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Phase 3 U-2 EDF Spy Plane RR (Incl:Motor, Fan, Esc, Sx)

Phase 3 U-2 EDF Spy Plane RR (Incl:Motor, Fan, Esc, Sx)

Product Review (submitted on November 20, 2012):
Big 0,

Put your fingers under the canopy at the point where the screws are and lift and move canopy to the side. The canopy is held by magnets this should allow enough separation to remove canopy. Let me know if this helps. Matt

I tried to carefully remove the canopy, but it resists a pull that is hard enough that my finger rubbed off some of the black coating on the fuselage. What is the secret? Must I remove the four screws? Its supposed to be a magnetic latch. Can I color the rubbed off spots with black marker pen, or will that attack the foam?
Where do the decals go? Do you know that the parts furnished weigh more than the total flight weight claimed in the manual, even before you add a Rx and battery? I looked in the tailpipe, and the high performance fan appears to be made of bent sheet metal! Shouldn't there be a skid or some tape to protect the bottom when it lands on pavement? Please answer soon, so I can fly it with the grandchildren on Thanksgiving.