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XTM Rail 1/8 Buggy 4WD 2.4G Brushless Off-Road RTR

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From the XTM engineering team comes a first in the market of off-road R/C - a 1/8-scale off-road rail buggy! The Rail is an off-road buggy built with characteristics of a full-size sand rail. The Rail's design allows it to be driven in various terrain from dirt to gravel to sand - ANYWHERE!

XTM Rail 1/8 Buggy 4WD 2.4G Brushless Off-Road RTR

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  • XTM Rail 1/8 4WD 2.4G Brushless Off-Road Buggy RTR
  • Chassis
  • Shocks
  • Monster ESC w/ Fan
  • Big Heat Sink w/ 2 Fans
  • Airtronics MX-Sport Included!

Regular Price: $549.99

Special Price: $479.99


User's Guide (13.2 MB)This is the User's Guide for the XTM Racing Rail Brushless Buggy
User's Guide (1.1 MB)This is the User's Guide for the Airtronics MX-Sport Surface Radio


XTM Racing Rail 1:8 RTR

4WD 2.4GHz Brushless Off-Road Buggy

This is the XTM Racing Rail 1:8th-Scale Ready-to-Run 4WD Brushless Off-Road Buggy with an Airtronics MX-Sport 2.4G Pistol Grip radio control system. The Rail is an off-road buggy built with the characteristics of a full-size sand rail. The Rail's design allows it to be driven in various terrain from dirt to gravel to sand!

Launching the Rail to ballistic speeds are an industrial-grade brushless Electronic Speed Controller with a massive cooling fan and a powerful brushless motor with heat-sink and dual cooling fans. This combination of power and cooling has solved the issue of thermal shutdowns to allow you to enjoy the Rail each and every run, whether using a simple 6-Cell NiMH battery pack, or a 4S Li-Po battery pack.

Feel confident that all the internal equipment is well-protected with the custom aluminum roll cage and side frames which are secured together to provide a rigid and stable chassis. Supporting the Rail are threaded- aluminum coil-over oil-filled shocks at each corner which soak up the terrain with ease for a smooth ride. With the adjustable steel gear differentials, adjustable suspension geometry and optional sand paddle tires (P/N 148722), the Rail is sure to deliver performance and stability anywhere you take it!

Reliability was the aim of the XTM engineering team. The electronics are cooled with 3 cooling fans and heat sinks to keep them from overheating and failing. Big threaded aluminum shocks & adjustable suspension allow the Rail to take a beating. Plus, the included radio isn't your run-of-the-mill RTR transmitter, but the MX-Sport 2.4G computer radio system from Airtronics. This radio features not only 2.4G technology, but 10-model memory, ABS braking, battery-less memory retention, and much more. Simply put, the included radio could become the radio you use with all of your R/C cars and boats. 

Just hook up a charged battery (not included) with 4mm connectors and push the Rail through high-speed turns and race it at 45+ mph!

General Features:

• Factory-Assembled with Factory-Printed Body

• Uses 6-12 Cell NiMH Batteries or 2-4 Cell LiPo Batteries (Not Included)

• High-Current Brushless Electronic Speed Control

• High-Powered 1:8th Scale Brushless Motor

• Program Card for Customized Electronic Speed Controller Settings

• Motor Heat-Sink and ESC Cooling Fans

• Full Set of Sealed Ball Bearings for Drive-Line

• High-Torque Metal-Geared Steering Servo

• Threaded Aluminum Shocks with 3.5mm Shock Shafts

• Custom Aluminum Roll Cage Protects Inner Components

• Adjustable Toe-in and Camber, Front and Rear

• 4mm Aluminum Shock Towers

• Heavy-Duty Drive-Line with Chrome-Plated Front CVDs

• Adjustable Bi-Level High-Downforce Wing

• Aluminum Side Frames Integrate with Chassis and Roll Cage

• Adjustable Differentials with the use of After-Market Silicone Oils

• All-Terrain Tires Mounted on Black Wheels with Metal Rings

• Optional Parts Available for Increased Performance and Handling

Power System Features:

• 1:8th Scale 2370kV Brushless Electric Motor

• Shaft Diameter: 5mm

• 120 Amp Programmable ESC (Includes Programming Card)

