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Magnum Engines XLS 52 Two Stroke RC Engine (RNV) (8.5cc)

Magnum Engines XLS 52 Two Stroke RC Engine (RNV) (8.5cc)

Product Review (submitted on August 31, 2010):
Bought this engine and had some trouble getting it to start. On my engine it says to start the engine with the needle valve out 2 1/2 turns. I tryed and tryed with no luck to get it to start, so i then turned the needle valve out 1 1/2 turns and the engine fired right up. At first i was worried that this setting may be to lean for break in but after a few seconds i had good white smoke and plenty of extra fuel coming out. I tried to richen the setting up too 2 turns out but the engine started to bog down and die. 1 1/2 -1 3/4 out worked great on my engine for the break in with 2 full tanks ran through it. The other problem i had was the muffler bolts would not stay tight, so I fixed that problem with some good old medium threadlocker from Permatex. Now I love my Magnum XLS 52, IT STARTS EASY, HAS GREAT POWER, GOOD FUEL CONSUMPTION AND I LOVE THE SOUND. The price on this engine was great and I will buy more. I have higher priced engines and they have nothing over this engine except the price.