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Pro Peak Sigma II Lipo AC/DC Charger (110Vac Leads)

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The Sigma II EQ is a high-performance, micro-processor controlled, fast charger/discharger has a built-in Lithium balancer. It's perfect for charging Li-Ion, Li-Po, Li-Fe, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd and Lead Acid batteries from either a 10 ~ 18.0v DC power source or a 110v AC power outlet.

Pro Peak Sigma II Lipo AC/DC Charger (110Vac Leads)

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LiPo Battery Safety Guide (96.5 KB)

Failure to comply with the safety guidelines in this document may result in damage to your battery, property damage, fire, personal injury and/or loss of life.


ProPeak Sigma II

AC/DC Li-Po Charger

The Sigma II EQ is a high-performance, micro-processor controlled, fast charger/discharger has a built-in Lithium balancer. It's perfect for charging Li-Ion, Li-Po, Li-Fe, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd and Lead Acid batteries from either a 10 ~ 18.0v DC power source or a 110v AC power outlet.

With a maximum internal circuit power of 50 watts and a variable charge current of up to 6.0A, the Sigma II EQ is a versatile and easy-to-use unit. With charging and discharging cycles, 5 regime memories, a storage setting for Lithium packs and much more, the Sigma II EQ does just about everything a modeler could need. Supplied with built-in XH balance ports and TP adaptor board to suit Impulse Power, Flight Power, Thunder Power and many other batteries with optional EH and PQ boards also available. The Sigma II EQ can be further enhanced with an optional temperature sensor.

In addition, the Sigma II EQ is encased in a high-quality metal case with integral heatsinks for even better cooling!


• Input Voltage: 10.0 ~ 18.0v DC or 100 ~ 240v AC

• Circuit Power: 50 Watts Maximum

• Charge Current: 0.1 ~ 6.0 Amps

• Current Drain (for Balancing): 300mAh/Cell

• Charges 1 ~ 15 Ni-Cd or NiMH Cells

• Charges 1 ~ 6 Li-Po, Li-Fe or Li-Ion Cells

• Charges 2v ~ 20v Lead Acid Batteries


Optimized Operating Software: When charging or discharging NiCd/NiMH batteries, the Sigma II EQ has ‘AUTO’ functions that set the feed current automatically. Alternatively, these can be set manually. For Lithium batteries, the Sigma EQ II can help prevent the over-charging that can potentially lead to an explosion, purely through an error. Every program in the unit is controlled with specialised software to detect almost every error, providing maximum safety. These parameters can be set at the operators discretion if required.

Includes TP Balance Board: A special balance adaptor board for TP connectors is provided as standard with optional boards available for other balance plug connectors. The ports on the side of the charger suit XH style connectors and a balance board for this type is not required.

*Includes Sigma II EQ charger, User's Guide, AC Power Cord, DC Power Cord with Alligator Clips and Balance Board for Use with Impulse Power and Thunder Power Style Packs.

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Additional Information

SKU 158400
Manufacturer Pro Peak
Mfr Part Number O-IP3050
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Customer Reviews

great but the plug Review by Brandon perez
I had my charger for about a year now and its a great charger but the power cord broke inside and their is no fixing it.I keep looking but can't find one for sale it would be great if it can be warranted and I don't have any money to buy a new charger hopefully u guys know or have them for sale
(Posted on 3/21/14)
Spoke too soon... Review by Wayne DiZi
Okay, as I had great luck wit hthe 1st charger I bought years ago, I decided to take this one apart instead of returning it. Glad I did! The source of the fan noise, oscillation and sometimes stopping completely was due to the power wires fed to the motor from the PCB, which were making contact with the fan blade. I removed the fan, rerouted the wires and ShoeGlued them in place, and voila! As quiet as can be.

