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Multiplex FunJet Ultra Kit (White Edition)

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Multiplex FunJet Ultra Kit

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I am simply impressed with this plane. Review by Vapor Trail
I decided to get this plane 1. HP had it on sale 2. I liked the toughness of the plane after watching people on the net landing it. 3. The above review also parallels what I have see about it.
Now, my review:
I assembled the plane as per spec and factory recommended and I placed a 2700 Thunder Power 4S in it for maiden. It balanced right on the spot with the battery in the slightly aft of center in the bay due to the relatively small 28mm 3700 KW motor and 4.75 APC sport prop. The motor screams out an impressive 56,000 rpms and the prop breaks the sound barrier (in rotation speed) making it VERY loud...and very fast!
It left my hand with slight left torque roll from the power of the motor but was easily corrected once airspeed increased and started to wake up.
Let me tell you, this plane really flies like it is on roller coaster rails! It is so fun to fly, so very obedient in the air and go's where your stick go's. I LOVE IT!
This plane is German engineering at its finest...well done, Multiplex! (Posted on 8/30/13)
flies on rails..rapid aileron rolls,ballistic vertical,great speed flat and level,it even flew well w/cheap lower quality batteries...recommend multiplex power set and hitec65 mg servos.. (Posted on 12/23/11)

2 Item(s)

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