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Phase 3 U-2 EDF Spy Plane RR (Incl:Motor, Fan, Esc, Sx)

Phase 3 U-2 EDF Spy Plane RR (Incl:Motor, Fan, Esc, Sx)

Product Review (submitted on September 18, 2012):
I bought the kit because I wanted to add a servo for rudder--this was simple, there is ample space on the included servo tray and there is already a preformed line on the fuselage to run a flexible servo arm. I stayed with the flat black color scheme but added some additional color so I could see it. I also added a tail skid, wing skids and a pair of skids (all dubro products) to the body so I could take off from grass or pavement. I can't handlaunch worth my salt. The kit came together well and balances well, the wings slide in and out so transport is easy. Performance was nicer than expected, with a bit of throttle management and a 2200mAh Lipo, you can get 7-10 minutes of flight--lots more if you can find a thermal or two. I fly over a river in a deep canyon and have had this model in the air for 42 minutes--then my neck got stiff so I landed. Highly recommend.