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Hobby People Superfly X Kit - BL Motor/4-Blade Prop/Ailerons

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This is a Hobby People Superfly X Kit 4-Channel Brushless Aileron Trainer. The Superfly X is the easy way to get flying. Enjoy the performance only brushless power can provide, with the precision of added ailerons. This kit version includes a brushless motor and 4-blade propeller. Just add your choice of servos, ESC, battery and radio system and you're ready to fly.

Hobby People Superfly X Kit - BL Motor/4-Blade Prop/Ailerons

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  • Hobby People Superfly X Kit - BL Motor/4-Blade Prop/Ailerons
  • Hobby People Superfly X Kit - BL Motor/4-Blade Prop/Ailerons
  • Hobby People Superfly X Kit - BL Motor/4-Blade Prop/Ailerons

Regular Price: $89.99

Special Price: $69.99


User's Guide (1.4 MB)This is the User's Guide for the Hobby People Superfly X


Hobby People Superfly X Kit

4-Channel Brushless Aileron Trainer

This is a Hobby People Superfly X Kit 4-Channel Brushless Aileron Trainer. The Superfly X is the easy way to get flying. Enjoy the performance only brushless power can provide, with the precision of added ailerons. This kit version includes a brushless motor and 4-blade propeller. Just add your choice of servos, ESC, battery and radio system.

The Superfly X is a durable EPO-foam airplane that's easily transported due to its 2-piece wing. Even the canopy is easy-access with factory-installed magnets. The model flies smoothly due to its generous tail surface area and modern wing shape. You'll have a Sunday-flyer just about any pilot would enjoy. The Superfly X is the easy way to get a go-anywhere, have-fun park flyer light enough and small enough for the AMA Park-Pilot program, all for an easy price. Get the Superfly X from Hobby People Model.


• High-Performance 4-Channel Elevator, Aileron, Rudder and Throttle Control

•  Includes 2630 Size 1050kV Brushless Motor

• Includes 4-Blade Propeller

• EPO Molded Foam Construction for Rugged Durability

• High Mounted Pusher Configuration Prevents Damage to Motor and Prop During Landings

• Easy Access to You Battery Via Removeable Canopy


• Wing Span: 54.5in (1384mm)

• Wing Area: (

• Length: 35.5in (902mm)

• Flying Weight: 26oz  (737g)

• Wing Loading: 10.7oz/sq.ft (32.64g/

• Brushless Motor:

• 2630 size

• 11.1V rated

• 1050KV

• Max Continuous current: 15A

• Weight: 58g

Items Required, But Not Included:

• 4-Channel or More Transmitter and Receiver (Airtronics SD-6G 2.4GHz FHSS-1 or Similar)

• Four 9 Gram Micro Servos (Airtronics 94091Z, Hitec HS-55 or Similar)

• Two 12" Aileron Servo Extensions

• One Y-Harness*

• One 11.1 Volt 20 Amp Brushless ESC (P/N 161652 or Similar)**

• One 3S 1500mAh Li-Po Battery (P/N 161653 or Similar)

• One DC or AC/DC Li-Po Charger (P/N 161654 or Similar)

• 1 oz. Bottle of Foam-Safe Thick C/A

• 1.5mm Hex Wrench, # 1 Philips Head Screwdriver, Scissors, Ruler and Double-Sided Foam Tape

*Some users may wish to plug each aileron servo into their receiver separately instead of using a Y-Harness. Doing so allows you to adjust aileron differential and program flaperons and spoilerons. These features must be supported by the transmitter and receiver you're using. For more information, refer to your radio control system's User's Guide. If you're using a basic 4-channel radio, a Y-Harness will be required.

**The brushless motor included features preinstalled 3.5mm female gold connectors. 3.5mm male connectors may be required to be installed on your ESC to match.

