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DHK Hunter BL SCT 1/10 4x4 Brushless - No Battery/Charger

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DHK Hunter BL SCT 1/10 4WD Brushless


DHK Hunter Manual (32.4 MB)This is the User's Instruction Manual for the Brushless DHK Hunter
LiPo Battery Safety Guide (96.5 KB)

Failure to comply with the safety guidelines in this document may result in damage to your battery, property damage, fire, personal injury and/or loss of life.

RC Car Action Review (977.7 KB)Review of the DHK Hunter from the December 2013 Issue of RC Car Action

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Initial Review, Out of the Box Review by RC Antics 1
Okay so I bought one of these today after seeing Aussie RC Playground tear this thing up on 3s and it not having a scratch on it, so I had to get it.

Got it on sale, with coupon for 230 (247 out the door). AMAZING price for a 4x4 BRUSHLESS SCT!!

Haven't fully tested it yet, just shot an unboxing outside of hobby people and did a short midnight test run (its a bit of a drive to get home and I had other errands to run, not to mention my folks weren't too please I brought home another toy, meh :P

But I can see they used a bit of a strange setup with the shocks, on the table, they feel somewhat stiff, but driving, the thing rolls, drives and squats even under minor acceleration (had to go slow cuz it was midnight and I didn't want to wake anyone in the neighborhood up, electrics aren't completely silent :P) but we will see how they perform offroad soon enough.

Here is my "nit picking":

-wiring is TERRIBLE out of the box, the servo and ESC wires were IN THE GEAR MESH out of the box, turning the truck on would result in complete destruction of them!

Fix: unbolt the receiver box and flip it around, this will pull all the slack out of the wires and keep them far away from the gears.
Heat shrink the connections of the bullet leads for the motor to prevent a lead popping out while running and your ESC going up in flames.
Relocate BEC near the edge of the chassis away from electronics for better heat dissipation.

-Remote had throttle trim set to FULL, when i turned on the truck it jumped off the desk ._.

-Servo isnt centered on the horn out of the box.

Fix: turn on truck, disconnect horn, set trim to center, point wheels straight, reconnect horn, fine tune with trim.

-Tires are a bit hard of a compound and the foams feel very thin...these are gonna balloon like heck...

Fix: get new tires...ouch....(luckily i got some trenchers I am not currently using)

-ESC servo tape provided sucks, ESC was loose out of the box new...

Fix: add more slack to the motor wires so they aren't tugging on it, get new tape (3M works best)

Overall, the setup out of the box is very imperfect....but if you are a person like me who knows what to look for and has some common sense, you can fix it all for free and have what looks to be a great truck! Only testing will tell, but I like what I see in other reviews here, hope mine lives up to the hype!

-Patrick from RC Antics (youtube channel) (Posted on 10/16/14)
Best Bang For The Buck! Review by Power shift 1
I hammer my RC cars to the point of destruction and this truck just takes a beating and asks for more. I am all about acceleration and handling and this truck has both. The low center of gravity keeps it planted and rollovers to a minimum. I use this truck to exercise my dogs and it is hilarious! I am going to buy another one just because I love it so much. All my other "high dollar" cars just sit on the shelf. Go buy one, now! (Posted on 9/11/14)
super fast and great at ocrc Review by Nick
I have been taking this to the track the last 2 weekends. It is more durable that associated and I am winning. (Posted on 7/19/14)
Update to May review Review by PhrogUSMC
Since my last review, I've ran this truck (still stock) against a $500+ Traxxas Slash 4x4 and, while the trucks perform almost identically, the Hunter is slightly faster in a straight line. I'd love to get them both on an actual track together. After seeing the Traxxas on 3S power though, I had to order a 3S Lipo from Amain. The Hunter is very fast, but the tires balloon horribly. It feels like Global used very thin foam in the tires. (The Associated SC10 stock wheel/tire/foam work really well. No ballooning). I will be upgrading soon. Also, I couldn't find any info anywhere on whether or not the stock motor can actually run on 3S, so I tried it anyway. The motor gets EXTREMELY hot, but it hung in there through a couple runs. I would definitely let it cool between batteries. I plan on upgrading the motor/esc soon, so I don't have anything to worry about with my 3S battery. (Posted on 6/27/14)
How can this possibly be "1/10th" scale?? Review by CobraJocky
I don't understand how this truck can be called a 1/10th scale since it is at least 10 to 20% BIGGER than the 1/10th scale Wolf and Raz-R which looks like a toy next to the Hunter? Someone needs eye-glasses over at DHK or Global to call the Hunter a 1/10th scale,
it's clearly more like 1/8th scale.

