believe this has been done deliberately to cancel out the adverse yaw that is otherwise typical of the flat bottom wing profile.

Owen (Posted on 2/20/15)
junk Review by rich
Pretty plane but only got to fly it for 1 min before the top wing ripped off in level flight and at 2/3 throttle and became snow. pushed the motor back about 3 in. into the fuse, so no hope other then the trash can . Oh Well (Posted on 10/6/14)
Looks beautiful in the Air Review by Jesse Jackson
My wife bought or I should say was sold this as a present. I would never have picked it but as much as I wanted to hate it ,it is so scale looking and pretty in the air that I a glad I have one. As for flying it is way tail heavy if you use recommended cg and you can't move battery forward so weight in the nose is a must. It is a lot of fun to bring for slow scale like landings rolls and lopes are very scale looking and easy if you are into scale planes and re glue all joints you will enjoy. If you want a sport or trainer not for you. (Posted on 9/20/14)
great bipe, flies great and great value Review by Jim Shea
I have owned 2, pilot error destroyed 1st. The waco is as good quality as the horizon and for 1/2 the price. Thanks for the quality product and superb value. (Posted on 9/18/14)
Problems from the start! Review by mikimra
I bought one of these Waco's with the expectation that I would have a nice little bipe to fly real quick. Well, I guess my expectations were too high! There were some cosmetic problems with the teardrops on the cowl, and some flaky paint, but these were tolerable. A broken rudder clevis also set me back a bit, but the big kicker was the severe wobble in the prop! There was no way I would or could attempt to fly this bird with that amount of vibration! I called customer service and they were kind enough to send me a couple replacement teardrops and clevises, and a new prop adapter. I installed the new prop adapter and it was a little better, but still way out of balance! I called customer service to advise them of the problem, and I was told they had no more prop adapters and the one they sent me " seemed to run tru". I wonder if they ever heard of a dial indicator?
Nice little plane but don't buy it because if you get a bad prop adapter, you are on your own! It may fly for a short period of time, but disaster is inevitable. Believe me! I've been flying these since 1974. (Posted on 9/4/14)
Motor Mount breaks easy Review by Mr Bill
The motor mount breaks easy and costs to much to much. I haven't flown my since it broke. I can't think of an incident where My flying would have caused it. It is just sitting there not flying. Hobby People should address this problem. For the money I thought I was getting a good deal. It is just sitting there not flying. (Posted on 8/15/14)
Mine flies just fine Review by BigOleJim
Use recomended throws, balance properly and have a good time. I would recommend longer screws for the wing mounts as big fingers and short screwdrivers make assembly at the field tough. We are thinking about drilling out those holes and using small paper clips for an easier assembly. Other'n that, she flies just fine. **** (Posted on 6/28/14)
Mine flies just fine Review by BigOleJim
Use recomended throws, balance properly and have a good time. I would recommend longer screws for the wing mounts as big fingers and short screwdrivers make assembly at the field tough. We are thinking about drilling out those holes and using small paper clips for an easier assembly. Other'n that, she flies just fine. **** (Posted on 6/28/14)
Great flyin Waco. Review by Flyboy
After making all linkages low rate and adding 1.5oz to the nose I have a pretty flying Waco. Even with wheel pants it will take off from grass field in about 20 feet. Nice value for the money.
(Posted on 6/23/14)
Poor Quality Components & Workmanship Review by L
1. BUILD AND QUALITY: DEFINITELY not worth the msrp of $150.00 OR THE $129 SALE PRICE b/c the quality of workmanship and components is poor. The fuselage and plastic top wing mounts are glued with some type of rubbery/elastic glue but it didn't hold either of them together. I went into a store to examine another kit and it was the same story so this wasn't just a one-off situation. I had to re-glue everything with epoxy. The motor was not mounted in the centerline of the fuselage because the motor mount was ¼ inch to the right. The motor shaft has a large flat spot on it for prop adapter set screws. The problem is that it makes it impossible to center the prop adapter. I tried 10 different adapters, collet and 2 and 3 set screw types; nothing works. The motor shaft is very weak and soft so it bends easily. Toss the prop. Its a 10/5 but not very stiff so you lose a lot of power. The motor mount is cheap plastic and is EXTREMELY brittle. When I landed the plane and it was rolling, a landing gear wheel hit a small rock and tipped the plane over on its nose. The motor mount cracked and the motor shaft was bent. My mini-mag has done the same thing several times w/o any consequence. The plastic top wing mounts that are glued on the fuselage (w/ that rubbery glue stuff) broke loose after the maiden flight and I had to re-glue them with epoxy. The aileron rods connecting the top wing and bottom wing ailerons were the wrong length. Trying to adjust the length with the screw-on adjustable rod connectors was not possible b/c the rods were way too long. I had to cut them and make new z-bends to make the adjustable rod connectors work. The plane had 2 bad servos straight out of the box. Luckily the HP store mgr replaced them w/o any hassle. IF the quality of components and workmanship were up to par the build would be quite easy. All you would essentially do is mount the wings, mount the elevator, and mount the rudder....20-30 mins max. But with all the junk components and poor workmanship you'll spend all day replacing, fixing, and basically rebuilding the plane before it's worthy to maiden it. I use a 3s 2200 mah HP lipo and it just manages to fit into the stock battery compartment.

2. FLYING: As mentioned by the other reviewer, it's a sensitive plane. I don't use any expo on any of my planes except this one. My Tiger Moth bi-plane is a great to fly b/c it’s a forgiving yet very maneuverable plane. This Waco bi-plane is 10 times more sensitive than the TM. For that matter it’s even more sensitive than many of my flying wings. This plane is NOT a beginner plane. I'd say high-novice to an advanced pilot only. It rolls easily, flies upside-down, and loops easily. The stock motor has only adequate power. Considering the weak motor shaft and that the prop adapter cannot be centered, replace the motor immediately. I've replaced it with a Turnigy 1100 kv with a 10/5 apc prop and it has made the plane fly 100% better.

3. VALUE: The msrp is stated as $150 and HP sells it on sale now (5/30/2014) for $129. One would think that b/c 4 servos, a speed control, and a motor are included in the price it's a good deal. From my experience I completely disagree and recommend that you not buy this plane. When I compare the plane to my T28 from Hobbyzone which sells for only $15 more and also has all top quality components included (motor, servos, prop), the Waco flunks miserably. The corporate buyers at Hobby People are to blame. They're foolish and dumb and it's evident they're using cheap suppliers in order to maximize profit. I've watched HP products go down in quality over the last few years. The Hobbyzone T28 kit has high quality components, high quality workmanship, is super easy build, and a great flyer out of the box. DISREGARD HOBBY PEOPLE’S HYPED MARKETING DESCRIPTION FOR THIS PLANE! THERE ARE BETTER PLANES AROUND THIS PRICE FOR YOUR MONEY!
(Posted on 6/12/14)
Looks good, balance is wrong. Review by Gene
Correct balance appears to be 1" forward of that which is recommended. 2 1/4 oz nose weight plus a little down thrust made the plane fly well and handle perfectly. Does loops, rolls, and good glide. (Posted on 3/7/14)
great plane Review by oscar
the plane is easy to finish , everything fit right, it fly great, very sensitive to control , with 40% expos, is ok ,,, is not for beginners,
it's a great plane (Posted on 2/25/14)

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