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Phase 3 Phoenix II EPO Glider RTF BL w/2.4GHz radio

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Phase 3 Phoenix II EPO Glider RTF

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Disappointed by physical condition Review by LAKnox
Got my Phoenix II last week and finally got it together on July 4th. First off, the instructions are out of date and are not 100% accurate to what's included in the box. Specifically, the control linkages shown in the manual are the old-style tube-and-set screw, but I received linkages with plastic threaded clevis-type. Second, there was some cosmetic damage to both wings. Not something you'd expect with a new item, fresh from the box. Last, and most concerning, the fuselage is simply not straight. There is a significant lateral bow as well as a twist, which leaves the horizontal stab noticeably out of level. I plan on contacting Hobby People about this, but will also try straightening the fuse on my own. Hopefully, I'll get to actually fly it in the next week. (Posted on 7/5/14)
Once trimmed itsa joy Review by Love to Glide
Built exactly as supplied directions suggested. Simple to assemble. The recommended cg is 75mm - 80mm from leading edge of wing but this makes it extremely tail heavy. I found this out in first flight. Very powerful motor and it went vertical immediately at launch. Managed to get it under control but could not trim out for easy gliding. First forced landing created damage to fuselage because very hard to control. After three scarey flights and much repairs with epoxy I found that adding about 1 oz of weight directly behind the motor and moving the 1500 ma battery as far forward as possible makes it a dream glider with incredible power. Although my nose section looks like a snake with all the repairs it flies great. It turns into a dot above your head within 30 seconds after launch and you can shut the power off and soar. I've since bought the kit version as a back up when I can no longer repair it as it has become very fragile with so many crashes before figuring out proper cg . I hope this helps you. I love the plane as a glider. Tremendous power and glide ratio (Posted on 2/1/14)
sounds like a good trainer r/c airplane Review by taterbug
Sounds like a good trainer R/C airplane to learn to fly. (Posted on 8/16/13)
sounds very good Review by taterbug39
sounds like a good trainer airplane . (Posted on 8/7/13)
Great value in a nice big gentle flying airplane. 4.5 stars+ Review by Sky King
Purchased about a year ago and immediately loved that I could stay up for an easy 30 minutes.

Will grab the occasional thermal but I generally fly in gusty winds on the beach and it handles that quite well. The plane has lots of room for a larger battery and it has a big canopy with easy access to the inside and it climbs like crazy. You really don't need full throttle. It is big and easy to see at long distances. Loops easily from level flight but not very aerobatic otherwise, but that's not what this plane is for. Long easy flights, gobs of power. It's not fast and the thick wing sees to that, but again, that's not what it's for. That wing makes it a bit harder to get into trouble and easier to get out of it if you do get in. I can land it at my feet and it will slide about 3 feet. I havn't tried slope soaring yet but I'm sure it will handle that just fine. The ailerons are quite effective but I suggest you set it up with a bit more up than down aileron.

A great value and you won't be displeased. (Posted on 3/31/13)

5 Item(s)

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