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XTM Rail 1/8 Buggy 4WD 2.4G Brushless Off-Road RTR

XTM Rail 1/8 Buggy 4WD 2.4G Brushless Off-Road RTR

Product Review (submitted on June 1, 2011):
My son and I got into R/C cars over Christmas 2010. He got a Electrixrc Ruckus, me the XTM Rail.

I was continually fixing his Ruckus (stripped gears, oil leaked shocks, busted top, and burnt out motors) so upgraded him to a Chinese made buggy (HSP XSTR Pro). XSTR Pro is better, but still too fragile for him! Big problem with the Chinese car is some of the replacement parts are different sizes (and don't fit well, or at all), and have generally lacked quality control. That and the manual is pure garbage.

Over the same period, yes, I toasted my XTM Rail's front-end suspension a few times. Not sure if it's a design flaw or not though, but I'm pretty sure the stock wheels are no good. The original rims cracked and/or broke out around the center hub on the "spokes". Same thing was gradually happening to all my replacements as well from XTM. Eventually decided to go with dish wheels, and use the six shot wheel style only for street driving. So far so good.

Soon it's my son's birthday and he want's ANOTHER R/C car - ya, he's hooked! He's been pining to use my Rail and I occasionally let him. He would love an XTM of his own.

I considered getting him the XTM Rage, even the XT2e, and various other non-XTM cars, but there was this nagging in the back of my mind to just get another Rail!

It will be much more cost effective to just have a batch of spare parts on hand for both of us to pool from. We can also share wheels, battery harnesses, LIPO's, radios, etc.

I love the programmable features of the speed control and the Airtronics radio. I am going to set his speed controller to settings easier on the car, and turn down the Airtronics radio to limit his top speed. That and let him start with a 2S LIPO, moving up to 3S and 4S when he's ready - and reprogram the ESC and radio as appropriate along the way.

He get's it on Saturday if he's good!