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Magnum Engines XL 52 RFS Blue R/C 4-Stroke Engine (8.3cc)

Magnum Engines XL 52 RFS Blue R/C 4-Stroke Engine (8.3cc)

Product Review (submitted on November 26, 2013):
I have had a Magnum 52 4stroke for years on a pete-n-poke plane and over 5 gallons of fuel through it. It is a good fit for a 40-2stroke replacement if you are looking for the 4 stroke sound. All though the motor is a little sensitive on the low end needle valve setting, it is not a hard motor to tune..,I use powermaster 15/18 fuel and 12X6 APC prop and it is a good reliable smooth idle engine.. (Run your idle mixture just a tick rich for best transition) I adjust the valves every gallon or when I think the RPM is down just a little.. These motors do not have a lot of compression when hot but start well with a starter and no problems at all on reliability! Buy one, you will like it.. If your plane is a little heavy, use a Magnum 70- 4 stroke but we have this 52 on a Great planes 40 size cub and it pulls it along at half throttle once we are at flying height.. Full throttle for take off and then cut back...
Good motor, good price.