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Hitec/RCD Aurora 9 2.4G w/Optima 9 Rx

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Hitec/RCD Aurora 9 2.4G w/Optima 9 Rx

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I have flow about 2000 electric flights and maybe 150 glow flights with the A9 since Feb. 2010 with out a single radio glitch. I fly 40 and 60 size glow and electrics out to the limit of my eyeballs with no range problems.
Very easy to program and the touch screen makes the radio!
Just got my Aurora 9x with Maxima 9 RX two weeks ago and it seems good also but not many flights yet.

I have had Hitec radios since 2003 and never a failures. I have 15 2.4 Rxs also with no problems. Great RXs and reasonable prices. Great servos also.

Dump the brown outs and the rotary programing wheels and go HITEC!
Jim D, New York (Posted on 10/28/13)
Great radio, easy programming, feature rich, built in telemetry. Review by Iced51
After getting back in the hobby and knowing I should buy more radio than I thought I needed, I made the mistake and I started with a DX6i readio. I outgrew that within the first two models, lacking features, channels, mixes, etc etc.

I considered going DX8, but after reading many, many reviews and weighing the options the Aurora 9 was a clear winner. The touchscreen, ease of programming, built in voltage telemetry, features, gimbal feel, fit in hand, overall quality, can not be touched in this price range. The finger sliders are a must for me to control my full house sail planes. I love that I can make any switch do anything I want, and I am not pigeon holed by the manufacture as to switch assignment.

The DX6i is now flying foam board scratch builds, and that is soon to be replaced with a FrSky Taranis. (Posted on 10/14/13)
The best radio on the market Review by Mancow
I filled the 30 model memory up pretty fast, but haven't had a single issue with this awesome radio. Built-in telemetry with every receiver and a built in SPC is worth $75 per receiver with other brands. Receiver quality and low price is the best thing about the A9, it has a 5 to 7 mile LOS range measured in magazine reviewers. 9 channels is just right, not too many and not too few. The giant touch screen is also a killer feature but could be more contrasty when the light is not on. Overall, the A9 is twice as good as anything at or near it's price range. (Posted on 5/30/13)
had i known Review by kingv
I also have had a problem with loss of signal six times with the same plane . I do fly another plane for work using the Aurora9 I fly 5 hours a day. and have never lost signal with work plane. I believe it is a distance issue when the only time I have had a problem is when flying large scale P51 far away, thankfully after six times of lost signal six times with that plane I now fly it with a futaba 8fg with not even a glitch. Im now into hitec around with two Aurora 9's and multiple receivers and around $2000.00 in equipment. Not including the investment in the new Futaba 8fg I should have listened to my friends BUY FUTABA PROVEN OVER AND OVER..TO BE THE BEST!! (Posted on 11/22/12)
Very reliable Review by Mr RC
This radio has been very reliable not one issue here, I have used it with a 100 mph revolver 70, clipped wing cub 80" span,some warbirds electrics you name it the list goes on and it has been flawless this ''Unhappy" reviewer must be a noobie thats for sure. (Posted on 11/13/12)
Stable Radio w/ touch-screen Review by Flo
I got back into RC flying and decided on the Hitec Aurora 9 after receiving a DX8 that was DOA. I do not regret my decision. The radio has worked flawlessly and the touch screen and menu layout make programming a snap. I don't have 200 planes and I don't own 3 of these radios but I am happy to report that the one I have works great and the connection so far has been 100% secure. I looked at the airtronics SD-10 as well, which is a great product, but ultimately was won over by the Aurora being able to do telemetry which has proven to be a great feature that I rely on a lot. (Posted on 8/23/12)
Poor quality Review by Unhappy
Do not buy it it is crap. I have three unexplained crashes with this radio system. Yes I was using the SPC with Life battery's and fully know what I am doing. The system stays on only 20 channels and will not change to new channels until a new scan is performed by you. The Airtronics radio system is a better system for a solid link. The Aurora 9 has nice programming but it lacks stability in it's link to the airplane. They spent to much time on features and not enough time on the reliability and a safe link to the plane. After all new updates I lost another plane and I am finished with it. (Posted on 4/1/12)
Very adequate radio Review by DeeBee
Serves my needs in every aspect. Love the update capability. I don't have over 200 planes electric glow and gas like Ron S. , but I like the radio. I think Ron S. is a hobby shop owner that has over 200 planes electric glow and gas in inventory, or is a rep for HiTec, or is a very lonely hobbyist with too much time and money. Over 200 planes? Do the math. 30 model memory for each radio equals 90 models...not over 200 electric glow and gas. maybe Ron S. has more radios to support over 200 planes electric glow and gas, that he is not telling us about. Fine. Great. Ron S. is a braggert that really needs to sell off 1/2 of his hobby fleet, buy a Corvette and a box of condoms, then go out on Saturday nghts for a change. But then again he would be telling us about scoring on over 200 models...would he not?

I like my Aurora9. (Posted on 12/30/11)
Aurora 9 Radio 2.4 Ghz Review by Ron S.
This is the best general purpose radio on the market today.
I especially like the 30 Model memory, always monitoring your receiver Flight Pack Voltage, and capable of going backwards to 72 Mhz to accomodate my older radio planes - choosing any channel, any type receiver (+ or- shift).
I have 3 of these radios because I have over 200 planes - Electric, Glow and Gas.

(Posted on 12/20/11)

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