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Phase 3 Phoenix II EPP Glider Kit w/BL Motor & Prop

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This delightful model from Phase 3 offers sensational high-flying performance with a very down-to-earth price! It features a computer enhanced, high aspect ratio wing which generates superb levels of lift in a wide variety of conditions.


Phase 3 Phoenix II EPP Glider Kit w/BL Motor & Prop

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  • Phase 3 Phoenix II EPP Glider Kit w/BL Motor & Prop
  • Phoenix II Aileron Servo Mount and Linkage (servo NOT included)
  • Phase 3 Phoenix II EPP Glider Kit w/BL Motor & Prop
  • The kit version require esc and battery (Not included)
  • Phoenix II 2 piece wing is removable for easy transport


Phase 3 Phoenix II EPP Glider Kit

with BL Motor and Prop

Phoenix II EP is an all foam electric motorglider with ailerons. It flies great, looks great, is correctly equipped with a strong motor and folding propeller. Beginners, Sunday Flyers, and those interested in electrics or gliders should all enjoy this model. This aircraft is available now and is supported with replacement parts just like all Phase 3 aircraft.

The EPO foam Phoenix II is tough and lightweight. It is specifically designed for beginners to intermediate pilots. It makes a perfect introduction to electric flight. Its tough, molded EPO foam construction means it is very quick and easy to assemble, requiring no glue!

In the air, the Phoenix II is super-smooth and easy to fly. And, because it is a glider style airframe, the Phoenix II can stay aloft for extended periods of time with little or no power assist from the included brushless motor!

This is the Kit Version. It comes with the airframe, motor and props. All other electronics are sold separately.


• Strong brushless motor & folding prop

• Easiest-to-fly aircraft in the Phase 3 line

• Aileron control

• Perfect for large parks and Sunday flying

• Simple and quick to assemble

• Durable, lightweight factory-molded foam airframe

• No glue required!

• Turns with ailerons, rudder, and elevator for greatest control

• Two-part wing makes transport & storage simple

• Easy access to battery via large canopy

• Custom, powerful brushless motor included

• Efficient folding propeller included

• Smooth, fast and stable flying


• Brushless motor and props are included


• Wing Span: 2,020mm (79 1/2 Inches)

• Length: 1,210mm (47 1/2 Inches)

• Flying Weight: 950g Approx (33.5 Ounces)

• Brushless motor and props are included


• 18A BL ESC, 11.1 V  1500-2200 Battery, Radio, 9g Servos (4), Wiring, Charger

Additional Information

SKU 107325
Manufacturer Phase 3
Mfr Part Number PH021Kit

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Customer Reviews

plane is ok Review by kung
Book on plane was out dated there's nothing about tail heavy. There' nothing about battery or doe's it work or how to charge. Doe it blink with charging or what? This not for rhe beginner (Posted on 3/15/15)
Fun flyer, easy to build, manual lacks detail Review by RCflyer
I purchased the Kit Only version to install my choice of servos and radio system. The box is a little confusing, as it is printed for the RXR or RTF versions, and says it includes servos and speed control.
The only electronic part in the Kit Only version is the motor! Must purchase ESC, and servos separately. Don't go cheap on the elevator or aileron servos, and might as well put a decent servo for the rudder since the linkages are long. 2 servo extensions of about 18" are required, and I decided to solder servo wire instead of using plug-ins.
The pre-applied decals are cheezy, and when peeled off they leave a slightly rough texture on the foam. All control surfaces are "hinged" with a thin section of foam and are very stiff, so proper hinges are a must! I decided to use colored adhesive trim tape for hinging, but plastic hinges could easily be used too. The vertical and horizontal stabilizers have double sided tape for installation, but I wouldn't trust that and decided to remove the tape completely and use 5 minute epoxy. The wing channels also have double sided tape to hold the servo wires, and it works ok enough to hold the wire out of the way while the foam plug is epoxied in place. **Do not use too much epoxy or it will squeeze into the carbon spar's cavity and prevent it from sliding into the wing**
The fuselage space for electronics is quite large, but all components must be installed as far forward as possible to achieve proper CG.The pre-installed brushless motor comes with male bullet leads and folding prop installed. My recommendation is to remove and re-install everything to be certain that all hardware is properly tightened! Servos for elevator and rudder need to be micro size, but powerful enough to push the rods through a long length of plastic tubing. ESC/motor wires are run between the servos, and I chose to place the ESC on the sidewall of the fuselage using 2-sided tape. The receiver was installed on the opposite sidewall. I'm using 3S 2200 mah batteries held in with hook & loop tape, with the battery mounted as far forward as possible. This just barely puts the CG within range, and it could use a farther forward balance.

For the test flight, it was a little windy at 10-12 mph. With a firm and level launch into the wind at full throttle, the plane instantly climbed on it's own and required quite a bit of down trim. Manual recommends CG 75-80mm from LE of the wing, and I was about 82mm. Power was adequate, and static tested at 179 watts pulling 18.2 amps through a 30amp Hobby People ESC and 2200 mah 30c Hobby People lipo. It climbs well, but could use at least another 25 watts of power to cut into the wind.

Overall a fun and easy plane to fly, would recommend to beginner and intermediate pilots. Coming soon will be GoPro mount and more powerful motor with larger prop.