We'll see how it goes form here, so I'm giving it a 3 star for now, but this should have been caught during assembly. Now, if that was life's only problem.... hahah. (Posted on 10/12/12)
Lasted 2 months Review by Nightstone
Decided to support the local hobby shop and purchased it there. First broke the same day. Second lasted 2 months. Same issue both times with it powering on intermittantly. Piece of junk. (Posted on 10/1/12)
Lasted 2 yr, 1 with noise 1 without but great charger I'll get another one Review by Cam
I like this charger because there is soo many options and how you can balance ur battery right there on the charger but after a year of charging big batteries it made a loud noise and I figured out that the fan bearings were bad so if u just turn it over and patt it like a baby it will stop when it gets to full speed Also after a year after the noise it broke down and when I would try to run it it would charge at 7.0 amps and say breakdown (Posted on 8/29/12)
poor Review by howard
Howard, please contact our service dept so we can help you. Matt

i used this charger three times and this weekend i needed my reciever battery charged got the charger out of the box plug it in and nothen i went to a nother plug nothen so i got a volt meter out to check plug voltage it was 120 so this charger is no good so now back to hobby people witch is a 300 mile round trip for this piece of junk. (Posted on 8/28/12)
i have nightmares about this charger Review by Troy
i have had no luck with this charger..i got it when i purchased my sc10rs and after a couple charges it started making a loud noise while it charges and i have to slam it on the table to get it to shut up!! and then i started to notice the wires braking because of brittleness..then one day at the track i went to plug it in and the one end blew off and shocked me horribly and ruined 2 breakers at the rc track! definately getting a diffrent one haha (Posted on 6/5/12)
works great Review by ty
nothing but good things to say about the charger. It is easy to use. Works great (Posted on 5/13/12)
AMAZING!! Review by Dave
Had this charger for 2 years now n its been the best charger ive ever had! no problems whatsoever (Posted on 4/5/12)

WORKS GREAT! (Posted on 3/6/12)
Good charger, when it worked... Review by Rob
Rob, please contact our service department. Allow us to take a look at it and see it we can help. Matt

I give it two stars because it was amazing while it worked, but after 30 charges, it wouldn't even say Sigma 11 EQ when i turned it on. The only time it worked was when i tapped the screen. now it is completely fried, I also noticed that the power cable was ton when I got it. (Posted on 3/4/12)
A great little charger Review by DownWhenLooped
Picked up one of these on sale, a GREAT little charger for the price. Love the fact it runs on 110V AC and has the LiPo balance ports right on the side for XH connectors, and a board for others. Charged two 3S 2200mah LiPos via balance, worked great and was much faster than my trusty old Triton. It even comes with several charging leads (for Deans/T, transmitter, JST, even to charge a glow ignitor!). A good deal, would definitely recommend. (Posted on 1/22/12)
Charges Fast Review by TTiger
The only one thing I don't like about the charger that it heats up really fast when charging the LiPo's. Is this a problem with everyone else's chargers. Other then that said it charges my LiPo's very fast so I can go out and play. Thanks Hobby People. (Posted on 1/19/12)
Great charger "BUT" Review by Arkangel81

I really like this charger, but during my third time charging my 5000 mah lipo batteries the fan started making a load noise. It seemed like it was struggling to start spinning. I picked up the charger and tilted it back a forth a couple of times and it started spinning. Problem solved? No, not really. I charged another battery right after the first battery was finished, and the fan did the same thing. This time it took a little longer to get the fan to spin. I think this might be a defect. So I will be taking the charger back to hobby people tomorrow. Because of the good reviews I have read on this charger I'm going to try it one more time. I will give another review on the next one I get to let you now how it performs. Good or Bad. (Posted on 1/16/12)
Not sure if it's in the setting or it's the Charger. Review by BuStEdF00
Put charger in Nimh mode. At 7.2v nominal voltage, battery usually peaks at about 9-10v. Matt

Just got the charger today and read the manual that came with it before start charging my Onyx nimh 7.2 4200mah. I have set it on 3a and Auto Mode. when charging it show on the display 3a/8.1v - 8.9v. Which to me seems pretty high and about 40min it finish and notice liquid start coming out of my battery pack. I guess now it's burn.

Any suggestion on how to charge nimh battery, this would help very much!


As for now i will give it a 3 star. (Posted on 1/5/12)
Great charger w/great flexibility Review by Warren
I am able to use this charger anywhere - So convenient with A/C DC flexibility! IT will put 6 amps into a 2s pack so it's great for my car packs, and pushes about 5 amps on my 3s heli packs. Great value, easy to program and use!

