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Phase 3 EF-16 EDF Foam Kit - No Motor/Fan/ESC

Phase 3 EF-16 EDF Foam Kit - No Motor/Fan/ESC

Product Review (submitted on June 14, 2012):
There are not a lot of foamy EDF kits on the market...THANKS Phase 3! I've glassed all the Phase 3 kits I've assembled to include the EF16, two Fantoms, and the Squall. I use SIG brand (I've found other brands of glass cloth to be inferior) 3/4 oz cloth and water based poly -u to adhere it to the foam- lightly roughen foam for better adhesion. I also strengthen parts with carbon fiber tubes imbedded in the foam with epoxy. Then I paint. All this ads a bit of weight, but makes for a more long lasting foamy. Rampman is correct when he says to consider using a Don's RC fan or one of his EDF designed motors for some fast flying! In my EF16 I fly Don's Wicked 4000 plus with the stock Phase 3 70mm fan on 11.1 volts for a nice kick in power. I also use the Wicked 4000 plus in the stock 70mm fan in my Squall on 14.8 volts, and it's a rocket powerhouse!! Have fun!