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DHK Maximus RTR 1/8 4WD BL MT - No Battery/Charger

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DHK Maximus RTR 1/8 4WD BL MT


RC Driver Review: Maximus (4.3 MB)RC Driver reviews the DHK Maximus in their February issue.
Maximus Manual (31 MB)This is the Owner's Manual for the DHK Maximus BL
LiPo Battery Safety Guide (96.5 KB)

Failure to comply with the guidelines in this document may result in damage to your battery, property damage, fire, personal injury and/or loss of life.

Quick-Start Guide (3.5 MB)This is the Quick-Start Guide for DHK Electric Vehicles

Customer Reviews

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Best truck to own Review by Shefinsh35
This truck is awesome... there is couple things what need to improve,some wiring and couple another things,but chassis and truck itself is excellent built... l flipped ower on the road this truck on 40 km/h and nothing broke... l give 9 from 10 to this truck... (Posted on 12/26/15)
Best truck to own Review by Shefinsh35
This truck is awesome... there is couple things what need to improve,some wiring and couple another things,but chassis and truck itself is excellent built... l flipped ower on the road this truck on 40 km/h and nothing broke... l give 9 from 10 to this truck... (Posted on 12/26/15)
super fast Review by Nick
The biggest thing to consider when buying the maximus is how many batteries to buy with it. I really like my truck, and I would recommend it. (Posted on 1/19/15)
UPDATE: From "MailManX" Review by Michael Preyer
I should have waited a lot longer than a week to post a review.

I have now owned the Maximus for an entire year. If I were not someone who loves to tinker, I'd have gotten rid of this truck a long time ago. However, I do really like the chassis and suspension, so I have kept the truck and gotten it to where I really like it. To do that, however, I had to spend a lot of money. It meant replacing the motor, ESC, servo, TX and RX. Thankfully, I bought the truck for only $249 in February 2014 on a President's Day sale.

For the full price of $400, I cannot recommend the Maximus. There are other rigs in the same price range that do not require a new motor and ESC immediately on purchase. However, if you can get a great sale on a new rig, or buy a used one in good condition from someone else, then go for it. If you put your own good quality motor and ESC on the truck, you will love the quality of the chassis and suspension.

I have posted several videos on YouTube and some How-To DIY articles on the RCCrawler forum and UltimateRC forum. You can find those with a Google search. (Posted on 1/15/15)
best truck i have owned Review by Sid
this is 1st truck other than traxxas I have ever owned. It was over 200 less than the comparable traxxas so I bought it because of price and the recommendation from guys in store. Super fast, the quality of the parts is as good or better than trucks I have, and it is durable. Best value in trucks. (Posted on 7/29/14)
Best TRuck For The Buck........For Real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Review by Frank the Tank
This is my first purchase when it comes monster trucks. Its well built, and I upgraded the batteries from what it came with. The original batterys only last you about 15 to 20 minutes of play time depending how hard you drive it but with the upgraded batteries, I get about 45 minutes play time. I would Definetley upgrade and purchase the rapid charge also for your truck. The charger that comes with the truck SUCKS> takes about 4 and a half hours to charge. The Rapid charger 45 minutes to an hour. Definetley worth the investment. Could not have been happier with my choice. Absolutley Love it. (Posted on 3/27/14)
Great beginner truck Review by Satisfied Customer
Was in the market for my first RC Car. I am not a really speed type of guy. I wanted off road capability. I wanted a fueled truck, but I was talked out of it being this was my first RC. After purchasing the Maximus, I was not satisfied at first. The truck would run off on its own suddenly. I took a trip back to Hobby People in Pasadena, CA where the manager and assistant manager were very helpful. They ended up replacing the transmitter and receiver for free since it had a 1 year electronics warranty. I have had no problems thus far. I did upgrade the batteries. 2 of my drive shafts broke after taking a hard curb crash. Easy but expensive fix for 2 pieces of metal for the drive shaft ($20 for 2). At least the replacements seem bulkier! This thing is a beast. It contains so much power that you can literally do wheelies down the street. The big tires offer so much versatility. The shocks are incredibly versatile also. Happy truck........Traxxas Revo 3.3...check it out ! (Posted on 3/27/14)
Great buy Review by Max Max
It was obvious this was a beat, it was doing wheeles on command out of the box (Posted on 3/27/14)
A Very Worthy "Truggy" Review by MailmanX
Although this is categorized as a Monster Truck, it has a center differential which, by most strict definitions, makes it a truggy. To me, that's a GOOD thing. It sits lower than a monster truck and handles extremely well. I inspected the Maximus very thoroughly before the first run and was quite impressed with the quality. I especially like the doubled-up front and rear shock towers that are both aluminum and plastic tied together. The entire chassis tub is 6061 Al Aly. Although not as good as 7075, it is still a very durable chassis.

