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Magnum Engines XLS 61 Two-Stroke RC Engine (RNV) (10cc)

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Magnum Engines XLS 61 Two-Stroke RC Engine (RNV) (10cc)


User's Guide (596.6 KB)This is the User's Guide for the Magnum XLS .61A Engine

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Excuse me, but ..... Review by Keith B
I have this motor and other Magnum's (and ASP's the Mfr from China's brand name) I bought over the last 2 decades and I love these motors, every bit as good as OS motors at a better price. The S61A in particular is a perfect size (10cc) and a powerhouse for 1/8th to 1/7th scale Warbirds.

Excuse me however, but in the picture online for this motor, you have the Carb mounted BACKWARDS! How are you supposed to adjust the Throttle stop screw facing toward the prop?? Might be a bit tough on your fingers and the screwdriver colliding with the prop! Also the fuel nipple is aimed towards the prop instead of rearward and the convention is that the throttle control cable is on the LEFT SIDE (facing the engine) which is the opposite of the carb mounting in your picture. Sure you guys are Engine Experts? ;) Kidding. (Posted on 6/15/16)
Cannot beat it for price Review by Jack
I have two of these 61 engines and they start easy and run great with plenty of power.
Just like all the previous reviews, it is very important to break the engine in right. Let it run for a short while and then let it cool off. Extend running time after each cycle. Keep it REALLY rich fuel wise and don't lean out until later. Both the 46 and 61 are great buys. (Posted on 8/1/13)
Great Performer Review by Duffer
I have this engine on a 72-inch trainer. Both the airplane and the engine are entering their sixth year. This combo is my "warm-up" airplane and is a blast to fly as it has gobs of power. It starts quickly, idles very well, and his had zero issues. I have a .46 two stroke and a .52 four stroke that are equally reliable. Properly broken in these become very nice engines and you cannot beat the price. (Posted on 4/21/13)
Great engine for the price Review by Hawk007
I had purchased this engine a year ago to fly in my 60 size plane . It's been a great motor with no issues. One thing to remember is that break-in and tuning for this motor is critical to the longevity of this motor. All in all this motor has great power And is priced for the hobbyist on a budget (Posted on 1/25/13)
great engine, great price= outstanding value Review by wingnut
I have this engine on a Hobbico 60 Mark II It' swinging a 13X6 APC prop on Omega 15% fuel with an OS#8 glo plug. Starts easy and idles reliably. Plenty of power for all but exteme verticle acrobatics. Follow the break-in instructions and enjoy. (Posted on 11/27/12)
Another awesome engine! Review by Vertigo II
This review is for my second .61 XLS. This one is mounted in a Hangar 9 Phoenix 7 pattern airplane. This time I am running it with a Mac's Products 10cc Quiet tuned pipe.
The power is great, it is turning an 11-7 APC prop at 14,130 RPM burning Cool Power 15% fuel. Since this in an all synthetic fuel, I add 1 oz of castor oil due to the ABC construction of this engine. Idle and transition are excellent.
Disclosure- I changed out the bearings as a precaution due to the experience that I had with my previous engine, as well as the expected increased loading and RPM from the tuned pipe. I am not saying that this is required.
Overall, I again find this engine to be an excellent performer as well as an excellent value. Five stars. (Posted on 6/18/11)
Great power, even greater customer service. Review by Vertigo II
This is a follow-up to my previous review. The problems noted in my past review have been resolved, and the engine runs like it cost several times what I paid for it. The engine continues to gain power as it breaks in. Reliability is tops. I have run K&B, Fox, Super Tiger, and currently Merlin (2003) plugs- the engine is tolerant of a variety of plugs. Awesome idle and throttle response. While the engine will swing a bigger prop, but an 11-7 allows it to unload and produce some serious power. The included muffler seems to give a slight power boost at higher RPM's. This makes for a great combination for my Classic Pattern airplane (Vertigo II).

These are true ABC engines- they are fit very tight at TDC, they require a longer break-in than some other brands, but the result is worth it. I recommend following the break-in instructions that come with the engine. A correctly broken-in ABC engine will yield superior long lasting performance.

I bought a second engine to put in my Hangar 9 Phoenix 7. I am looking forward to this airframe/powerplant combination.

Finally a word about Hobby people Customer service- First Class! They took care of my parts needs quickly. They were very responsive to my needs, and that is always appreciated in a world that seldom cares about customer service.

In summary: A rough start has turned into a rewarding experience with both the engine and the company backing it. I will recommend this and other Magnum products without hesitation. (Posted on 5/9/11)
Great engine, great price! Review by RC'r
I have had this engine for two years. It always starts and runs good. Even after nose diving a plane at 80 mph the engine still ran and nothing was bent.
I would purchase again without question. (Posted on 1/3/11)
Great power, poor quality Review by Vertigo II
Please contact our customer service department and let's see if we can help.

The engine is very powerful, idles very reliably, and the throttle range is quite smooth and linear. The engine is mounted to a classic pattern airplane, and turns an 11-7 APC prop at 13,200 RPM using 15% Omega fuel. That is the good part.

The bad part is that the front bearing failed 30 minutes into the break-in run. Both bearings were replaced with high quality bearings. The engine, which has 2 hours run time is eating plugs, as the con rod bearings are worn and the rattling top end is knocking out the plug element. I am getting a flight per plug.
I am going to replace the con rod, and keep a close eye on this one.

I have been doing this for 36 years, so it is not beginner's error. For 99 bucks, I guess that you can't get your hopes up too high. (Posted on 12/28/10)
I bought this on the advice of a friend, who also had the Joss Stick that I bought it for. I was expecting it to work just fine but to my surprise it not only worked ok but awesome. started up right away, idled smooth @ 2000 rpm and reached 10,900 rpm during break in which I was running very rich. I leaned it down just a little and it is still about 11,000 + rpm. I´m running the APC 12X6 prop and am looking forward to getting my Joss Stick up soon. The motor has an abundant amount of power for the 12x6 and I might just try 13x6 after I have had a few flights. THANKS FOR A GREAT MOTOR @ A FAIR PRICE. (Posted on 8/30/10)

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