As soon as I had the local Hobby People shop install a far better Metal Gear steering servo for the frail plastic gear stock one, the Hunter BL became a near perfect SCT Truck on par with any Traxxas at any price. Still a bit too heavy (I'm working on putting the Hunter on a diet) for more serious club racing though. The power-train gears and pinion look a bit feeble to me too and I expect some early failures, but RC truck racing is all about upgrading and repairs all the time.

I sure wish the radio system was compatible with someone else's TX off the shelf, while the RX is just fine, the DHK transmitter is quite a bit "bush league" with poor responsiveness. Anyone else got a clue if the DHK radio is a compatible knock-off of Sanwa. Futaba, etc??

Keep improving this DHK breed Global, the more economically competitive toys out there to beat on Traxxa$$, AE, Kyosho, etc, the better for the hobby and us Po Folks.

(Posted on 5/28/14)
Very durable and fun. Good overall truck. Review by PhrogUSMC
I ordered my Hunter BL back in Oct when it was first released. When it arrived and I opened the box there was fluid all over the inside of the box and chassis. Upon inspection I noticed that 2 of the shocks had leaked out. I rebuilt them a couple of times over the next couple of weeks, but continued having problems. I contacted DHK and they sent me a new pair of shocks at no charge. If I remember correctly I also had a problem with the servo. Despite these issues, the truck is very fun, very fast, and very durable. I have a pair of 5000mah 2S lipos that I switch between. This is my first brushless truck and first RC period since I got out of the hobby over 5 years ago.
As fast as it is with the 3970kv motor, my roommates ECX Torment BL with 3300kv is faster. That is most likely due to the parasitic power loss of the Hunter having 3 differentials vs the 2WD ECX only having one, plus gearing. I'm looking into solving that issue. The 4WD Hunter is very easy to control and toss around without getting bent out of shape. It is also extremely durable and can take a beating. I just recently broke a steering arm (truck has taken MANY very hard hits), and am on here today to order a replacement. I'm thinking about trying a 3S Lipo as well. The truck should handle the extra power no problem.

I definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a great brushless SCT at a low cost. (Posted on 5/24/14)
fully field tested Review by no longer a newbee
I posted a review as newbee back in febuary. I have been playing with this truck at least 4 times a week with my son by our house on and off road. bought my son the traxxas slash cause everyone told me it will hold up better. WRONG!!! they break just the same. dollar for dollar u cant beat the BL Hunter. the only Con is Traxxas has a lot of after market upgrades, whereas the DHK don't. but side by side all around bashing and playing the Slash is no better or stronger than the Hunter. But definitely cost More!
P.S my friend got a Team Asscociate SC10 . they are slow and definitely not build for bashing. he crashed head on T-Boned me at his full speed. he broke his front A-arm front bumper and was done for the day. I picked up my Hunter looked at it shook it a little to make sure nothing broke, put it back down and kept on playing!
did I mention mine only cost $249.99. :) (Posted on 5/21/14)
Great with turns Review by Mj
Great car only problem was to slow so I upgraded it to a castle creations motor ran better. (Posted on 3/10/14)
worth the price Review by newbee
I am fairly impressed with this car. got it on sale for $249, doesnt come with batteries or charger but the hobby people 4000mah lipo for $20 works just fine. the car is fast out of the box and can definitely take some good bashing. not too bad for the price. the electronics reliabilitiy is kinda poor. the servo is pretty much junk, replaced it after 3 runs cause the gears stripped, but replacement cost is not bad. $20-$40 bucks. they replaced my 2.4gz controller twice. manufacturers defect. if that came out of my pocket then it wouldnt be worth it. all in all with this hobby you need to know and like how to tweak these little parts every now and then. as long as you check and tighten up and lock tight certain screws every now and then. this is a great cost alternative to the 4x4 slash. it will handle the bashing. if your one of those guys that is not kind of handy. spend the extra money up front and get the slash. it will hold up for you much better and actually cost you less in the long run. (Posted on 2/27/14)
5 Stars Review by Jorge
This is my first bl truck. I also own a rustler so this was a big upgrade. Truck is fast and handles all jumps. I am using the hobby people 4000 lipos and the truck is perfect. (Posted on 2/18/14)

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