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Multiplex FunCub Kit

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No. 239883

Quick Overview

This is a Multiplex Fun Cub Kit. Whether at the beach or in your backyard, the FunCub is a playful multi-faceted plane that you can take anywhere. Multiplex's optional high-performance power pack system will effortlessly loft this plane from virtually any airstrip. 55'' wingspan.

Multiplex FunCub Kit

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Multiplex FunCub Kit

This is a Multiplex FunCub Kit. Whether at the beach or in your backyard, the FunCub is a playful multi-faceted plane that you can take anywhere. Multiplex's optional high-performance power pack system will effortlessly loft this plane from virtually any airstrip. And in the air, its unique combination of full 5-channel control with expansive flaps and oversized lightweight wheels ensures simple shameless fun. Beginners will love its manageable slow-flying characteristics and experienced pilots will enjoy its ability to perform spectacular aerobatic maneuvers. Optional accessory floats turn this already-versatile model into an attractive amphibian.


• Wingspan: 55 in.

• Wing Area: 589 sq. in.

• Wing Loading: 9.8 oz./sq. ft.

• Fuselage Length: 39 in.

• Control Functions: Aileron, Rudder, Throttle and Optional Landing Flaps

• Flight Characteristics: Docile Sport Flyer

• Target User: Beginner to Intermediate

Recommended Power Equipment (NOT) Included:

• Motor: 300-400 Watt Brushless Outrunner

• Speed Control: 30-40 Amp

• Propeller: 13 x 4

• Battery: 3S 2000mAh LiPo

Recommended Radio Gear (NOT Included):

• Radio: 4 or More Channel

• Receiver: Micro Recommended

• Servos: 2 x HS-81's or 94091's and 2-4 x HS-55's or A9N's

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Additional Information

SKU 239883
Manufacturer Multiplex
Mfr Part Number M214243
Video No

Customer Reviews

There should be a requirement to fly one Review by Neutron3
I built one of these for a neighbor that caught the RC bug watching me fly every day. It's an easy build. I used 1/8th ply to bolster the landing gear base and some big o-rings cross attached to dampen the landing. When I finished it I took it out for a test flight to make sure it was dialed in. It was so much fun to fly I didn't hand it over to him for another 5 days (used the "still dialing it in" excuse). I went and bought one for myself and fly it all the time. I've flown it at the beach in 15 mph and higher winds. I can sit in in a spot in the sky and back off the power and it'll fly backwards as far as I want until I hit the throttle and go forward. Very stable. My kind of fun. (Posted on 12/23/14)
fun cub crashed Review by taterbug
I got the fun cub kit and had a other guy help me fly it -OK but when I tried to fly it
I crashed it and it got on fire. Now I have a lot of re working to fix it and to buy a bigger ESC to go with my 480 motor. MY ESC is melted. so get help when you first fly it. Thanks taterbug (Posted on 1/23/14)
Exceptionally good plane Review by Tommy Toy the Crazy Boy
I met a very kind pilot at a fun fly. He steered me to this plane. I am so glad he did. This is an absolutely terrific plane. It flies beautifully and is helping me learn to use flaps (among other things). I would definitely buy another. (Posted on 9/18/13)
the funest (is that a word?) Review by biplanedan
In one year our club members went from one fun club to around 20. Everyone who fly's one wants one. If I had to give up all but one of my airplanes this is the one I would keep. They now include a metal motor mount which takes care of the vibration problem some people have with them. (Posted on 4/23/13)
TONS OF FUN Review by E
Great plane for the money. Set the flaps and this thing will take off in its own shadow. only coplaint is the fire wall/motor mount. be sure to use a well ballanced prop as this thing will develop one heck of a vibration (Posted on 10/22/12)
LOL STOL Review by Flo
I got this plane to get back into flying RC planes. It flys super slow and easy and with flaps deployed 90 degrees you can slow it down to a crawl and/or approach in a steep descent at a fairly moderate speed. It needs about 48" of packed dirt to take off and is an absolute blast to fly. Turns are best coordinated with rudder.
The Elapor foam is a very resilient foam that makes this plane very tough. Only weaknesses are the landing gear and tail wheel assembly, which are too weak for continued use but can easily be strengthened/imporved with some piano wire and a little imagination. (Posted on 8/30/12)
Way to much FUN Review by ZDAD5
I got a chance to fly one once when the owner asked if I would use it to give him a tow. It had the optional tow line release unit that you can install. I towed his two meter glider up and he released himself. I have been flying RC planes for over 30 years (I flue RC airplanes for the US Army, we called them drones back then) and after the glider was released I decided to see what this plane had. Well, after he landed his glider he came over to see how I was doing, still flying his “Multiplex FunCub”, well I can tell you, I was having bunches of FUN. Now I can hardly wait until Christmas to get mine (with the optional FLOATS). (Posted on 12/20/11)
A Blast Review by Dave
Im an advanced pilot and even so, this plane is just a blast.
I've flown this plane in winds where one has no business flying and it handles it no problem, its just that much more fun.
The fun cub will not disappoint in any endeavor you try, its exactly as its name implies, fun. (Posted on 9/8/11)
great Review by the hawk
it is fun (Posted on 3/10/11)

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