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Phase 3 U-2 EDF Spy Plane RR (Incl:Motor, Fan, Esc, Sx)

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In the early 1950s, with Cold War tensions on the rise, the US military required better strategic reconnaissance to help determine Soviet capabilities and intentions. It was thought an aircraft that could fly at 70,000 feet would be beyond the reach of Soviet fighters, missiles, and even radar.

Phase 3 U-2 EDF Spy Plane RR (Incl:Motor, Fan, Esc, Sx)

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  • Phase 3 U-2 EDF Spy Plane RR (Incl:Motor, Fan, Esc, Sx)
  • Phase 3 U-2 EDF Spy Plane RR (Incl:Motor, Fan, Esc, Sx)
  • Phase 3 U-2 EDF Spy Plane RR (Incl:Motor, Fan, Esc, Sx)
  • Phase 3 U-2 EDF Spy Plane RR (Incl:Motor, Fan, Esc, Sx)


Phase 3 U-2 EDF Spy Plane

Receiver Ready with Motor, Fan, ESC and Servos

In the early 1950s, with Cold War tensions on the rise, the US military required better strategic reconnaissance to help determine Soviet capabilities and intentions. It was thought an aircraft that could fly at 70,000 feet would be beyond the reach of Soviet fighters, missiles, and even radar. Phase 3 brings the iconic U-2 spyplane to life in a high performance EDF that represents outstanding value. Manufactured from lightweight foam, in almost ready to fly format so you’ll be ready for your first exciting mission in no time!

Flying the U-2 Spyplane:

The Phase 3 U-2 Spyplane is essentially a powered glider and it can be flown in a very scale-like manner. While it is not suitable for beginners, it does make a very good second aileron model. With the assistance of a helper, switch on the transmitter, then connect a fully charged 1650-2200 mah 11.1V Li-Po battery. Refit the canopy and check the control throws. If there is any wind, ask you helper to point the model into it. Open the throttle fully, then have your helper launch the U-2 slightly nose down with a firm push keeping the wings level. Allow the model to fly straight and continue to hold the power on until sufficient height has been gained.

The U-2 is best flown smoothly, trading height for speed for gentle aerobatic manoeuvres. The wings will flex in flight - as did the fullsize - but you should avoid pulling very high G manouevres when flying at full speed or after a steep dive to avoid over-stressing the airframe.

Landing presents no difficulties and the U-2 can be simply lined up into the wind and the motor power reduced until the model settles into its glide path. Once landed, please unplug and remove the Li-Po battery from the model and allow it to cool completely before recharging.

Aircraft Specifications and Features:

• Wingspan: 1690mm (66.5 Inches)

• Length: 1030mm (40.5 Inches)

• Simple and Quick to Assemble

• Durable, Lightweight Molded Foam Airframe

• No Glue Required!

• Realistic Stealth Colour Scheme

• Easy Access to Battery Via Large Canopy

• Custom, Powerful Brushless Motor Included

• High Performance Fan Unit Included

• 3 x Factory Fitted Servos (2 ailerons and elevator)

• Smooth, Fast and Stable Flying

Motor Specifications:

• Size: 2835

• Diameter: 28mm

• KV: 4300

• Voltage: 11.1V rated (3S)

• Motor Shaft Dimension: 4mm

Items Required, But Not Included:

• 3-Channel or More Radio System with Mini or Micro Receiver

• 3S 1650mAh to 2200mAh Li-Po Battery

• Li-Po Battery Charger

Additional Information

SKU 107319
Manufacturer Phase 3
Mfr Part Number PH022RR
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Customer Reviews

