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HPHELI F600 Hexacopter DIY Starter Kit (RX-Ready)

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This is a Hobby People F600 Hexacopter DIY Starter Kit. This DIY kit has all the essentials you need to build your own six-motor hexacopter. With its versatile frame, the F600 can handle multiple setups and accessories. Build it your way, for your interests. Add your own radio, receiver and 3S LiPo battery, and get flying today!

HPHELI F600 Hexacopter DIY Starter Kit (RX-Ready)

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User's Guide (1.7 MB)This is the User's Guide for the Hobby People F600 Hexacopter


Hobby People F600 Hexacopter DIY Starter Kit

Receiver-Ready w/Brushless Motors, ESCs, Propellers & Fibergalss Frame Plate w/Integrated Circuit Board

This is a Hobby People F600 Hexacopter DIY Starter Kit. This DIY kit has all the essentials you need to build your own six-motor hexacopter. With its versatile frame, the F600 can handle multiple setups and accessories. In addition, our advanced and very stable multi-rotor flight controller works with all major radio brands, including Airtronics; and with its six 2212 1000Kv brushless motors, the F600 has the lifting power to carry a lightweight action camera, add-on lightweight FPV (First Person View) equipment or a higher capacity battery for longer flight times. The bottom frame plate features an integrated circuit board, which eliminates the need for a separate power adapter. This makes assembly easier and less costly, and results in less weight - which increases lifting capacity! Build it your way, for your interests. Add your own radio, receiver and 3S LiPo battery, and get flying today!


• Configure and Build to Your Specific Needs

• Use Your Own 4-Channel or More Computer Radio System

• Includes Advanced Super Multi-Rotor Flight Controller

• Integrated Circuit Board in Bottom Frame Plate Eliminates Power Adapter & Saves Weight

• Includes 2212 1000Kv Brushless Motors, 2 to 3S 30 Amp Brushless ESCs and Propellers

• Enough Power to Carry a Lightweight Camera, FPV Equipment or a High Capacity Battery

• Strong, Lightweight Molded Outrigger Arms

• Strong, Lightweight Fiberglass Top and Bottom Plates

• Replacement Parts and Optional Accessories Available


• Width: 23.5 Inches (597mm)

• Height: 2.16 Inches (55mm)

• Weight (without Electronics): 15.3 Ounces (435g)

• Take-Off Weight: 42.3 to 84.6 Ounces (1200 to 2400g)

• Motor: 2212 1000Kv Brushless

• ESC: 2 to 3S 30 Amp Brushless

• Propeller: 10 x 4.5 ’R’ / 10 x 4.5 ’L’

What's Included:

• 1 x Hobby People F600 Frame Set

• 1 x Hobby People Super Multi-Rotor Flight Controller

• 6 x 2212 1000Kv Brushless Motors

• 6 x 2 to 3S 30A Brushless ESCs

• 6 x Motor/Battery Connector Sets with Heat-Shrink Tubing

• 6 x Propeller Adapters with Aluminum Spinner Nuts

• 3 x 10 x 4.5 ’R’ Propellers (Clockwise Rotation)

• 3 x 10 x 4.5 ’L’ Propellers (Counter-Clockwise Rotation)

Items Required, But Not Included:

• 4-Channel or More 2.4GHz Aircraft Radio w/Full-Range Receiver

• 3S 2200 to 3200mAh or Greater 30C LiPo Battery

• Dean's Male Ultra Plug Connector Set

• 12 AWG Silicone Wire

• Hobby People 200mm Cable Ties

• 2x 300mm Battery Straps

• AC or AC/DC LiPo Balance Charger

• Liquid Thread Lock

• Soldering Iron, Solder and Assorted Modeling Tools

Additional Information

SKU 163302
Manufacturer HPHELI
Mfr Part Number 163302
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Customer Reviews

Easy to build Review by Adam
After one hour hard work,finally got my new Hexa in the air,the flight is stable,easy to control. (Posted on 11/2/15)
Sensitive control/battery hog Review by an85yalie
So, after getting familiar with an IFly4S (highly recommended) I went back to this hex to try it again. Off the bat, I had to dial the gain all the way down to reduce the sensitivity. That helped a bit, but, this hex is still quite squirrely in the air- it needs almost constant attention. I could not achieve hands-off hovering, but, I could get it to stay in place with minor stick movements. After just a few minutes of flight, my HP 2200 30C LiPo was depleted. I landed and found the battery to be a bit warm. Obviously, I need a higher capacity battery to fly this thing. I will pick up a 4500 next trip to HP. I will also explore other flight controllers- there are lots of cheap ones that could turn this into a better performer. Also, I will add landing legs- taking off from high grass was annoying, plus, it will allow me to add a camera beneath the body.
All in all, I'm happy to have some successful flights, but, I have more work to do to make this a fun craft. (Posted on 7/20/15)
maiden flight tomorrow Review by Matt
Put the kit together over the last 2 weeks, and no surprises. Seems to have enough power during test flight in front of house. Its a great package, I'll post flight info later. (Posted on 3/5/15)
HP F600 lacks performance Review by acsrandd
The kit was very straight forward to assemble but the instructions needed some clarification so I contact HP Fountain Valley CA. The tech was not very helpful, he did not have answers for basic stuff like: calibrating the ESC’s and specifics regarding the motors i.e. internal resistance (Rm) and Idle Amps (Io), these parameters are useful for modeling multi-rotors. The tech. said he would look into my questions and get back with me. After about 6 weeks I contacted the HP tech. again, no information available.
The flight characteristics of this Hex are not very good. Even with an 8000 MAh 3S LiPo and additional weight added the throttle control is very very sensitive (even with 40% expo added!). The flight stabilizer is also not very good. The flight controller only has one adjustment, as compared to nearly all other flight controllers that provide the user with enough controls so the multi-copter can be fine-tuned. All in all, in hind-sight I wish I would have spent my money on some other multi-rotor kit.
(Posted on 3/4/15)
Power Pads-Soldering correction Review by an85yalie
After soldering to the correct pads and verifying electrical connection, the ESC's now operate as expected. I should maiden later today. I called H-P help deska and described the problem. The tech is checking with the factory to see if I have a bad board, or if this is a design problem. (Posted on 11/25/14)
Power Pads- Soldering correction Review by an85yalie
I'm still building this and was checking the ESC's when I determined there was no power with the batteries installed. After checking the solder attach points with a meter I confirmed that there was no electrical connection to the "+" or "-" pads on the power distribution board. The manual incorrectly instructs the user to solder to these pads. The correct solder points are the square pads adjacent to the "+" and "-" symbols. Checking with the meter confirms that these points are correctly routed on the power distribution board. I will re-solder these connections over the weekend. (Posted on 11/20/14)

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