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HPHELI F450 Quad DIY Starter Kit (Receiver-Ready)

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This is a Hobby People F450 Quad DIY Starter Kit. The F450 Quad DIY Starter Kit has the essentials you need to build your own quad copter. The advanced and very stable multi-rotor flight controller works with all major radio brands, including Airtronics.

HPHELI F450 Quad DIY Starter Kit

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  • HPHELI F450 Quad DIY Starter Kit
  • HPHELI F450 Quad DIY Starter Kit
  • HPHELI F450 Quad DIY Starter Kit (Receiver not included)
  • HPHELI F450 Quad DIY Starter Kit


User's Guide (1.4 MB)This is the User's Guide for the Hobby People F450 Quad Kit


Hobby People F450 Quad DIY Starter Kit

Rx-R Brushless Quad Copter

This is a Hobby People F450 Quad DIY Starter Kit. The F450 Quad DIY Starter Kit has the essentials you need to build your own quad copter. With its versatile frame, the F450 Quad can handle multiple setups and accessories. In addition, the advanced and very stable multi-rotor flight controller works with all major radio brands, including Airtronics. With its four 2212 1000Kv brushless motors, the F450 Quad has the lifting power to carry lightweight action cameras, add-on lightweight FPV (First Person View) equipment or higher-capacity batteries. Build it your way, for your interests. Just add your own radio, receiver, 4-way power adapter and LiPo flight battery.


• Configure and Build to Your Needs

• Use Your Own 4+ Channel Computer Radio System

• Includes Advanced Super Multi-Rotor Flight Controller

• Includes 2212 1000Kv Brushless Motors, 2-3S 30 Amp Brushless ESCs and 10x4.5 Propellers

• Enough Lifting Power to Carry Lightweight Cameras, FPV Equipment or Higher-Capacity Batteries

• Strong, Lightweight Molded Outrigger Arms

• Strong, Lightweight Fiberglass Top and Bottom Plates

• Replacement Parts and Optional Accessories Available


• Diagonal Length: 17.7” (450mm)

• Weight: 9.9oz (282g)

• Take-Off Weight: 28.2 to 56.4oz (800 to 1600g)

• Motor: 2212 1000Kv Brushless (x 4)

• ESC: 2-3S 30 Amp Brushless (x 4)

• Propeller: 10x4.5 ’R’ (x2) / 10x4.5 ’L’ (x 2)

What's Included:

• 1 x Hobby People F450 Frame Set

• 1 x Hobby People Super Multi-Rotor Flight Controller

• 4 x 2212 1000Kv Brushless Motors

• 4 x 2-3S 30A Brushless ESCs

• 4 x Motor/Battery Connector Sets with Heat-Shrink Tubing

• 4 x Propeller Adapters with Aluminum Spinner Nuts

• 2 x 10x4.5 ’R’ Propellers (CW Rotation)

• 2 x 10x4.5 ’L’ Propellers (CCW Rotation)

Items Required, But Not Included:

• 4-Channel or More 2.4GHz Aircraft Radio w/Full-Range Receiver

• 3S 1300-2200mAh 30C LiPo Battery

• Hobby People 4-Way Power Adapter for F450 Quad and Others

• Hobby People Power Adapter Mounting Posts for F450 Quad and Others

• Hobby People 200mm Cable Ties for F450 Quad and Others

• Battery Strap or Self-Adhesive Hook & Loop Material

• LiPo Balance Charger

• Liquid Thread Lock

Additional Information

SKU 163301
Manufacturer HPHELI
Mfr Part Number 163301

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Customer Reviews

Post maiden flight and power testing data Review by Doug
So I flew the quad yesterday. it is very stable. I set mine up with a 3s 5200 mAh 50C battery. I had to adjust the gain up till it quickly ocillated, then back just a bit. Then I took off with 83% in my battery, flew for about 4 minutes. I did a few full throttle climbs to about 100ft and had some mild forward flight. I landed and the motor and esc temps were nominal with ambient air temps around 100 degrees fahrenheit. I still had 60% left in the battery.

Then this morning I taped the quad to a bench and ran at various throttle ranges and checked the amp draw.
Throttle % Current Amps
Idle (<20%) 4.5A
Hover (~40%) 13.6A
60% 37A
70% 40A
100% 45A Peak power 570Watts

I think a 15 minute timer is approprate and will leave room for some forward flight and aerobatics. It can probably simply maintain a hover for over 20 min. The build went smooth. I used a 1/8th inch plate of carbon fiber to add some room to the bottom plate so I could mount the receiver and controller and leave room for the larger battery. I mounted the 4 way power expander to the top of the top plate, also to make room for the battery.

