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Magnum Accy's Starter - Torque Drive, 12v DC - Up to 1.80 engines

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This is a Magnum 12V DC Torque Drive Starter for Aircraft Engines Up to 1.80. The Magnum Torque Drive Starter is a high performance starter perfect for aircraft engines up to 1.80ci.

Magnum Accy's Starter - Torque Drive, 12v DC - Up to 1.80 engines



Magnum 12V DC Torque Drive Starter

for Aircraft Engines Up to 1.80

This is a Magnum 12V DC Torque Drive Starter for Aircraft Engines Up to 1.80. The Magnum Torque Drive Starter is a high performance starter perfect for aircraft engines up to 1.80ci. Whether the engine is .15 or 1.80, this starter has the power and torque to start it. When you use a Magnum product, you'll be awed by the performance that you never knew was possible. Magnum understands how important superior products are for your model aircraft. The starter is uniquely designed for a comfortable fit in your hand, giving you the control needed for a safe start.


• Torque Drive Design Starts Up to 1.80 Size Engines

• Comfortable In Your Hand for Controlled, Safe Starts

• Heavy-Duty Construction

• Aluminum Hub with Machined Belt Groove for Starting Helicopter and Boat Engines

• Includes Silicone Starter Insert

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Additional Information

SKU 237960
Manufacturer Magnum Accy's
Mfr Part Number 02549
Video No

Customer Reviews

I am in Australia and bought on line from a supplier in the states, First time at the field would not work, Motor ran but would not engage under pressure with prop spinner, So embarrassing after I showed everyone my new toy.
I have emailed the supplier who is most helpful and sent email to the distributor (who knows what they will do).
doe's anyone have any clues?. Posted 17/6/2014 (Posted on 6/17/14)
My starter broke Review by ValforPa
I bought this last summer, it gave me the torque I need to start the engine, and the perfect size for the compartment in my my box. Now, it just stopped working after the third fly last weekend. At home, I open up ti see what was wrong, the brush housing was broken (due to the heat built up, may be). Hobby People carries only the rubber insert in the replacement part section. It would cheaper for buyers if Hobby People carries the end piece of the starter (Posted on 4/14/14)
For most people the ONLY starter they will ever need. Review by Blackie
Have started 30cc motors and more. The gearing on this allows you to start everything and efficiently. I truely wish I had someone sell this to me as my first starter. Then I wouldn't have ever had to buy anything else.

Have many people at the field asking if they can borrow this. I did worry at first about trying to start a 30CC motor (1.8 CI) but it handled it fine. Yet, you can use it to start even the smallest nitro motor in your fleet.

I attached this to a 12 volt sealed lead acid battery so I could use it more without a cord.
My only down point is I wish they would include something to mount it to a 12V sealed battery. Otherwise this is as good as it gets. BTW started a 40CC motor with it too. (Posted on 1/13/13)
Update to prior review Review by Tom
Just wanted to mention that I have been using this starter now with a 5000 mAh 4S LiPo to crank my radial and it spins it faster than the engine idles on its own! :^) (Posted on 10/12/12)
Reliable and strong Review by Skubacb
Dumped all smaller starters when I got this. Had it for 6 years. Mounted it on a 12V sealed battery. Regularly start 30cc motors.

If you need anything more than this then you need a Dynatron or a Megatron from Sullivan. I have a Megatron running on 24v for 50-100cc motors. For everything else I use the Magnum Starter and it is the ONLY starter I recommend to my students (Posted on 6/15/12)
Will not turn a ys 110. Review by Mike
Mike, our service dept uses this starter everyday on engines up to 50cc. Did you test your battery? Is the engine "wet"? You may want to use 24v battery to turn prop, (short bursts) Matt

Wow just tried to start my ys 110 and it would not turn past the compression stroke. Ive had many starters before that worked just fine, this was a waste of $70, im going to try to return it tomorrow. (Posted on 3/18/12)
Great Starter Review by skubacb
This starter is the best. I have started 50cc motors with this. I expected up to 30cc which is about equal to a 1.8 CI engine. That would be within the specs of this starter. But as long as it is just past TDC you can do a 50CC.

Point is that other starters most people buy have troubles once you get up to a .90.

Had this starter 4-5 years. It is mounted on its own 12 volt battery. I do wish they would sell the starter with mounts. This way it would be easier for other people to mount it the same way I have. Makes it very easy to use without bothering about where the cord to it is. (Posted on 1/26/12)
Great starter Review by Wildbill M
I've owned this starter for more than years. Had to replace the shear key one time. Easy to repair. Would recommend this unit highly. (Posted on 5/29/11)
Good while it lasted Review by Dave
Dave, we have customers who have been running this starter for 5+ years. Please contact our service department and see if we can help you. Matt

I purchased this starter May 20, 2010. It failed March 31, 2011. I haven't opened the case to discover the problem, but it sounds like stripped gears. A 90 day warranty comes with the purchase, so my $69.98 didn't buy all that much. I don't think the failure was due to abuse. The largest engine it started was a .91 four stroke. I've owned less expensive starters which lasted much longer and worked just as well. (Posted on 4/5/11)
Powerful enough! Review by Tom
I use this Magnum starter with a 5000mAh 3S LiPo to start a 4 C.I. 5-cylinder radial engine. It cranks it over easily. (Posted on 2/1/11)
excellent starter Review by fly high missouri
I have had this starter for 2 years now and it will start a 1.80 saito four stroke with out any problems, all others are just childs play. (Posted on 11/12/10)

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