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UDI-RC Tempo RTR Boat 2.4G (Asst'd Colors) (Venom Box)

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No. 859051


Quick Overview

This is a UDI-RC Venom Ready-to-Run 2.4GHz RC Boat (Assorted Colors). This newest USB-rechargeable electric RC boat from UDI-RC will blow the others out of the water when it races by at 15 MPH.

UDI-RC Tempo RC RTR Boat, 2.4GHz Radio

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  • UDI-RC Tempo RC RTR Boat, 2.4GHz Radio


UDI-RC Venom

Ready-to-Run 2.4GHz RC Boat

This is a UDI-RC Venom Ready-to-Run 2.4GHz RC Boat (Assorted Colors). This newest USB-rechargeable electric RC boat from UDI-RC will blow the others out of the water when it races by at 15 MPH. It features a rugged ABS anti-tilt hull, and a water-cooled, single-prop powerful 370-size motor that combines style, speed and affordability. Low-battery alarm warns you when the boat is almost out of power so you know when to head for the shore. Self-righting feature lets you keep your boat in play even if it capsizes. Everything is included. Just add 'AA' batteries for the transmitter.


• Ready-to-Run

• Powerful 370-Size Motor Pushes This Boat to Speeds of 15 MPH

• Easy to Control Using 2.4GHz Pistol Grip Transmitter

• Capsize Recovery Feature - Push Throttle Trigger Forward Then Back to Self-Right the Boat

• Waterproof ABS Hull with Anti-Tilt Modular Design

• Water-Cooled Motor

• Low-Battery Alarm to Warn You When to Return to Shore

• LiPo Motor Battery Is Recharged Using USB Charger

• Run-Times Up to 6-8 Minutes

• Display Stand Helps Protect Propeller and Rudder When Not in Use

• For Ages 14 and Up


• Length: 13.5 Inches (342mm)

• Width: 3.5 Inches (89mm)

• Height: 3.46 Inches (88mm)

• Weight: 6.3 Ounces (180g)

• Battery for Boat: 2S 7.4V 600mAh LiPo

• Charger: USB Cable

Items Required, But Not Included:

• 4 'AA' Batteries for Transmitter

*Available in assorted colors. Color may vary from that shown. Unable to guarantee specific color.

Additional Information

SKU 859051
Manufacturer UDI-RC
Mfr Part Number UDI001T
Video No

Customer Reviews

Great fun, especially for the price! Review by Doc Video
Follow up review:

I've had the boat in the water quite a bit and the self righting feature, while odd, so far always works! That's good now that the water is getting colder and I run in the ocean!

They now have more colors available.

Power is pretty impressive for the size and it really moves. Even though it's fun in waves and getting lots of "air" I'm waiting for smooth water to see what it can really do!

I was afraid that the rudder would be very fragile but I've whacked it a couple of times rather hard and it survived! I did ding the prop. I mostly fixed that by bending the plastic back into shape with a small pliers and ran it a couple more times but that minor damage did slow it down some until I used the replacement prop it comes with. Also, replacement parts are quite reasonable.

There isn't much rudder travel out of the box but especially at speed it is PLENTY and can even surprise you how fast it can turn! As far as speed, as this is a "Prop Rider" design (I think that's what it's called) only half of the prop is in the water at speed. You will be amazed at how it really accelerates as it comes up to speed!

The low battery warning works well and heed it's warning as you never want to run Li Batteries too low.

The second boat I bought is more watertight, so I experimented with using a paper towel inside the hatch to absorb any water that leaks in and so far so good BUT the vaseline is probably a better idea as the paper towel seems to let the motor and battery heat up as it acts like a blanket.

It has enough power to "submarine" and I can't imagine this with a brushless motor! Also, it is small, so far away from you in choppy water it can be hard to see.

Again, the USB Charging deal has gone too far and the way it works is that it is a 2 cell LiPo in SERIES for the motor, but the adaptor it comes with and the odd connector/charger makes it 2 batteries in PARALLEL. It works fine but I'd really like a real charger and connectors but oh well...

This is a great way to see if you really want to get into RC boats and do it inexpensively.

Have fun, GET 2 and an extra battery for each!

Doc Video (Posted on 12/29/14)
Lots of fun and FAST. Review by Doc Video
I bought this little boat (It is little) just on a hunch it might be fun. IT IS! A couple things you might want to know.

1. The instructions are terrible unless you like "Chinglish" and not much help. Frankly, they are hilarious!

2. It IS waterproof and won't leak IF you put Vaseline on the hatch. Otherwise it will leak a LOT and it might sink.

3. The self righting feature is a bit odd and uses motor torque to roll it back upright. It does work but hard to get used to and works (95% of the time).

4. The radio WILL NOT BIND UNTIL YOU PUT IT IN WATER. Aparently there is some kind of sensor and that isn't clear in the instructions. It just says "put it in the water" but not WHY. I couldn't get it to work and figured I'd at lest see if it was watertight in a sink. Then it worked.

5. The USB charging thing I think has gone too far and it really should have a conventional "wall wart". Especially with the oddball power connectors, you have to use the charger it comes with unless you want to do a little surgery. At least replacement batteries aren't outrageous BUT specific to the boat.

6. The servo connector was corroded right out of the box but still worked. I'll have to fix that.

7. You'll want another battery!

8. Unless things have changed in the past few weeks, the "variety of colors" are: Black, Black or Black. Your choice!


1. This little guy is FAST especially for the size. But, in rougher water it CAN be a bit squirrely but that's part of the fun, especially in waves where it will either go through them or go airborne!! (Don't forget the Vaseline for the hatch!).

2. The motor torque huge for the size and makes it list to one side as it runs down the straights, but it does run straight. It bothered me at first but I got used to it.

3. Auto righting feature ALMOST always works! It probably will if you don't run in waves but if you do, be prepared to go get it!

4. (Posted on 11/2/14)

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