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Phase 3 EF-16 EDF Foam Kit - No Motor/Fan/ESC

Phase 3 EF-16 EDF Foam Kit - No Motor/Fan/ESC

Product Review (submitted on September 4, 2010):
This was the first time I built a jet from basicly a kit, I ordered the parts when I could and then the Transmiter, finally it's ready. My F16 is ready, well I picked a day I thought was the day to show my grand Daughter how Jets fly. I have to say it handled just like it should, it rolled and flew inverted and pulled out without any trouble at all, and then came that dreded down draft. I had the nose up and the alerons were up but it was going down and after the crash I have to say this Jet went back together and looks great. these are tough jets. all we regret is we didn't get a vidio of it, I was told it looked a lot like the F16 that went down at an air show. but this Jet is fast and te manuvers are like the real thing. I can't wait to fly it again.