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UDI-RC UFO Mini Quad Copter – 2.4GHz Radio, 55mm Rotors

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This is a UDI R/C UFO Mini Quad Copter Ready-to-Fly w/2.4GHz Radio. Have all out fun with the UFO Mini Quad Copter! This ready-to-fly Quad includes everything you need to get into the air. The UFO Mini Quad is tons of fun! Get yours Today!

UDI-RC UFO Mini Quad Copter – 2.4GHz Radio, 55mm Rotors

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UDI R/C UFO Mini Quad Copter

Ready-to-Fly w/2.4GHz Radio

This is a UDI R/C UFO Mini Quad Copter Ready-to-Fly w/2.4GHz Radio. Have all out fun with the UFO Mini Quad Copter! This ready-to-fly Quad includes everything you need to get into the air. The UFO comes with a 2.4GHz radio, LiPo battery, charger and a set of replacement rotor blades. Made with a durable plastic, the UFO surrounds each rotor blade and motor to protect it from crashes. And when those mishaps occur, we've got you covered with replacement parts (sold seperately). The UFO Mini Quad is tons of fun! Get yours Today!


• Quad Rotors with 6-Axis Stabilization Makes Flying Stable and Easy

• Durable Construction

• Motors and Propellers are Surrounded to Protect Them From Crash Damage

• Perform Flips

• Two Flight Modes - Beginner and Advanced


• Rotor Diameter: 2.16 Inches (55mm)

• Length: 6.5 Inches (165mm)

• Width: 6.5 Inches (165mm)

• Battery: 1S 3.7V 240mAh LiPo

• Flight Time: 8 to 10 Minutes

What's Included: 

• Factory-Assembled UFO Mini Quad Copter

• 2.4GHz Transmitter

• Charger

• Replacement Rotor Blades

• User's Guide

Items Required, But Not Included:

• 4 'AA' Alkaline Batteries for Transmitter

Additional Information

SKU 859011
Manufacturer UDI-RC
Mfr Part Number U816A

Customer Reviews

very fun Review by fezzik
worth the money and a great for is durable enough if you learn to fly it..handles low winds just fine to. (Posted on 12/31/14)
very fun Review by fezzik
worth the money and a great for is durable enough if you learn to fly it..handles low winds just fine to. (Posted on 12/31/14)
Not bad, but not great Review by Thomas
I have little experience with heli or plane flying, and I find this quad hard to fly this inside or outside. I had have a very difficult time maintaining a steady altitude and direction. I crashed it about 50% of the time and that is after about 2 hours of practice. Inside, it wants to crash into walls, ceilings and furniture. Outside, It's a bit easier, but no piece of cake.

The instructions are badly translated from Chinese making them very hard to read.

Connecting the battery is easy. Disconnecting it takes a bit of skill and strength. I nearly pulled the wire from the connector last time I charged the battery. Probably should use a TINY screw driver to disconnect it. It runs for about 5-7 minutes on a 30 minute charge. (You MUST disconnect the battery from the quad to charge it.)

It comes with extra blades, which will probably be needed, especially if you fly it without the plastic blade guard.

It has a "rolling mode" which I have yet to figure out.

One plus is that you can run two of these at the same time and race or have airborne "robot battles".

