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Magnum Engines XLS 46 Two Stroke RC Engine (RNV)

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Magnum Engines XLS 46 Two Stroke RC Engine (RNV)


User's Guide (351.3 KB)This is the User's Guide for the Magnum XLS .46A-RNV Engine

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Oldie but goodie Review by FredRC
I got back into RC planes and had my 1995 Magnum .46 FNV (don't see this type on this site) which was frozen. I used Marvel air tool oil and brought it back to life and now it runs great every time I start it up. Had to gently bend the needle valve ratchet holder since it lost its spring from 19 years ago. Great running engine people ask me at the club field what kind of engine it is and I tell them. Loud, but thats what I love about glow engines. Model Tech Hurricane BHP turning a 10 x 6 prop. Glad to see they still sell these engines. (Posted on 6/2/14)
WOW Review by Nickname
Just broke mine in and I am impressed. Flown OS forever but felt I didn't have much to lose giving this a shot and so far it is well worth it. First start- flipped it with my chicken stick and it started on the 3rd spin. Against the advice of some reviews I mounted the needle in the remote location and had no trouble. I will admit it seems a bit leaky and spewed a lot of oil but it was tuned just shy of 4 stroking too so I'm hoping that clears up as I break it in further. I put 4 tanks through it and the last 3 starts where on the the first spin. I know for sure I will have a second on the way tomorrow. (Posted on 3/28/13)
Great engine, great price Review by Paul
I run my Magnum .,46 engines at 13,500 rpm on a Master Airscrew 10x6 & 10% Omega fuel.
You must use a 'hot' glo plug as recommended by Manufacturer.
I use Thunderbolt #115493. (Posted on 2/15/12)
I've had two for 5 years now. Review by RogerBarnstormer
Just the sweetest little machine around. After breaking it in I have only just run it more and more. Some trouble at high rpm so I will change the prop and tweak the needle. I have and will run it on full out zip with my Escapade to see the crowd go "wow".
Getting 1 or two more for my new building project this winter. The $50 BeeGee from GP that will hover for 10 minutes. A kit from swap meet at a great deal don't ya know. (Posted on 2/13/12)
Outstanding! Review by Austin Flyer
I bought this engine to put in a 40 size GP Escapade. I broke it in EXACTLY like the book calls for yesterday, then today I went flying. I also followed the book recommendations on the first few flights. By the third flight, I quit leaning the engine, and it was running GREAT. I haven't touched the low speed needle at all, as it already has a very reliable idle.
From what I can tell it is using about 1/2 ounce of fuel per minute. I had my timer set for 8 minutes and still had plenty of fuel left in an 8oz. tank.
All I can say is I am very happy I bought this engine, can't wait to take it out again.
If you buy one I think you will be very happy you did, I know I am! (Posted on 1/14/12)
Great engine Review by warningshot
I have 2 of these engines. Both run great. Will be buying more. (Posted on 4/16/11)
Great Engine Review by Gordon
My experience is a very easy to start and smooth operating engine. The engine
is still not completely broken in yet and still developing its maximum power.
Super value for the money,I had enough money left over to purchase and fit a
Jett Muffler.

A Jett Muffler is effectively a tuned pipe. This addition greatly increased the engine power out ,improved overall engine performance.
This engine is fitted to a Great Planes Escapade. This engine muffler combination is now effectively over powering the aircraft. Try it you will enjoy it.
Great Engine
(Posted on 12/6/10)
Clocked at 93 MPH Review by Donald
It is a HOT Engine that loves high RPMs it likes to go fast and SING at the same time. It is a must have for the price. The last time I got two.
Some people tell me the engine is no good and they cant get it to run.
I tell them O K and ask them for the Engine.
You don't like it send it to me....... (Posted on 10/7/10)
Top of the line engine Review by joseph
The Magnum XLS 46 is a great power packed engine. Getting the engine ready for it´s first flight was a breeze. Simply follow the instructions (which were easy to follow) and your engine will be set to go. I broke my engine in on a 10 X 6 Master Airscrew prop. After exactly 50 flights I was having trouble with the engine running lean on the high end. So the simple fix was to change the prop to an 11 X 6 Master Airscrew which was suggested after the break in. I adjusted the high end and the engine ran perfect. Also, at $69 this engine is a must have for your 40 size planes. (Posted on 8/30/10)
engine review Review by Terry
strong & consistant. reliable. (Posted on 8/30/10)

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