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Hobby People Zero EP RTF w/Retracts 2.4G BL

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Hobby People Mitsubishi A6M Zero EP Ready-to-Fly w/Retracts


User's Guide (1.2 MB)This is the User's Guide for the Hobby People A6M Zero EP.
MAN Flight Test (1.8 MB)Review of the Hobby People Zero by Model Airplane News

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Maiden flight review and thoughts Review by Loneflier
I had a chance this morning to fly my Zero for the first time. Take off into the wind had a nice roll out and she lifted off nicely. Once in the air, I was busy adding a good bit of up elevator to trim it out. I initially added 2 ounces of weight to the nose, and had the HP 2200mAH 3 cell pushed all the way forward to make the CG right. I am thinking now after that first flight it might be a bit nose heavy. Before removing some weight, I will just move the battery back a bit since there is plenty of room in the fuselage to adjust where the battery sits. Other than the up elevator trim, very little other trim was required. The Zero is a nice flying plane and very aerobatic. Rolls are axial, loops can be tight or wide open. Stall characteristics at a safe altitude shows nothing severe, though she will eventually drop the left wingtip. Power was good, and the plane was plenty fast. I used the stock 3 blade prop and it seemed to have plenty of thrust. I didn't get too crazy with aerobatics on the first flight and concentrated on just trimming her out and flying smoothly. I was impressed with the plane, and it looks fantastic with the gear up. After 5 minutes, I started the landing process an the wind was starting to kick up a bit, but it didn't seem to affect the Zero too much. You do need to bring it in with some power, I used about 1/3 throttle and managed a pretty good landing, though it did nose over in the grass. No damage done though. Overall, I am really impressed with the plane. It is definitely for Intermediate and above flyers, but once trimmed, she is pretty stable. For the money, I would have no problems recommending this one! (Posted on 4/26/14)
Build and set up summary Review by Loneflier
Just received my Zero last week in the Receiver ready version. Overall, I was impressed with the Zero. Nice size plane, retracts are bonus on ones this size, and they even have a spring wire loop for absorbing those "not so smooth" landings. Also, the company did a really nice job on centering the servos and control surfaces. I didn't have to adjust the ailerons at all, and only minor adjustments for the rudder and elevator. Everything went together very easily, and I was able to program the retracts for a 2 second operation which makes them look much more scale. The negatives are few, but the cowl is really flimsy thin plastic, and so is the spinner. I had to add 2 ounces of weight to the nose to achieve balance with a Hobby People 2200mAH 3 cell battery shoved as far in the nose as it would go. Now that everything is set up, I am anxious to fly it, and based on some other Zeros I have, it should be a nice flying plane. I will update this once I get my first couple of flights in this next weekend. (Posted on 4/21/14)
dial down the expo Review by Frank
over all handling of this aircraft in a beginners hands may not do the aircraft justice. fortunately i have a trainer buddy who can fly and was able to save me from my first spiral dive into the ground. 4 flying days 4 batteries each time getting the hang of it still need to turn down the expo on the ailerons. the only upgrades were to add a beefier rods for the tail wheel to over come the sticking, as well as file down the wheel hub a bit for better clearance to the rudder servo doesn't grind. slight adjustments for the landing gear so it doesn't catch on the wing while retracting in flight. I am using a DX8 and i cut back the expo on the ailerons again to keep from continuous roll. (Posted on 1/4/14)
bad retracts Review by Ken
Flies okay but need to push battery far forward and add 6 oz weight for correct CG.
Retracts work on ground but once flying, it doesn't retract all the way up. Also gets stuck in the up position and won't come down while flying...bad servo (Posted on 12/17/13)

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