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Phase 3 EF-16 EDF Foam Kit - No Motor/Fan/ESC

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Fly your next sortie with the EF-16 from Phase 3 Models. This amazing EDF aircraft is fast, fun, and shockingly easy to fly.

Phase 3 EF-16 EDF Foam Kit - No Motor/Fan/ESC

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  • Phase 3 EF-16 EDF Foam Kit - No Motor/Fan/ESC
  • Phase 3 EF-16 EDF Foam Kit - No Motor/Fan/ESC
  • Phase 3 EF-16 EDF Foam Kit - No Motor/Fan/ESC
  • Phase 3 EF-16 EDF Foam Kit - No Motor/Fan/ESC


Supplemental User's Guide (602.4 KB)This is the Supplemental User's Guide for the EF-16


Phase 3 EF-16 EDF Foam Kit

Without Motor, Fan or ESC

Fly your next sortie with the EF-16 Model Jet from Phase 3 Models. This amazing EDF aircraft is fast, fun, and shockingly easy to fly. Its comparatively light wing loading, efficient wing and smooth lines make it fast on those full-throttle dive bombing runs, yet is still a pussycat at low throttle and glide settings. A modern model jet is not usually so easy to fly! We know you'll enjoy flying your next sortie and combating bogies at your local flying field with the Phase 3 Models EF-16 Jet.


• Molded Foam Airframe

• No Ailerons to Impede Smooth Airflow Over the Wing

• Exceptionally Stable Flyer, Especially for a Modern Jet Design

• Extensive Decal Sheet Included

• High-Quality Hardware

• Fast and Easy Assembly


• Wing Span: 26 Inches (660mm) 

• Wing Area: 195 Square Inches (12.58dm2) 

• Length: 36 Inches (914mm) 

• Weight RTF: 20 Ounces (570g) - Varies Depending on Equipment Used

• Wing Loading: 15 Ounces Per Square Foot (45g/dm2) 

• Functions: Stabilators with Elevon Mixing and Throttle

What's Included:

• Foam and Plastic Parts

• Canopy and Thrust Tube

• Control Hardware

• Decal Set

Items Required, But Not Included:

• 3-Channel or More Transmitter w/Elevon Mixin and Mini Full-Range Receiver

• 55mm EDF Fan Unit with Matching Brushless Motor

• 3S 2200mAh 30C LiPo Battery

• 9g Micro Servos (x2)

• 3S 30 Amp Brushless ESC

• 2.3mm Prop Adapter

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Additional Information

SKU 107311
Manufacturer Phase 3
Mfr Part Number PH015BK
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Customer Reviews

Phase 3 EF-16 EDF Foam Kit - No Motor/Fan/ESC Review by tdab
Picked up (2) today 5/2/14 for $27.81 each! My OG EF-16 from about 4 years ago is beat but still going.....Way over 200 flights on 4S and is still one of my favorites due to the simplicity, price, performance. Thanks for the SALE Hobby People!!!!

5 Stars all the way :) (Posted on 5/2/14)
great plus fine writing Review by jetlag
This Plane does fly great like they say! But it is some extremely cheap material not epp or epo this thing is like those gliders from walmart. But just don't wreck it! ha. I didn't wreck mine for the record, I was putting a new fan in since mine threw a blade and snapped the tail and bottom fuse off like a dry twig while taking it out. BECAREFUL with this one butes. But in all seriousness it's badass. Mine has a 50 amp 4000k motor used to run 4s but start over revving my fan so stick to 3 s for now but hi-tec servos 64mm fan 2200 3s but it seems a little nose heavy but i also have full landing gear and steerable nose gear(hi-tec). I LOVE THE PLANE!!! but. plus i hate how the elevators hardware can pop off wtf mate!!???!!? (Posted on 3/19/14)
No more good reviews Review by Jet Jho
Guys this used to be $43 regular price but because you cant stop bragging, they jack it up to $50. Good thing I bought 3 when they have it on sale for $30. Until now I still got 2 back up. You keep it up and it will go all the way to $100 Kit. (Posted on 8/23/13)
Love this plane Review by 1FlightWonder
I have a stock setup that will do 85 mph and a Dons RC setup that will do 143 mph. The modified plane will accelerate vertically. Both planes are a blast to fly and always draw attention when I bring them to the field. (Posted on 7/29/13)
Please people, this is the best jet that has ever come out for a 3s 2200mah pack which I though was a great size lipo to make my main battery. I FUCKING LOVE THIS AIRPLANE WITH A FUG-GEN PASSION LIKE NO OTHER, I THINK I HAVE LOST A GIRLFRIEND OVER THIS PLANE BECAUSE IT FLIES LIKE A FUG-GEN DREAM!!!! AND IF YOU USE A 35C + LIPO and this baby hauls ASS LIKE YOU WOULD NOT Believe. Don't ask me though, Ask the people in the neighborhood I fly in how it sounds because I have a reputation as the plane guy. (Posted on 7/4/13)
first effort Review by tuckearl
my first jet attempt.great flyer but is fast.really exciting airc
chuck b. (Posted on 12/10/12)
I vwill buy Review by [email protected]
I want the motor speed control the extention EVRYTHING INCLUDED EXCEPT Tranmiter and battery WHAT PRICE merci Fernand (Posted on 10/22/12)
unbelievable performance !! Review by Ron
$29.00 sale!!! Runs on $10.00 batteries