(Posted on 5/5/14)
Slight cgi modiifcation. Review by Jerry
Bought this plane originally as RTF.. Balanced cg exactly as manual described. 75mm - 80mm from leading edge of wing. But first flight resulted in a very heavy tail and impossible to trim. I kept adding weight to the nose and after three hard sketchy landings finally got the perfect trim. It required 1 oz of weight right behind the motor and placing the battery as far forward as possible. But prior to finding the right weight to the nose I beat up the nose pretty good. The front of the fuselage now looks like a snake (cuz of epoxy repair) but now flies like an Eagle. Outstanding high performance glider I love to fly. Yesterday I bought the kit version to replace the fuselage once it no longer can be glued. ( I'm a master gluer ) Wish I knew about the Cg issue so I didn't have to a buy a new fuselage.....but now a great plane to fly. (Posted on 2/1/14)
Great soaring plane for the money Review by Flying Fish
I love flying this plane. When there are good lifting conditions the Phoenix will stay up indefinitely. You won't be disappointed as long as you remember that this is a glider with an auxiliary motor. It is meant to climb to altitude for 20-30 seconds and then soar without power. I find a 2200 3 cell works best for wind penetration. Forget all the graphics leave the top white and put your own bold black stripes under the wings and you'll be able to see it better when she's up high. My only complaints are that the wing attachment is not very positive, so check the alignment of the main wing to the tail plane often. The other issue I have is that you can't seem to purchase replacement parts anywhere. (Posted on 9/23/13)
Fun Glider Review by Chris
I love flying this glider when I go out to the flying field. Its easy to fly and I think it’s soothing and calming. When I fly fast airplanes I have to really pay attention to every little thing, but when I fly this I get to just fly. And since it’s a glider I get to fly for a long time. I power it up to get it high in the air and then just let it do what it was born to do, Glide. This is also the plane I learned to fly on. I still have it and fly it all the time. (Posted on 4/30/13)
for a foamy i was suprised Review by windyhill
After reviewing a lot of foamies out there i decieded to get a 2 metor to fill in between my arf e bot and my art hobby 1.5 Zuni. I will not order from chinese companys but when an american co has a good product from them i would consider buying from them as i can trust if somthing goes wrong. Got the kit as i had spare parts, asembled it and went flying, It is light and does not like high winds but ballest works good to penetrate. Flew it for a while and made a bad landing and broke of the nose, ca fixed that and i reinforced it with carbon fiber rods and tape. Dialed in duel rates and hooked the rudder in with a y to put the ailerons and rudder on the same channel." Big differance" i just like to thermal and i was amised at how good it does.With no wind and light thermals it does extreemley well and i have wound up flying it most of the time. (Posted on 11/19/11)
great, exept manual Review by stibe
chreftig! (Posted on 10/18/11)
Excellent Motor Glider Review by High Nitro
Just finished putting the fifth flight on this plane today. Every one was fun, including the first, and the soft, gentle landings are really nice. It launches with plenty of power for the climb out. You're at altitude in less than 10-15 seconds, which is really surprising for such a big plane. Power to weight is very very good. (That's two verys). I have the kit version. Wings were a piece of cake. I left the "Y" connector loose in the wing well and used a twist tie to prevent the end from falling into the opening. I did notice that after several assemblies and knockdowns that the friction fit wing is not as tight as it was originally. I guess the rolls and tight turns are a no-no, but nothing bad has happened yet. The rudder is very effective, and ailerons are really optional! I almost prefer rudder to turn this plane and I find all the surfaces are very responsive in all situations. The first three flights were in a 5-8 mph breeze, and the little bit of wind really helped. Flat calm today and the motor was working harder with shorter flight times. I use an 1800 20C battery and am getting an honest 9-10 minutes of power flying with an 11.2 readout at the end of the flight. Not full power all the time, about 1/2. Full power only on the takeoffs and some fooling around up there to stay awake. Motor and prop setup is good. Cooling air ducts in and out help the motor. The ESC got hot today here in Florida, and I'm going to go to a 40AMP instead of the 30 I had in there. No problems, but I want to keep it that way. What don't I like? Decals are a little cheesy. Canopy attachment is not good. I installed two short dowels vertically in the foam front and rear, drilled them out for a #2 half inch screw, and now have a very positive attachment that takes 15 seconds to swap batteries. I also spot glued the tail surfaces on along with the sticky tape provided for security. Glue tends to come loose here in the sunshine state especially in summer. In summary, can't beat this one for $120, motor and folding prop included! Thanks Hobby People. And thanks Phase 3. I have three of your planes, and every one is a winner. (Posted on 8/13/11)
great plane, poor manual Review by praryman
I purchased the kit version expecting to have some instruction as to the install of the servos, size, power etc, the manual that comes with the plane is the one for the version that has everything installed so there is no mention of any of the finer points of doing the kit version at all. I have had pretty good luck so far doing it on my own, but would not recommend this to anyone that has no previous building experience. If you are going to sell a kit, it needs to have a manual for a KIT!
I think the plane will actually be a nice one, but the low star rating is for falling down badly on the manual for this kit version, so if you are new to RC, either buy the bind and fly or the complete, do not buy this kit.
I wish this plane was offered as a receiver ready version as I do not use Airtronics and would have had to buy the the receiver version and throw the receiver away, some companies, such as Spectrum, offer lots of bind and fly versions also that do someone no good if they fly a different transmitter. (Posted on 5/4/11)

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