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Magnum Engines XL 91 RFS Blue R/C 4-Stroke Engine (15cc)

Magnum Engines XL 91 RFS Blue R/C 4-Stroke Engine (15cc)

Product Review (submitted on December 11, 2012):
I have a few Magnum engines, One of the Vegas store managers was a store manager, we were flying one day and I was using a different but one of the top brands of 4 strokes, It always gave me problems with the low end from flight to flight. He asked me to buy the 91, he wanted more flying info first handed, I bought it on sale and did the recommended break in exactly, He wanted to follow everything in the directions. I was flying a Global ultimate Bi-plane and the 46 that I had in it just wasn't getting it, I decided to install this engine in it, (It came out a little tail heavy anyway and this engine balanced it just right) I ran it pretty rich for a few days, we flew every morning. After just about half of a gallon I started leaning it out. Doing it as my 40 years in the hobby taught me. Nose in the air. I demand quick throttle response, smooth throttle response and good idle that I could depend on out of my engines
I fell in love with this engine, I had more power than the Ultimate needed but it was and still is fun. I don't remember when the first Hobby store opened in Las Vegas NV. but this is engine is still in service in the same Plane.

I now have a couple of 52 4-strokes and a few 2 stroke engines none of which I would part with. I don't pay the high price of some of the other engines, Hobby People prices it's engines so the every day flier can buy them and I do not or ever have seen a difference in Magnum in retrospect to the High cost engines. You can"t go wrong with this and the other Magnum engines.. Take the plunge, You'll be happy you did.
Ron in Navada.