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Traxxas EVX-2 Dual Motor ESC

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Traxxas EVX-2 Dual Motor ESC


Traxxas EVX-2 Dual Motor ESC Traxxas EVX-2 Dual Motor ESC

The EVX-2 delivers an incredible 14-plus volts, from two battery packs, making 14-volt, twin-motor setups more powerful than ever! The EVX-2 is loaded with cutting-edge features including the Traxxas High-Current Connector, EZ-Set push-button setup, three programmable drive profiles, and thermal-shutdown protection. Hit reverse on your transmitter, and the EVX-2 applies powerful brakes to slow your model to a stop before switching to full-proportional reverse! The EVX-2 is designed and manufactured by Traxxas to ensure the highest level of quality and support.

The EVX-2 uses Traxxas exclusive EZ-Set push-button set-up and a multi-colored LED making it a snap to adjust. Its microprocessor control has three built-in programming modes including:

  • Sport Mode with forward, brakes, and reverse
  • Racing Mode with forward, brakes, and no reverse
  • Training Mode that limits forward and reverse power by 50% while still applying 100% brakes.

EVX-2 ESC Features

  • 14.4 Volts of Power
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Traxxas High-Current Connectors
  • Three Drive Profiles
  • Patent-Pending Training Mode
  • EZ-Set Push-Button Set-Up
  • Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • For Traxxas E-Maxx and Others!

EVX-2 Specifications

  • Input voltage: 6-14 cells (7.2 to 16.8 volts DC)
  • Case Size: 2.27W x 2D x 1.05H
  • Weight: 3.6 ounces
  • Motor Limit: 540-size = 10-turns, 550-size = 12-turns
  • On-Resistance (@Trans) Fwd/Rev: 0.004 / 0.004
  • Rated Current Fwd/Rev: 180 amps / 180 amps
  • Braking Current: 360 amps
  • Continuous Current (@100F amb.): 30 Amps
  • Reverse Delay: None
  • BEC Voltage: 6.0 volts DC
  • BEC Current: 2.5 amps
  • Power Wire: 14 Gauge / 3"
  • Input Harness Wire: 26 Gauge / 9.5"
  • Motor Wires: 14 Gauge / 9"
  • Transistor Type: MOSFET
  • PWM Frequency: 1700 Hz
  • Thermal Protection: Thermal shutdown
  • Profile selection:
    - Profile 1: Sport Mode:100% fwd, 100% brakes, 100% rev
    - Profile 2: Race Mode:100% fwd, 100% brakes, no rev.
    - Profile 3: Training Mode:50% fwd, 100% brakes, 50% rev.
  • Single-button setup: Yes, Traxxas EZ-Set

The exclusive Training Mode limits full throttle output to 50% making it easier for new or young drivers to develop their control skills. With the high-frequency efficiency of the EVX-2, run time is also greatly increased. When theyre ready, simply change profiles to unleash full-throttle action. Only Traxxas has it!

Built-in thermal shutdown protection adds an extra level of safety. Sophisticated, high-frequency operation and low internal resistance provide longer run times, more speed, and more fun!

Additional Information

SKU 628015
Manufacturer Traxxas
Mfr Part Number 3019R
Video No

Customer Reviews

not lasting at all.... Review by Trev
I bought the Summit last year and this esc only lasted half of the year until it started to have problems and now its completely fried. Its not because of lipos, I dont use lipos just for this reason it just craped out with out any hop ups or anything special. Not the best product. :( (Posted on 12/11/11)

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