excellent plane Review by big mim i230
I find this plane very easy to fly. It moves very smoothly and responds very nicely to radio input. It really looks impressive in the air. Easily hand launched and easily landed. (Posted on 11/10/13)
Good jet glider Review by Jd
Thanx to previous owner reviews, my experience is a good one. I did some revving and run-ups with the fan to start. The fan seemed fairly well balanced and was secure. I added carbon rods to the wings and eliminated most of the flex. I ca'd 4 .040x24 and cut a .080x24 in half on, so a .080 x12 on each side. I used the molded panel lines ON TOP for the spars, made the molded lines some what deeper and free of paint for a good adhesive flush surface. I covered that with strips on black electric tape...looks pretty good. I mounted the .040 rods from tip towards center on the mold lines 1 in from leading edge and 1 in from trailing edge. The .080 was mounted in the center mold from center wing out. Flew really good, no trim. Would of had all star rating if carbon spars were not needed. Also clean some paint from stab and used c/a along with adhesive strips included. (Posted on 8/12/13)
ESC failed on second flight. Review by SLM
Hand launch was uneventful. Aircraft flew reasonably well balanced at the 75mm point. Wings exhibited a lot of flex on tight turns. First flight was three minutes. Had 85% of the 2200 mah LiPo batt remaining. Second flight, as the plane climbed out it control and motor suddenly became intermittent then failed altogether. With no control it stalled and came down nose first into a local pond. The forward part of the fuselage was broken off on impact. Overall a total loss including the new receiver. Very disappointing. (Posted on 6/25/13)
Great RR plane Review by Luscombepilot
I am getting back into RC after 20 years off, and live next to the ocean cliffs. I wanted to try EDF, but used to love sloping so I thought I would try the U2 and see if it would do both. It's slow and has a very slow roll rate for a jet, just like you would expect, and similarly it's an imperfect glider as well, but it is a cool plane and easy to fly.

Initial flights away from the slope went great without issues or a crash but there was a lot of guffawing from the peanut gallery because the wings flex so much. Have only flown it in high winds so far, and I believe it would be still more fun in calmer winds. Slopes okay but not great in high winds. Doesn't really penetrate that well and the long flexible wings are just strange in turbulence. Going to reinforce the wings with shipping tape or maybe even strips of carbon fiber and add rudder control for this weekend. Great plane to have. (Posted on 4/10/13)
excelent value Review by cuda-daddy
1st = my elevator servo didn't work but i admit i wasn't paying attention when i plugged the lead into the rx, i had plugged it in backward when i powered it up. i checked my connection and fixed it but the servo still wouldn't work. i swapped it with a hs55 and that fit with no modification .
2nd = the elevator and vertical stabilizer attach to the fuselage with double sided tape and i have already broken off half of my elevator so repairing the elevator is a challenge.
3rd = i almost ripped the fuselage apart trying to remove the canopy. its not just magnetic, there are magnets and a slight lip on the canopy also. the side of the canopy , where the screws are , must be pulled away from the fuselage and then lifted up .
Now, despite all of that i still give it 5 stars because i feel the cost makes it all o.k. if you have some experience working with foam this is a easy plane to work on and mod and flying with the 2200mah is possible also, yes its a little nose heavy but that doesn't bother me at all. i also use some tape to keep the wings secure to the fuse but still easy to disassemble when needed. the tape will take some paint off when you remove it but that doesn't bother me. i will buy another 1 or two when they become available. (Posted on 2/21/13)
get what you pay for Review by terry
I have had my u2 for at least 2 years. I am on my second body. Not any bodys fault but mine or i would be on my first fuse.This is a plane that i fly when i want to take it easy. It flys like a glider. Get a 2200 25c battery and get some altitude shut off the motor and fly for 20 - 30 mins with no problem. Find a thermal and fly for ever your neck holds up. Remember this plane does not cost an arm and a leg so have fun and if you crash it put a little glue on it and fly it again. People ask what to paint it with, i go to Michaels craft store and buy Design Master flat black 725 spray paint. it wont hurt the foam. Even thought its easy to transport with the wings off i would glue the wings on because if they move the only thing holding them is the servo wires and with out wire locks they will unplug, this is not a good thing in the air. Guys enjoy (Posted on 12/6/12)
Why did they use old Futaba - type plugs on the Rx connectors? Review by Big O
I had to shave the fins off the three old Futaba - type plugs for the Rx, and I always go too far and expose the pins. I had to do this in order to use my Airtronics 2.4 gHZ Rx. I thought that the industry had standardized on the Hitec - type plugs. There must be a disconnect within HP somewhere. (pun) (Posted on 11/24/12)
Working on it Review by Big O
Took out the 4 screws so I could see how the canopy latch worked, then one of the magnets fell out of the foam fuselage. Will re-glue with epoxy.
Ran the fan with the 2200 mAH Li-Po pack as it came out of the package, not charged yet. The thrust, noise and amount of air blowing out the tail pipe were very impressive. I couldn't charge the battery because I have an E-flite charger that came with a charge cord for a different connector. I will pick up a new cord or adapter at the Riverside store today.
You did not answer the questions about where the decals go (there is no picture or diagram to show this). Also how to color in the white spots where the paint came off. Also, why it is so much heavier than claimed in the instructions, and why no protective landing skid. (Posted on 11/23/12)
Can't get the canopy off! Help!! Review by Big O
Big 0,

