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Great Planes Pluma 3D EP ARF Indoor/Outdoor Airplane

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Great Planes Pluma 3D EP ARF Indoor/Outdoor Airplane

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lots of fun but lots of repairs Review by Bear
Hold up elevator on smooth surface takeoff or risk replacing the firewall. very little ground clearance on prop. Constantly having wings buckle due to support rods pulling out. servos glued in. rudder servo pulled out twice. its now epoxied in. foam breaks easily. blenderm tape and foam glue are a must.
All that being said, its a great plane to fly. likes to kite and hover no problem. Wind is an issue but adds to the fun. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a fun to rip up the sky type of airplane.
5 stars for flying, 2 stars for constant repairs.... (Posted on 7/7/15)
sweet plane Review by casey
this plane is great it hovers like a champ .don't use ca glue over hot glue or canopy glue.unfortunatly I used ca for a small crack in a wing and it snaped in mid flight (Posted on 8/4/13)
Excellent 3D Flyer Review by Nate R.
Bought this plane yesterday and flew it today. It says on the box that you can build and be flying in an hour which is more like 6 hours even with my 15 years of building/ flying experience. The build time wasn't the reason I gave 4 stars. The reason I gave this plane 4 stars instead of 5 was because of the carbon wing support rods. After landing I noticed that some of the carbon wing supports had come loose. After a bit of epoxy that was quickly fixed. And YES do use 5 Min epoxy for all carbon supports. The foam safe CA will not hold. Anyways once in the air it did any trick I threw at it with ease. OH and talk about dead stick landings!!! This thing is the master of those. It just floats in like a feather and sticks like glue. No rolling or anything. (on grass of course) On concrete it'll roll, but if you use the rudder, you wont have to walk at all. Just steer and give a little throttle and it'll be at your feet shortly!

My setup:

Impulse Power Li-Po 3s 11.1v 900mAH 12C Discharge

KMS 30amp ESC

Ultrafly Frio 10 Brushless = 1050kv

APC 10 x 4.7 SF Prop

Flight Time= 20 mins

This setup will allow you to go vertical! So YES, it does have more than enough power!
(Posted on 6/30/11)
Fun little plane Review by Propblaster
I am on my second one now, had a radio glitch on landing and it dragged a wingtip, totally destroying this thing. Flies great but watch out, it's pretty fragile. Got 60 flights on my first one, 15 so far on my second, lots of fun. Goes straight up on launch, then let the wild 3D stuff take over! Knife edge loops are a blast, flies inverted great, but really needs a smooth surface for landings as it always flips over on grass or does a nose wheelie. Very fragile foam, had to rebuild rudder 3 times on my first one, no biggie, wheel pants are a complete joke, don't even bother with them, both my Plumas flew right off the board no problems at all. Get this bugger, it's really fun! (Posted on 6/21/11)

4 Item(s)

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