At about $50 it's not a bad toy. It just takes a lot of practice to fly it well. Hopefully you don't crash it too severely before you get good at it. And one last thing, Unless you are in a gymnasium, DO NOT fly it inside. (Posted on 5/11/14)
some tips Review by glassman
I have had this for a year now and love it. It prepped me to fly bigger machines which I fly now but I still take this out and fly at least once a week. I have learned a couple things though. #1- take a toothpick and add some 3 in 1 oil to the main shaft(just a tiny bit) or it will wear out prematurely. #2 - in the house mode 1, Outdoors if theres wind you will have to use mode 2 (this is very light weight and the stick response is increased), if theres no wind ,mode 1 is ok. #3- take the time to learn how to fly it as its very easy with some practice and FLY OVER GRASS and the quad is indestructable. Make sure the battery is centered. After you learn, take the ring cover off and put on the small cover it comes with. It becomes ALOT more responsive then and more fun to fly.
This is an incredible machine for the money and I believe a great platform to learn on. Buy a couple extra batteries and make sure you time when they will quit as it does come down fast if you let the batts run too low. It comes with extra props but I've only ruined 1 since Ive had it. Take the time to learn and have fun! (Posted on 4/24/14)
Good and durable Super fun Review by Jimz
My first quad after flying planes and helis. This is a very stable quad for its size, mode 1 and mode 2 for hi and low rates are good for indoor and outdoor flying, after enjoying many flights with the nice protective canopy I removed it, and put led lights for bicycle (99 cent store ones) directly to the main board and night fly I went . One motor burnt at first 15 flights, replaced and ist been flying for aprox 50 or so. Since then I dont care for RC unless is multirotor Recomended yes (Posted on 3/28/14)
Recommend to everyone Review by Bud
I have never flew an RC anything.Was going to buy a heli, but the guys at Hobby People said this was easier for a beginner. Took me a couple days to figure out how to fly and now can fly around the room no problem. Stable, good controls, easy to fly and won't break (i've crash lots of times). Wish the battery last longer and takes an hour to charge. Buy extra batteries. If this ever breaks, I'll buy another! (Posted on 3/24/14)
Very Limited Value Review by BillMills
The U816a could be good for absolute beginners flying in absolutely windless conditions which means the best possible flying will be indoor flight, but even then in the long run it's a waste of money. In Mode one the controls are slow and sluggish, very hard to learn to fly properly because it does not respond in a natural and speedy fashion. The forward or backward pitch is so radical as to almost turn the craft into an airplane... the rotors get tipped enough to propel the quad more like a plane with forward facing propellers. And then it is hard to make a correction and continue flying if the controls are set to Mode 1 due to the heli's delay in responding. Mode 2 gets slightly faster and better response from the heli but the severe pitching continues which only increases the likelihood of crashing. Yes, the rotors are well protected, but the main PC board that runs the quad is in an open plastic 'cage' and is EXTREMELY susceptible to dirt, debris and especially moisture. Beware! I did not find that what the beginner I bought this for was learning from flying this quad would be any real help when moving on to a better 'copter, because it has so many idiosyncrasies that you will NOT find on a sturdier and better designed craft. In my humble opinion only, of course. (Posted on 2/11/14)
Not bad for the price Review by Titu
I picked up an extra batery when got the quad. The charger can charge both in the same time.
At first seemed hard to fly(in my small bedroom), took me about 5 min(one batery) to figur it out. I was flying it to one bedroom to other, kithen, leaving room, no problem.
Plus I picked it up when it was on sale.
Great little bird. (Posted on 2/7/14)
kids favorite toy Review by Marie
get extra batteries. (Posted on 2/6/14)
Good flyer and more fun than I expected Review by engineerbytrade
We have been flying this since christmas. nothing has broken yet. we have crashed it over and over and still waiting for something to break. Buy at least 1 extra battery as the flight time is pretty short. just about the time you really get into it the battery dies. I do find you need to periodically remove the propellers and get all the accumulated hair off the motor shafts, or it won't fly right (we have dogs). I am a RC airplane and helicopter guy - I found this quad copter pretty decent flyer and way more fun to fly than I expected. Gyro is ok. hard to get it to hover without a little imput. The auto trick is ok, but you have to have some height to do the flip and throttle up just before hitting the button. My 6 year old is kinda able to fly it. my 4 year old needs allot of help. I would buy again and am getting a 2nd battery. all that protection around the propellers and small size make it great for indoor flying (Posted on 1/12/14)
Breaks Review by RC Jake
Breaks a lot; hardly very durable (Posted on 11/28/13)
a great product Review by matt
bought my first quad today and absolutely love it. i was surprised hpw easy it is to fly, and yet challenging. my 8 year old flies it better than me, but not for long. i would recommend this to anyone. (Posted on 7/31/13)
great Review by kev
this is a great little first quad for the kids and me just need extra batteries a great bargain highly recommend (Posted on 7/30/13)
lots of fun Review by flyinblind
This thing is great. Easy to fly and works great outdoors too. Very rugged, I have bounced it off all kind of objects and it just keeps flyin. My 10 yr old grandson is already a master at flyin it. well worth the 70 bucks. I also recommend an xtra battery, the charger will charge 2 batteries at once so get two. You can't go wrong with this one! (Posted on 7/25/13)
5 Thumbs Up Review by JB
1st Heli for me and it's really fun and durable. Thought i might break it the first day learning, but it just keeps going. A lot more flying time if you get a 2nd battery, cause it takes about 45 minutes to recharge. (Posted on 6/30/13)
sooo cool Review by Rick
quads are unbelieveably cool. have been flying this for past week and everyone who sees me fly wants it. love it. (Posted on 6/27/13)

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