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Idea Fly IFLY-4 RX-R Quadcopter - Drone

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Idea Fly I-FLY4 RX-R Mini Quad Copter - Drone


I-FLY4 User's Manual (1.1 MB)This is the User's manual for the Idea Fly I-FLY4 Mini Quadcopter
I-Fly4 Installation Manual (962.8 KB)This is the installation manual for the dea Fly I-FLY4 Mini Quad Copter
I-Fly4 How To: Firmware Update (24.5 MB)This is a video on how to update the firmware for your Idea Fly I-FLY4 Mini Quad Copter
IFLY-4 Configuration and Parameter Software All In One (4.9 MB)This download includes IFLYTOOLS 1.6, IFLYTOOLS 1.7, the latest firmware for your C4E flight controller and default parameter file. You will need to use IFLYTOOLS 1.6 to install the latest firmware. Then use IFLYTOOLS 1.7 for importing the default parameters, transmitter calibration and any other changes you want to make to the flight controller parameters.

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6 Stars Review by Rayjay
This copter was a great step up from the indoor ufo to the HP quad with camera. I cant say enough about the Fountain Valley crews support. Manny and his guys did a grear job of making sure it was set up properly. Plus they always go out of their way to help if I break something on all of my quads. This quad is very stable, even in wind. 5 stars to Fountain Valley and HP. (Posted on 5/10/14)
Ifly 4 esc Review by muckfoot
Disappointed. Angry. They sold me junk. Recieved this thing with a bad ESC on motor 1 . Customer service gave me the runaround. Now I'm stuck with pile (Posted on 4/23/14)
Patience is a Virtue! (and a necessity) Review by Mikimra
Once I figured out how to get the system to arm, it worked well. If you update the firmware, you need to load the new default parameters for the control. It just so happens that there are two different parameters for the updated firmware. The one on the HP site is for the old style ESC's with the black heat shrink on them. If you have the newer ESC's without the heat shrink, you need to get the default parameters from the Idea Fly website. They are in the bottom most download on the list of downloads for the I-fly4. I believe it was dated October of 2013. It is not in the download of March 2014. (Posted on 4/15/14)
Mr.Jeff Guest Review by TPS
Jeff Guest "ROCKS"!,
My son and I bought the ideafly 4 and love them!
My son had a problem when he tried upgrading the firm ware "BEWARE"
Jeff at hb in hesperia help him get it working again.
Jeff and his team are always ready to help.
Thank you Jeff! (Posted on 4/13/14)
So far so good Review by Newtoquads
I've been flying mine for about two weeks now and it's all good. Camera mount is great and the quad is stable.Props are out of balance and causes a dithering sound plus the camera (Nikon 6200) shakes. Can fix that by balancing the props. Want to upgrade to GPS. I started with a Helimax 1Si, great little quad and good for beginners, just too small. Stay away from firmware updates untill they settle down!! (Posted on 4/8/14)
Great value and outstanding performance Review by Tom C
I’m really pleased with the IFLY-4 Quadcopter from Hobby People. I’m impressed with it’s quality and it’s performance, great Quad. Like Don I had programming issues with it. I had attempted to load the 1.7 firmware and it locked up (bricked). I would strongly suggest you do not attempt to install the 1.7 firmware.
I contacted Jeff the store Manager at the H.P. store in Hesperia about the problem, he quickly contacted Tim Johnson the Tech from H.P. The problem was resolved quickly with a correctly programmed unit. Jeff & Tim both really go out of their way to ensure you are happy with your purchase and rectify any problems quickly. The only negative with the IFLY-4 is the confusing / misleading instructions, they need to be rewritten. Would I purchase another IFLY 4, the answer to this is a great big YES.
It’s really great to have people like Jeff and Tim & Company’s like Hobby People that actually stand behind their products.
Thanks Much T-Cooper
(Posted on 3/27/14)
Very good flying quad. Review by Don
When I first received the IFly-4 from HP, I had a lot of problems programing it. As a result, I called HP for help. Tim Johnson at HP Tech contacted me back and we went over the programing from the start. Tim was a great help and very much helpful. Following the programing with Tim, I flew my IFly-4 and it was great. This is a very good quadcopter. If you have problems with your programing, I highly recommend that you contact Tim Johnson at HP.
The people at HP stand behind what they sell. Thank You very much HP.
(Posted on 3/24/14)

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