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SKU 117220
Manufacturer Hobby People
Mfr Part Number 117220

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Customer Reviews

Fun little plane Review by Jack
Everyone at the field likes this plane. It's a delight to fly. The only problem I had with it was that I couldn't get the aileron throw to be equal. I thought it was a bad servo, but after disconnecting the pushrod I could see that the fault lay with the hinging itself. I had to dremel out the hinge line so the ailerons could move freely. But be careful. Just remove the crud, and don't cut into the hinging itself! (Posted on 3/28/13)
Great Glider Review by ddsjoseph
I have owned may gliders, and this one stands out as one of my favorites. It has enough power during take off and weighs just right for you to launch with one hand and keep your hand on the Transmitter on the other. I like the pusher prop because you won't have to worry about braking it during rough landings. The battery compartment is enough for a 3S 2200 mah battery but it does not allow much air circulation for the ESC cooling. I moved the ESC and placed it on top just in front of the motor. This allows for better cooling. It is an easy bird to fly, even for a beginner. It handles well in windy conditions and is not easily pushed around. The glider is light enough so that in case of an unfortunate crash landing, the damage is minimal. Overall, a great buy for the price. (Posted on 2/5/13)
Option's for a Fair price. Review by Randall
This is a RC Plane that is only limited by imagination. It has a great design that will save you because you are not in the plane to feel and hear what is going on ,so to make instant correction when pushed around by crosswind's . The curved wing end's to keep the top side up and stable going up and coming down . The motor and prop are in the back to push instead of pulling it through the air, and also to prevent damage from a rough landing or crash into something , including the ground. It can be flown with elevator only, elevator and rudder only, elevator, rudder, aileron's only and with the motor with any of the 3 configuration's of control surface's. With being made of EPO foam it can be repaired from cracking , tearing and being smashed . A learning tool that will take you all the way through learning in the RC Flying Hobby that won't force you to quit from the cost of mistake's that will occur. (Posted on 10/17/12)
Good it plane for the novice to intermediate flyer Review by Keith
I put this kit together using servos, ESC, and parts from my Sky Fly Max that I had trouble flying in our field conditions. So far so good, plane flew beautifully right out of the box, and it took about 3 hours to set everything up and dial it in (in the kit version). I used my Spektrum 6xi TX and receiver to bind the plane and buddy-boxed it with a more experienced flyer.

With it's 54" wingspan and winglets, the design is almost identical to the Sky Surfer and HobbyKing Bixler models. The Superfly X has kind of a unique design; it's part powered glider, part trainer, and part basic sport plane. We were able to do rolls and loops with the Alierons which was pretty fun. The kit version came with a decent quality brushless motor and rigid 4 blade prop system. The prop wobbled a bit when we first powered it up, but we straightened it out using a hex tool.

The RTF and Receiver ready models include a 18C 1300mah battery, but the kit requires your own. We used our 1800 20C and 25C 2200 mah and had long flight times which lasted surprisingly 20 minutes+. When cutting the throttle in-flight, you can actually glide the plane which was a pleasure. I do like that the servo pods aren't directly inside the fuselage which gives more options for battery packs and FPV. One of my main caveats with this plane is the interlocking wing design. Even with the carbon fiber rod, I just didn't feel like the wings were on sturdy enough. I'm used to either rubber band or screwed design wings which basically will not come off even on the most aggressive flights. I plan on putting some rare earth magnets (similar to the pop-on canopy), on the wings so there is more strength to hold the wings together. Also, I'm not sure if this is due to the prop design, but would prefer that the motor would give the plane more top speed on WOT. The other issue is that this plane could really use some sort of velcro harness to secrure the battery. This would much improve trying to balance the CG of the plane before taking it off. While not mandatory, it would of been nice if this plane had landing rash guards and perhaps even a center wheel to ease ground landing

I think that the much more expensive, Fly Zone Calypso, has remedied most of the issues. The Calypso also has a landing wheel which makes landing much softer (I wouldn't want to land the Superfly on the concrete). If it wasn't for the Calypso's very expensive kit price and limited availability, I would of preferred that model, but the Superfly X is a nice substitute.

Other than those above issues, I recommend this plane.
If disabling the ailerons and using a buddy-box system, this could be a good plane for the first student pilot learning flight. Yet still fun for the more experienced flyer by chasing thermals and learning to control the plane through more difficult wind patterns. (Posted on 7/11/12)
GREAT GLIDER Review by Rockie69
I bought the kit version for 79 dollars added my servos,ESC, and fly with several
types of lipos from 1300 to 1600 mah 3cell 11.1v. batteries. I love taking it to the beach where I can soar and glide.I did re-inforce the nose with 5 minute epoxy glue and add weight to the rear of the plane due to the extra weight of the epoxy on the noise.I read that the nose is delicate,which it is,but the epoxy glue fixed that problem and thats why I give it 4 stars instead of five. (Posted on 5/17/12)

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