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Electric ARF Aircraft


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  1. VQMDL P-39 Aircobra 20 size EP

    VQMDL P-39 Airacobra 20 Size EP Scale Warbird

    No. 160032


    This is a VQ Models Scale Warbird P-39 Airacobra .20-Size EP ARF. This is the right-sized EP warbird! The VQ Models P-39 Airacobra features an all-wood factory-built and covered airframe. This VQ ARF model is ready for your Hobby People 2814 motor and HP 2200mAh LiPo battery with its included battery hatch and EP mounting hardware.

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  2. VQMDL P-47D 20GP/2814-BL EP, ARF, Tarheel Hal

    VQMDL P-47D EP 2814-BL (20-size) ARF Tarheel Hal

    No. 160012


    Tired of Foam? Ready for more? The perfect size, the perfect construction, the perfect subject. Fly a great-looking and greatly-flying Jug on your favorite 2200-2600 mAH 3-4S LiPo. Want more scale realism? More performance? No problem - optional electric retracts drop right in and work great in this all-wood ARF aircraft. Get flying quickly with a plane worthy of your squadron. Get the 20-size P-47, only from VQ ARFs. Wingspan 48''.

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  3. VQMDL Do-27 - 20 size EP Military version

    VQMDL Do-27 20-size EP Military version

    No. 160024


    This is a VQ Models Do-27 Military Version .20-Size EP ARF. VQ Models has expanded their line of scale .20-size electric aircraft! The Dornier Do-27 from VQ Models is a beautiful scale model in just the right size. This all-wood electric ARF is perfect for typical 11.1V 2200mAh  3S LiPo power systems.

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  4. VQMDL Taipan 60-90 Size EP/GP Precision Aerobat ARF

    VQMDL Taipan 60-90 Size EP/GP Precision Aerobat ARF, Blue

    No. 160009


    Inspired by classic pattern-style aerobatic aircraft, the Taipan from VQ is designed for precision aerobatics. Great tracking, precision flying, and performance driven, flying the Taipan is fun and rewarding.

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  5. VQMDL Pilatus PC-7 46 size EP/GP Viper

    VQMDL Pilatus PC-7 46 size EP/GP Viper (retracts separate)

    No. 160000


    Fly the Viper from VQ! This VQ ARFs PC-7 Pilatus Viper model is an all-wood ARF aircraft. Factory built and covered with the unique Viper colors, this aircraft is a high-performance model ready for your favorite .46 2-stroke, .70 4-stroke, or electric power equivalent, radio and servos (sold separately). The Viper includes fixed landing gear, and is compatible with the optional VQ custom electric retract and strut combo.

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  6. VQMDL P-39 Airacobra 46 ARF EP/GP

    VQMDL P-39 Airacobra 46 ARF EP/GP- Retract Compatible

    No. 159848


    UPDATED from VQ ARFs! This beautiful 46-size P-39, already a favorite with VQ pilots world wide, now features flaps, easy electric-power compatibility, and optional retracts!  R/C pilots will enjoy its great flying characteristics, impressive speed, and easy ground-handling with its tricycle landing gear - uncommon in WWII fighter aircraft. Of course, it’s easy to assemble for intermediate and advanced R/C Modelers alike with its factory assembled and covered jig-built airframe and typical ARF assembly techniques. 62.2'' WS

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  7. VQMDL Junkers Ju-52 Tri-Motor 63in span EP (3 x 2826BL) (Default)

    VQMDL Ju-52 Tri-Motor 63'' span EP (req 3 x 2814 BL)

    No. 160014


    The Junkers Ju-52 is affectionately called "Aunt Ju" and came originally from the Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG in Dessau. Originally designed as a cargo plane, the Ju-52 was later used primarily as a commercial airliner. The Ju-52 is a tri-motor aircraft, skinned with corrugated metal.

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  8. VQMDL Dauntless SBD 46 Size EP/GP

    VQMDL Dauntless SBD 46 Size EP/GP

    No. 160017


    The Douglas SBD Dauntless is a single-engine propeller aircraft from 1940 which was used by the Navy and the Marine Corps as a light dive bomber. This VQ ARF's model of the famous SBD Dauntless was carefully modeled after the original. 57-3/4'' WS.

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  9. VQMDL F-82 Betty-Jo Twin Mustang 79” Twin-46 size EP/GP

    VQMDL F-82 Betty Jo Twin Mustang 79'' Twin-46 size EP/GP

    No. 160019


    Inspired by Col. Robert Thacker and his love for both model and full-size aviation, VQ ARF's presents Betty Jo, a model of the world-record holding F-82 twin Mustang. The record still stands today as the longest nonstop flight ever made by a propeller-driven fighter, and as the fastest for that distance.

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  10. VQMDL Volksplane 46 Size EP/GP ARF

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