The only hitch was calibrating ESC's. I used intructions for another ESC i foung online that happened to be the same, but then had to program ESC's 2,3, and 4 throught the flight controller which was tricky. Overall really fun build. I would recommend to any hobbiest with some experience working with motors speed controllers and flying basic heli's. (Posted on 7/24/15)
Ok, but....??? Review by RGX
well had a chance to fly as well as my Son whom Purchased to get in to some "Mild" Quad racing after flying one of my FPV Quads.
now the components are good frame not bad, Battery placement Options? bit limited, but good,"Suggest HIGHLY" making your own Power board, and EASY to do ,and only cost bout 2.00 instead of the 19.00+ if you buy at store.
check out youtube "Low Cost Quad Build" video 3 and 4

now for "Flight" this one was a BEAST !!! VERY HARD to control!!
to be "Fair" it could have been my "Son's" radio, but it being a "Spektrum" UNLIKELY" but?? compared to my ZMR250 and 400mm ones this one you have to really "CONCENTRAIT" taking some fun from it...
I even have a Basic of the basic radio a FlySky i6 for my Quads
but use a Spektrum in my Heli's and Planes

we inquired about it, suggesting a possible "Faulty HP Super M/R Controller"
and we were almost Laughed out of the store?
being a "FPV Racer" this was like a SLAP in the FACE..since I been doing this Longer than they been "ALIVE" COMBINED
however, the parts are good, motors-frame-ESC's but HIGHLY SUGGEST a Naze32 or the Superior OpenPilot CC3D Controller
can find online for about 20.00 ,if the HP-Controller was able to be Programed or "Checked" for its Adjustments could be better
but for the "HIGHLY Advanced" Flyers, not too bad, even with the Gain almost turned OFF it was Difficult at "BEST" to fly compared to even my Smaller Drones which are supposed to be "Twitchy"?? now the HP-Controller does have a DSM2 and DSMX input so a little bit ok?
now major problem we "DID Encounter" to why we wanted to ask if they would "Check it" for reasons UNKOWN while Hovering?
would just "FLIP" uncontrollably, so if Deciding on "Purchasing?"
of the 4 flights, it did this twice? and even when "RECALIBRATING As in INSTRUCTIONS" it did not seem to help, vey much? slightly? but not as much for say a
"Sport Flyer" or someone "Getting Into this"
again? perhaps??? it was our Controller? but they did not think so?

good advice would be once Assemebled bring back to STORE!
have them Try it out to be sure it is Correct,
so they CAN NOT SAY well you did this or did that?
since they WILL NOT REFUND there "Mistakes" always ASK FIRST! remember it is Your Money!!
"There Faulty Products" if one happens to be as such? as we know sometimes? SOMETIMES there is a Faulty Product in this "World" it does happen???
so again, good frame, Good motors(not bad) good esc's but do suggest getting a Naze32 or a CC3D Control Boards
Easier, better,Superior and Inexpensive (Posted on 7/13/15)
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Review by Donald
I bought this Quad about 2 weeks ago, and other than a couple of bugs I had to work out with the awesome customer service people, it fly's like a dream. Great item for the price. Keep up the good work HP. I will be buying more items in the future. I give it 5 stars all the way. A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (Posted on 10/29/14)
1st quadcopter Review by herb
This is my first quad as well as my first quad kit. I enjoyed the assembly. A few changes to get the battery in as the circuit board has to be right on the arms. I am using a 3c 3200 mah lipo battery.

I am using a Futaba TX and RX and the only problem I had was with the orientation of the dip switches. I sent an e-mail and quickly had a response that resolved my concerns.

The first flight went into a rapid oscillation and required reducing the gain. Two more flights and reducing the gain each time and I had a very stable hover.

After a bad landing (skidding backwards) and a broken prop I put the training gear from my heli on to allow some slip on the grass field. The quad is very powerful and lifts off into a stable hover easily.

I must point out the quad must be level before battery hookup or it will roll when throttle is applied!

Very happy, herb
(Posted on 9/21/14)
set the gain low 35% Review by bobby
in my prior review i forgot to mention / my quad was way too sensitive at the factory setting I set mine approx. 35 % (Posted on 9/11/14)
thanks to Tom for helping me avoid 1 mistake Review by Bobby
I purchased this quad last week and flew it today - It flew great and is very stable as I set it up - the manual said to set the throws on the radio All rev. I found the throttle to be reversed - Called tom and he advised me to remove props / start the motors tip the quad right / left forward etc. and make sure the proper motors increased in speed - in doing so i found I needed to set the throws rev/normal /normal / rev I use a Hitec aurora 9 radio - the quad is a winner
By the way HP batteries are the best no swelling /long life etc.
(Posted on 9/11/14)
thanks for Orange store for help in setting this up Review by Tracy
This is my 1st quad kit, and flew it for 1st time sunday. Great product, but I have to say, building and learning how to set it up was the best part. Thank you to your staff for helping me throughout the process. (Posted on 6/2/14)

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