Put your fingers under the canopy at the point where the screws are and lift and move canopy to the side. The canopy is held by magnets this should allow enough separation to remove canopy. Let me know if this helps. Matt

I tried to carefully remove the canopy, but it resists a pull that is hard enough that my finger rubbed off some of the black coating on the fuselage. What is the secret? Must I remove the four screws? Its supposed to be a magnetic latch. Can I color the rubbed off spots with black marker pen, or will that attack the foam?
Where do the decals go? Do you know that the parts furnished weigh more than the total flight weight claimed in the manual, even before you add a Rx and battery? I looked in the tailpipe, and the high performance fan appears to be made of bent sheet metal! Shouldn't there be a skid or some tape to protect the bottom when it lands on pavement? Please answer soon, so I can fly it with the grandchildren on Thanksgiving. (Posted on 11/20/12)
Very nice airplane Review by wings54
I just got mine and flew it yesterday for the first time. No trim needed but did ad some weight to the tail as a 2.2Ahr battery made it somewhat nose heavey.
I enlarged the cooling air inlet and am planning to add a wheel. . I am going to add rudder control too. The plane should have had provisions for this and should have had a wheel. That's why only four stars. Great plane though..
(Posted on 10/8/12)
Having a Blast with the Plane Review by Mark
Maiden Flight was perfect, no trimming needed and she flew very gracefully. The plane is basically an EDF Glider. Got a chill down my back when doing high speed pass, love it! Here is a Video of my first two flights.

Thanks Hobby People (Posted on 10/3/12)
cheap servo Review by koji
just got this today...servo broke right away, even from the box. (Posted on 9/29/12)
Great kit if you're ready for a build with a bit of imagination Review by "Crash"
I bought the kit because I wanted to add a servo for rudder--this was simple, there is ample space on the included servo tray and there is already a preformed line on the fuselage to run a flexible servo arm. I stayed with the flat black color scheme but added some additional color so I could see it. I also added a tail skid, wing skids and a pair of skids (all dubro products) to the body so I could take off from grass or pavement. I can't handlaunch worth my salt. The kit came together well and balances well, the wings slide in and out so transport is easy. Performance was nicer than expected, with a bit of throttle management and a 2200mAh Lipo, you can get 7-10 minutes of flight--lots more if you can find a thermal or two. I fly over a river in a deep canyon and have had this model in the air for 42 minutes--then my neck got stiff so I landed. Highly recommend. (Posted on 9/18/12)
what a joke Review by plevys
Plevys: Customer posted review of RTF version on the RR version because the RR is only one we will stock going forward. Our customers wanted the RR version and we modified it to what our customers want. This is supposed to be fun, you might want to check the attitude at the door, life will improve. A bit of kindness goes a long way. Matt

(Posted on 9/17/12)
flight and launching Review by joe
i added a light electric retract nose gear and a tiny wheel under the tail section
of the fus and are able to take off and land without hand launching. The U2
flys ok but could use a little power . I added a 70mm edf unit that made it much
better with a 14.8 lipo battery. (Posted on 9/15/12)

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