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Hitec/RCD Aurora 9 2.4G w/Optima 9 Rx

Hitec/RCD Aurora 9 2.4G w/Optima 9 Rx

Product Review (submitted on October 28, 2013):
I have flow about 2000 electric flights and maybe 150 glow flights with the A9 since Feb. 2010 with out a single radio glitch. I fly 40 and 60 size glow and electrics out to the limit of my eyeballs with no range problems.
Very easy to program and the touch screen makes the radio!
Just got my Aurora 9x with Maxima 9 RX two weeks ago and it seems good also but not many flights yet.

I have had Hitec radios since 2003 and never a failures. I have 15 2.4 Rxs also with no problems. Great RXs and reasonable prices. Great servos also.

Dump the brown outs and the rotary programing wheels and go HITEC!
Jim D, New York