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XTM Rail 1/8 Buggy 4WD 2.4G Brushless Off-Road RTR

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XTM Rail 1/8 Buggy 4WD 2.4G Brushless Off-Road RTR


User's Guide (13.2 MB)This is the User's Guide for the XTM Racing Rail Brushless Buggy
User's Guide (1.1 MB)This is the User's Guide for the Airtronics MX-Sport Surface Radio

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really fun , never boring Review by easyrider
Hello ,

I've had my Rail for more than a year now and it still going strong .

Sure I made improvements to the drive train ( different ESC and motor ) , that is why it is called a " kit " and " hobby " .

Stock set up allows the motor to " over rev " and the rotor magnets fly apart inside the motor can .

Had this happen twice before changing everything .

Other than that , been driving the daylights out of it on a 2 1/2 acre horse ranch .

Mind you , this is not a RACING machine for competition , more for the thrill of high speed cruising thru the dirt and grass .

As with any model , they can and do break when crashed into obstacles like trees , fence posts , large boulders ect...

Put some big fat knobbies on it and you're all set to go just about anywhere as long as it is DRY !!

Almost forgot to mention , the stock ESC and motor are NOT water proof and will die if drowned in water .

No problem with the servo and that is a good thing .

With all that info , I truly enjoy the brushless Rail but getting parts are becoming more difficult .

Especially trying to get parts from

That place ripped me off when John White did not send all of my parts AND then gets nasty with you when confronted about the problem .

Only place I'll ever order parts from is " The Hobby People " store and NEVER ORDER FROM XTM-DEALER AGAIN .

I hope you enjoy the Rail as much as I have .

"...if you're not crashing , you're not trying hard enough " .

(Posted on 2/25/15)
wow Review by Bill
Very impressed beyond. Just a little adjustment on the camber this thing halls ass. Will be getting another one soon. Do get the 14.8 volt lipo. I am beyond satisfied. (Posted on 3/27/14)
big , bold , powerful and heavy duty Review by easyrider
I've had this machine for a week and so far , have not much time to drive due to the fact the ESC messed up .

Couple of trips around the track and needed to adjust the ESC parameters to tune it for track conditions .

After following printed instructions , ESC failed to operate in reverse .

Forward appears to function correctly , just no reverse .

Retried TX / ESC calibration several times to no avail .

Other than that , Rail was fast on stock tires on hard packed dirt track surfaces .

With knobby tires and running on 7.4 volts , will throw huge grassy rooster tails in thick 6" tall grass for ten feet or more and leaving behind trenches in the lawn !

Rail is rather easy to work on , everything is accessable with simple tools and a work bench .

Disassembly and re-assembly easily done within an hour for cleaning mud out of it .

Manual has complete set of pictures of various areas of the Rail showing in detail the steps to work on it .

Documentation is also written in normal English , not translated gibberish .

Lots of opportunity to expand this kit in regards to increased speed , up-grades and modify .

There are aluminum up-grade parts availble for the time being .

Big , bold and heavy duty is what this machine is , and powerful enough (stock) to please both novices and pros' .

I wish I could be driving it right now , still waiting for replacement ESC from XTM !

With that one and only flaw , I give it a four star rating for now . (Posted on 6/23/13)
Fun a hell Review by Climatemaster
Great RC. 4wd and heavy duty metal body makes for a much more stable ride though it often rolls. Pretty impact resistant. Had for over a year now and the only issue has been the factory ESC failures. Finally upgraded to a Mamba2 waterproof ESC. In the market for a second Rail for my son. (Posted on 6/7/13)
Excellent Choice for Off-Road Action!!! Review by Ken
I really the 1/8 scale size over the smaller 1/10 scales. The Rail is built like a tank but is as nimble as any off-roader. The aluminum frame provides a solid, durable structure that can take punishment and protect the critical radio, battery, and motor components. Whether on dirt tracks or just free-wheeling in the dirt, there is no better 1/8 scale buggy. The torque and speed combinations of this model provides infinite opportunities for thrilling action over track or just dirt racing in the open. (Posted on 3/12/13)
Must have in your arsenal I have several electric RC and this is one of them.
With Lipos if you want speed this XTM Rail is for you. Just cruising around in the driveways I always get lookers that give me thumbs up. XTM Rail is simple to work with parts are always available. Which is perfect because there is no wasted time enjoying your RC. Someday I'll get paddle tires and take it in the sand to see what it could do but I bet it will not disappoint. Thanks Hobby People for a super buying experience. And XTM for putting out a product that is one of the best RC electric in the market today!!!!
(Posted on 3/28/12)
speed and torque Review by jb
my first rc and i was scared to dive it the second time around. crazy speed. (Posted on 12/27/11)
Ummmm no Review by Vlad von Needler
Very fast as reviewers state.
Very fragile front end.
Aluminum replacements rediculous expensive.
No problem with parts from ebay or wherever.
Too high CG for racing other buggies.
Dangerously flawed battery box.
Stock tires are a joke in the dirt.
(Posted on 12/26/11)
powerful Review by smith
I had bought this buggy about a year ago and its strong and crazy fast. love it. Thank you XTM. (Posted on 11/4/11)
Good Enough To Buy a Second One Review by Gotta Have Two
My son and I got into R/C cars over Christmas 2010. He got a Electrixrc Ruckus, me the XTM Rail.

I was continually fixing his Ruckus (stripped gears, oil leaked shocks, busted top, and burnt out motors) so upgraded him to a Chinese made buggy (HSP XSTR Pro). XSTR Pro is better, but still too fragile for him! Big problem with the Chinese car is some of the replacement parts are different sizes (and don't fit well, or at all), and have generally lacked quality control. That and the manual is pure garbage.

Over the same period, yes, I toasted my XTM Rail's front-end suspension a few times. Not sure if it's a design flaw or not though, but I'm pretty sure the stock wheels are no good. The original rims cracked and/or broke out around the center hub on the "spokes". Same thing was gradually happening to all my replacements as well from XTM. Eventually decided to go with dish wheels, and use the six shot wheel style only for street driving. So far so good.

Soon it's my son's birthday and he want's ANOTHER R/C car - ya, he's hooked! He's been pining to use my Rail and I occasionally let him. He would love an XTM of his own.

I considered getting him the XTM Rage, even the XT2e, and various other non-XTM cars, but there was this nagging in the back of my mind to just get another Rail!

It will be much more cost effective to just have a batch of spare parts on hand for both of us to pool from. We can also share wheels, battery harnesses, LIPO's, radios, etc.

I love the programmable features of the speed control and the Airtronics radio. I am going to set his speed controller to settings easier on the car, and turn down the Airtronics radio to limit his top speed. That and let him start with a 2S LIPO, moving up to 3S and 4S when he's ready - and reprogram the ESC and radio as appropriate along the way.

He get's it on Saturday if he's good!

(Posted on 6/1/11)

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