I love the balanced weight distribution with the two batteries mounted on the LH and RH sides in back, then the motor on the RH and electronics on the LH up front. The front and rear bumpers and bumper mounts are well designed and durable.

During my inspection, I only found one loose screw. Some things I did not like: The wires are not routed well. They are pretty sloppy and tend to interfere with the servo arm. However, that's an easy fix. The stock servo is abysmally weak, but that is to be expected at this price point. Just run it till it dies, then upgrade.

I have now owned the Maximus for a week and have run several packs through it. I have tried it on pavement, loose dirt, packed dirt, rocky dirt and thick grass. Nothing stops it. This thing is truly capable of achieving it's rated speed of 50+ mph on pavement. The differentials seem to have just the right balance of oil for most conditions. I can get the truck to wheelie on command on any surface, yet it's not so touchy as to want to constantly back flip. I'm very pleased with the stock tires. They have plenty of grip on the loose stuff, but not so much grip on pavement that it wants to traction roll. It tends to understeer a bit and slide rather than traction roll. I prefer that. For someone who doesn't, the diff oil weights can be changed.

There are two fans on this rig: A small fan on the ESC and a HUGE fan on the motor. At first, that made me wonder whether they were there to make up for a lack of quality. However, after a week of hard running on some very large batter packs (dual 2S 8200mAh 70C SPC Batteries in series for 4S), the motor and ESC barely get warm. I believe that the fans could be removed without ill effect. That will slightly reduce weight and slightly reduce electrical demand on the batteries. With the two huge packs in the rig, I get about 40 minutes of strong run time. The two small stock batteries provide less torque, less speed and only last about 15 minutes.

Nothing has broken or even bent in the first week of ownership. I've run it hard and had some nasty tumbles. I have not gotten huge air, but I've certainly jumped it. I even jumped it over some concrete parking lot bump stops a few times. Those are like running into the edge of a side walk. The truck took a few brutal hits and shrugged it off.

There are a lot of "fan boys" who will only recommend the usual big names in 1/8 scale off-road RC's and would put down the DHK Maximus. I own some of those others, but decided to take a risk on this Maximus. I'm glad I did. It has been a very positive experience and nothing but fun! Just buy bigger batteries and a legitimate charger. The S-L-O-W wall charger that comes with the kit can be tossed, or given to some kid for his toy trucks. (Posted on 3/27/14)
Great Truck, Great Price! Review by Jonny
I have to say this truck is AWESOME! for $400, you get a 1/8 scale monster truck WITH Lipo's, AND a Charger. Not to mention that it already comes with all the upgrades you usually have to buy separately when buying a Traxxas vehicle. A brushless E-maxx will cost you well over $600, and your shock towers, axles, shocks, and chassis will be plastic. The Maximus already comes with Steel CVD axles which are super tough, aluminum threaded shocks with 4mm shock shafts, aluminum shock towers, aluminum top & bottom chassis plates, Aluminum hub carriers in front, aluminum 17mm hexes, and sway bars. All these aluminum parts are parts that would be considered upgrades for a traxxas emaxx out of the box and you would have to buy them seperate. I love the wheels because the rims are like RPM rims, and they are super light but tough. I've had 4 emaxx trucks with unlimited engineering parts so I've had enough experience to compare this truck to a good $200 truck. My son and I bashed the hell out of this DHK Maximus truck! Nothing has broken so far.. we rolled it, crashed it, flipped it, we jumped it off of 6 foot high jumps, and the arms seem to be really tough and flexible... The system is just as strong and fast as a Castle Monster Mamba system, and in my opinon the DHK system is a bit smoother since it doesn't jerk as much when punching the throttle. The screws on the steering linkage do come off, so I would suggest thread lock or even better replacing the stock screws with longer screws that can take a nut on the opposite end. The receiver box could be sealed but not a big deal... the width and stance on the truck is perfect as it sits low, and does not flip over at high speeds. Of course there are things you can tweak on the truck to make it better just like any other truck...but out of the box its almost perfect. It pretty much already comes dialed it... LOVE LOVE this truck and especially for the price! Super happy.... (Posted on 3/27/14)

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