Highly recommended over the HobbyKing junk I had to send back. (Posted on 12/29/11)
sick a.s.s charger Review by balls to the wall
its the best charger in the world and if someone thinks otherwise well.....COME GET SOME!!! (Posted on 12/3/11)
Very good charger Review by Justin-san
I have one and will buy another when its on sale. It works great on LiPo's, comes with extras and runs AC/DC. (Posted on 10/20/11)
good product Review by MIKE
Seems to work very well, takes a while to balance sometimes but you can do a fast charge and then max each cell out through the balance plug of your battery which actually makes it faster but takes more steps and knowledge of how to make an adapter to do it, comes with everything you could need to charge pretty much any battery on the market today.

My only regret is not buying it on the sale, just got it a couple weeks ago and now its 20 bucks cheaper! (Posted on 9/5/11)
excellent charger Review by dueley2
Charges packs very fast to full power. It took it 5 min. to fully charge a 3000 pack. Really happy with it. Good instructions with it. Would definitely recomend. (Posted on 7/8/11)
Good so far Review by zack
I have had this little charger for a year, I mainly use it for 2's 3000mah or less, chargers good. just wish everyone used to same plug for the balance board comes with a bunch of connections. So far my batteries havent blown up so im happy (Posted on 5/8/11)
Muy buen cargador Review by enriquears
Es el primer cargador que compro de este tipo y estoy muy contento, carga las baterias 2s 5 A en 45 minutos, tambien tengo de NiMH y las carga super rapido, y la mayor ventaja es que lo puedo usar con Corriente directa lo que lo hace muy util cuando andas de paseo, lo recomiendo ampliamente, el unico detalle es que no incluye el sensor de temperatura y si no lo acomodas bien hace falso contacto el cable de alimentación, por lo demas esta excelente. (Posted on 2/22/11)
Awsome Charger Review by Eddie
This is a really great charger. Its the first type of charger I get to charge my lipo batteries. I got to say its very versatile because it can be used AC or DC powered method, plus not only charge lipos but many other types of batteries, It was a eased to used and charges my lipos pretty fast. I'm even thinking of buying another one for back up use or so I can charge 2 lipos at the same time. This is coming from a first time lipo user. For the things this charger can do and price, its a steal. You can't go wrong with this charger. Thanks to the guys at Hobby People in Camarillo, CA for helping me choose this charger. (Posted on 12/26/10)
Good charger for the price Review by robert
I bought one cause i got a lipo batt and money was tight.I have been happy with it so far and it has done great.I cycled an 8 cell nimh pack i had and it seemed to have a lil more power after.I was using a peak type charger before for the nimh batts.

Only complaint i do have is the 110 power cord where it connects to the charger doesnt seem to make a very good contact if you move the charger or wiggle the cord at the charger while plugged in the charger may shut off.Not a big deal to me as i start a charge and leave it alone.The 12 volt plug in cord has not given me any problems and is the one i use most. (Posted on 12/2/10)
Not Worth It! Review by Leo
This is my 2nd replacement after a 'power cord' failure. The charger's backlid screen doesn't light up, let alone the charger doesn't turn on. Now I need to ship this worthless charger back.. total waste of time. You can find others with similar or more features at relatively the same price or cheaper.. I guess I got what I paid for. Not a satisfied customer (Posted on 12/1/10)
Does everything Review by Jim
I bought the Sigma II to charge Nimh batteries and Lipos in the future.

Threw an old nicad from 1989 on the charger and cycled it 3 times with 10 minute cool down between cycles (programed discharge/charge). I couldn't believe it took a charge.

Stuck the nicad in stadium truck and got decent performance and run time.

I may not have to buy new batteries.

Comes with leads for charging receiver packs, tranmitters, and glow starters. (Posted on 11/20/10)
Great Charger Review by Dan
This is a really powerful charger, handles my 5000 packs easily. I like that it is very simple to use as well. Solid charger. (Posted on 9/20/10)
Great Charger Review by David
easy to use, and extremely versatile. Great charger (Posted on 8/24/10)

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