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Hobbico Micro Super Cub RTF Plane

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Hobbico Micro Super Cub RTF Plane

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Amazing Review by My Dogs Are Lazy
Just bought this plane and flew it in an empty lot next to the place I work. Super easy to fly, stable and it has plenty of power. Really a lot of fun: I'm very pleased. I'm going to keep it in my office bookcase and take it outside when I need to unwind for 10 minutes. (Posted on 2/20/13)
Fun to fly and a good trainer Review by propnut48
Bought it to take with me when i go camping but I fly it in front of my house cause it will fly slow but has good control too. Have taught 2 people to fly with it. Only part ever broken is the prop by one of the people learning to fly. Only thing is its not quiet. Has alot of motor noise. The fuse is hollow foam so that may contribute to it because even the control actuators are too. (Posted on 2/18/13)
Fun to fly Review by Joc
Just got this today from a local shop for my first plane. I didnt play with a sim but had a real good idea of the controls but as expected my first flight lastest less than 20 seconds before i nosed it in the ground. Main wing came off. Couple pieces of duct tape and i was in the air again. Had several crashes on the first attempt at flyin it and its still together so I hope it holds up long enough for me to get the hang of flying. I did have a couple 1-2 min flights and it was a blast.

Its small and light so the hard hits dont seem to hurt it much.
less than 100 bucks
nice scale look

no spare parts come with it
lipo charger is the Tx so its gonna eat up "AA" batterys (5 in the tx)
no way to get to the internals without cutting it apart and taping it back together.
3 ch functions with a 4 ch tx so theres a wasted channel (Posted on 11/26/12)
Flys very well, BUT... Review by HALF FLAPS
Hi, you will notice in the summary, a great big BUT... Yes this little guy really is fun to fly and it does fly very good. That isn't the problem. Why is there only a three star rating if it is so good? It is because when you fly indoors in a 115' by 65' building with 40' foot ceilings, sooner or later you will make contact with one of them.
The only downfall to this airplane is the fact that one cannot locate a new motor and gearbox for it! I been searching for a replacement for two days and nowhere can I locate them. I am hoping that soon this can be put to rest, because this little airplane deserves to be worn out flying.
I have several micro size planes and have found a similar problem with them all wearing out way to soon and the parts are hard to get on most of them it seems.
I have been using the new any link lately, on an old transmitter with expo and all the computer features and it really is great. Try it on these little ones and increase your fun a bunch. Just remember to switch to the proper airplane each time or disaster may ruin your outing! HALF FLAPS. (Posted on 2/19/12)
Fly's good butt has one big problem Review by Fly Boy
The connectors to the motor came off on the first flight. It should have shrink
tubing on it. besides that it flys good. I had to tare the airplane apart to fix it and
that was a lot of work. (Posted on 10/22/11)

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