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HPHELI X-2 RTF 350 Size Dual Rotor Outdoor Helicopter

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X-2 RTF 350 Size Dual Rotor Outdoor Helicopter


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great heli Review by Matt
I bought this last Christmas and have been flying it on average about once a week. A great product. Many hours of flying with limited damage. So far, I have broken blades and the landing gear, but all in crashes, about 40 in parts. If you want to fly a helicopter, this is a great one to get. Have fun. (Posted on 8/27/14)
$170 disposable Heli! Review by Bobby
I agree with everyone that thinks this is a great flying heli, even that it is easy to learn on for beginners... there's just one problem. The motors on this heli are COMPLETE JUNK!!! I have gone through multiple NEW X-2 helis and multiple NEW motors!!!! They all fail! Some after only 2 flights. I have personally seen them start glowing, smoking and catch fire at night! Not only are they junk, they are also dangerous!!!!

(Posted on 8/18/14)
Waste of money Review by Bill
I'm on my second X2 heli now... Neither of them has seen more than 30 min of flight time. Both of them has had motors go up in flames while they were on the ground.

Both new X2 helis' motors caught fire on their own and no longer work! A little research has shown me that this an extremely common occurrence! I really wish I had not wasted all that money... Do yourself a favor and stay away from this heli!

The only reliable heli that I got at Hobby People was the CX-200. (Posted on 8/17/14)
brushless motor interference Review by coaxial Axel
What's this about brushles motors interfering with the tail motor? I too have had two failures. I missed the bent frame so almost had three crashes. Once the frame bends , yes you can re-bend it, but it will allways be weak. Lets force them to carbonize it! Anyway, the motor issue is inexuseable. I mean, no crash damage is covered, so if I dont imediately upgrade to brushless is that pilot error? Sheese!! 'Anyway, disregard the words at the end. I guess it was pilot error...toWhat'What (Posted on 5/29/14)
X-2 WOW Update So far so Good Review by HGhost
It is now 5/27/2014

X-2 still flies great

So far no issues with motors or anything that some complain about.

These are brushed motors and they do get hot as do most brushed motors do. Allowing them to cool between flights can help longevity.
I purchased extra batteries and fly them all .

Can not say what will occur down the road, but so far so good .

Can not beat this Heli when it comes to the ability of a coaxial to fly outside in the wind. This thing is really fast and really maneuverable .
I started out in ch 2 and 3 with height limiter. Switched to ch 4 which eliminates the Height limiter, I finally just Unhooked it and was in starting out in ch 5, all in one day.

And I am an old guy and no Heli pilot at all. So if I can fly it ANYONE can master it in a short time.
Just wanted to update my previous Review, to let everyone know it is still doing Great . So far so Good (Posted on 5/27/14)
I really want to love this heli but..... Review by Such a Disappointment
"Edited out personal attacks"

As another reviewer stated the motors are crap!

Forget using the stock brushed motors, they will die within minutes and replacements will die as well. (they even ship dead motors!)

Once you install the brush-less motors (same cost as the heli btw) you will find the tail motor will cause interference with the brush-less motors untill the heli fails, cuts power to the main motors, and falls out of the sky. The tail motors do not last more than 1 or 2 flights.

Like I said.... wanted to love the heli, or even like it. Its a great idea but just too bad its patented to these morons and sourced out of china with no QC.

(worth noting.... Google the reviews of Hobby People retail stores and look at reviews of this heli on RC forums)
(Posted on 4/29/14)
Just unhappy Review by bcd
After months of trying to master this bird I have given up and moved on to another. I have replaced the motors three times and various other parts. At first I thought it was operator error but discovered that the motors were the culprit. Upon failing the motors would make the bird handle erratically and make for excessive stick input. The motors would only last about 6 battery cycles before showing signs they were failing. (Posted on 4/25/14)
X-2....WOW Review by HGhost
Purchased this a few months back, never had the weather to give it a try. Bought the height limiter and attached it and also lights were added. Gave it it's maiden flight just today....

The height limiter only works on ch 2&3 , allows you to stay low and get use to the Heli, that lasted about 2 minutes. Switched to ch 4 ( height limiter is eliminated ) This Heli handled and flew better,and after one battery used, I moved from my front yard ( limited space and height ability ) to my flying field .

Switched the Tx to the 5th ch.....all I can say is WOW !!!!!
The X-2 rises fast and is a dream to fly and remarkably easy as well. Never flew a Heli like this ( just smaller indoor type and a S33 which does not do well outside)...the X-2 moved through the breezy conditions like nothing and when the winds gusted on occasion, the X-2 did not care, it still flew Great.

I am no pro by no means and if I can fly the X-2 after a few minutes in this manner, Anyone can. I highly recommend this to Everyone...especially someone who has never flown a Heli before.

This Heli is amazing and the feeling is WOW. My only real gripe is the batteries do not last very long ( Must have more batteries)...I have lights on mine and at and near dark it looks amazing. I unhook them when it is light out.
One other issue tho it looks cool , but the canopy is Black, would be nicer if it was a brighter color so it would be easier to orientate. At a little distance that black color is deceiving
I bought an extra one and intend on painting it a bright color perhaps a Yellow or some sort of Neon color?
Irregardless, this X-2 has to be the best Coaxial Heli on the market, and for a beginner the best learning tool one could ever own.

Thanks Hobby People for a Great product and one that can be upgraded one day and at a reasonable Price.

Again the X-2 is simply WOW !!!! (Posted on 4/21/14)
fantastic heli Review by Flyguy
I have four of these helis. One uses the old X350 5b1 miliiary heli body, one uses a SR Huey body, and two use the stock body. I have brushless motors in the 5b1 and in one stock x2. The x2 with the brushless also has aileron assist and the light kit in it. These helis are flown year round and are the very best coaxial helis I have flown yet and I have 10 helis. They are easy to work on and the parts are very affordable. The one and only complaint I have is that the stock motors do not last very long, just like in the original X350, but the brushless motors seem to last forever and are well worth the money if you fly often like I do. (Posted on 4/5/14)
Fantastic Heli Review by Steve
I held off on buying this heli for a long time because the reviews of the first generation X350 were so bad. Glad I waited - the X2 is the best flying heli I've ever owned. It's both stable and maneuverable. (Posted on 3/18/14)

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