Skip a couple of Starbucks & your good to go! (Posted on 10/22/12)
2nd purchase of f-16 kit Review by Alabama Flying Dude
Ive assembled my first f-16 kit, today I bought my second kit. cant beat the price of this kit on sale. Tks Hobby people.

I enjoyed the build . I am using a 3000kv 70 mm from detrum at Hobbypartz, that was in my totaled airfield f-18, And in my second kit, I will use 3900kv exceedrc 64mm out of a totaled concept x also on 4 cell.

What sold me on the phase 3 is the simplicity of control, great stability as well as the kit an shipping price. Personally I enjoy pure speed. all the videos I have seen show if you streghten the frame 150-180 mph is possible. Having economical kits of a plane you know how to build will come in real handy at those speeds. LOL. I am self taught without simulator. And looking back Wished I had went with the phase 3 f-16 to start with.

Happy Flying (Posted on 6/19/12)
Glass It For Longevity Review by Vitonam
There are not a lot of foamy EDF kits on the market...THANKS Phase 3! I've glassed all the Phase 3 kits I've assembled to include the EF16, two Fantoms, and the Squall. I use SIG brand (I've found other brands of glass cloth to be inferior) 3/4 oz cloth and water based poly -u to adhere it to the foam- lightly roughen foam for better adhesion. I also strengthen parts with carbon fiber tubes imbedded in the foam with epoxy. Then I paint. All this ads a bit of weight, but makes for a more long lasting foamy. Rampman is correct when he says to consider using a Don's RC fan or one of his EDF designed motors for some fast flying! In my EF16 I fly Don's Wicked 4000 plus with the stock Phase 3 70mm fan on 11.1 volts for a nice kick in power. I also use the Wicked 4000 plus in the stock 70mm fan in my Squall on 14.8 volts, and it's a rocket powerhouse!! Have fun! (Posted on 6/14/12)
Cheap fun and 100+ with the right motor/ESC/Fan setup Review by rampman
As flazo said, if you buy the bare bones kit buy the 100mph motor/fan/esc from Dons RC. On a 4S 2250 35C pack I busted past 102mph on the flat, 128 on a downline. Landings can be as slow as around 10mph too. Really. Great flyer. I crashed 3 so far and just ordered 3 more this week. (Posted on 4/6/12)
Great Jet Review by Richard
This was my 3rd EDF jet. It was built and flown stock. It flies great fast and slow. I had it clocked at over 80mph but you can fly it slow with no problem (Posted on 2/27/12)
product review Review by Carl
This was the first time I built a jet from basicly a kit, I ordered the parts when I could and then the Transmiter, finally it's ready. My F16 is ready, well I picked a day I thought was the day to show my grand Daughter how Jets fly. I have to say it handled just like it should, it rolled and flew inverted and pulled out without any trouble at all, and then came that dreded down draft. I had the nose up and the alerons were up but it was going down and after the crash I have to say this Jet went back together and looks great. these are tough jets. all we regret is we didn't get a vidio of it, I was told it looked a lot like the F16 that went down at an air show. but this Jet is fast and te manuvers are like the real thing. I can't wait to fly it again. (Posted on 9/4/10)
Thank you Hobby People Review by flazo
I bought two bare bone kits,

Shipping is always wonderful. I was able to buy two for $10.00 Wow!....
Thank you Hobby People for selling this wonderful f16 Jet. I do tell everyone where i bought this jet from.

The stock set up is great also.
If you have lots of hours flying; buy the set up from Don's RC.

(Posted on 8/25/10)
Worth every penny. Very easy and afordable Review by Will "Power" Robbins
Man, All I can say is this in stock power set-up form or even the power system I had in mine (JS1400, turnigy90/100 ESC, HK Nano 2650 4S) is simply Awesome to fly. Easily and by far my favorite EDF jet. Comes in for a landing so slow you can almost tutch the tail on the ground in a full stall before setting down in 2-3'. Don't even need to think about this one. Just get one ! ! ! (Posted on 8/17/10)

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