• Nominal Input Voltage: 7.2-14.8V (6-12C NiCd/NiMH or 2-4S LiPo)

• BEC: Switch Mode 3A/6V


• Weight (Without Batteries): 3.56kg (7.85lbs)

• Length: 530mm (20.82")

• Width F/R: Front 320mm / Rear 315mm (Front 12.59" / Rear 12.4")

• Height (Measured to Top of Roll Cage with Settled Suspension): 180mm (7.08")

• Wheelbase (Adjustable): 345mm ~ 350mm (13.58" ~ 13.77")

Items Required But Not Included:

• Single Battery Setup - One 6C NiMH Battery Pack (4200mAh or greater) or One 2-4S (35C) LiPo Battery Pack of desired capacity

• Dual Battery Setup - Two 6C NiMH Battery Packs (4200mAh or greater) or Two 2S (35C) LiPo Battery Packs of desired capacity. Also requires battery jumper (P/N 145795)

• 8-Pack 'AA' Alkaline Batteries for Transmitter

• AC or AC/DC Charger for NiCd/NiMH and/or LiPo Batteries

*When driving in sand, using the optional sand paddle tires (P/N 148722) allow the Rail to have amazing stability and control without getting stuck.

Additional Information

SKU 145633
Manufacturer XTM
Mfr Part Number 145633

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Customer Reviews

wow Review by Bill
Very impressed beyond. Just a little adjustment on the camber this thing halls ass. Will be getting another one soon. Do get the 14.8 volt lipo. I am beyond satisfied. (Posted on 3/27/14)
big , bold , powerful and heavy duty Review by easyrider
I've had this machine for a week and so far , have not much time to drive due to the fact the ESC messed up .

Couple of trips around the track and needed to adjust the ESC parameters to tune it for track conditions .

After following printed instructions , ESC failed to operate in reverse .

Forward appears to function correctly , just no reverse .

Retried TX / ESC calibration several times to no avail .

Other than that , Rail was fast on stock tires on hard packed dirt track surfaces .

With knobby tires and running on 7.4 volts , will throw huge grassy rooster tails in thick 6" tall grass for ten feet or more and leaving behind trenches in the lawn !

Rail is rather easy to work on , everything is accessable with simple tools and a work bench .

Disassembly and re-assembly easily done within an hour for cleaning mud out of it .

Manual has complete set of pictures of various areas of the Rail showing in detail the steps to work on it .

Documentation is also written in normal English , not translated gibberish .

Lots of opportunity to expand this kit in regards to increased speed , up-grades and modify .

There are aluminum up-grade parts availble for the time being .

Big , bold and heavy duty is what this machine is , and powerful enough (stock) to please both novices and pros' .

I wish I could be driving it right now , still waiting for replacement ESC from XTM !

With that one and only flaw , I give it a four star rating for now . (Posted on 6/23/13)
Fun a hell Review by Climatemaster
Great RC. 4wd and heavy duty metal body makes for a much more stable ride though it often rolls. Pretty impact resistant. Had for over a year now and the only issue has been the factory ESC failures. Finally upgraded to a Mamba2 waterproof ESC. In the market for a second Rail for my son. (Posted on 6/7/13)
Excellent Choice for Off-Road Action!!! Review by Ken
I really the 1/8 scale size over the smaller 1/10 scales. The Rail is built like a tank but is as nimble as any off-roader. The aluminum frame provides a solid, durable structure that can take punishment and protect the critical radio, battery, and motor components. Whether on dirt tracks or just free-wheeling in the dirt, there is no better 1/8 scale buggy. The torque and speed combinations of this model provides infinite opportunities for thrilling action over track or just dirt racing in the open. (Posted on 3/12/13)
Must have in your arsenal I have several electric RC and this is one of them.
With Lipos if you want speed this XTM Rail is for you. Just cruising around in the driveways I always get lookers that give me thumbs up. XTM Rail is simple to work with parts are always available. Which is perfect because there is no wasted time enjoying your RC. Someday I'll get paddle tires and take it in the sand to see what it could do but I bet it will not disappoint. Thanks Hobby People for a super buying experience. And XTM for putting out a product that is one of the best RC electric in the market today!!!!
(Posted on 3/28/12)
speed and torque Review by jb
my first rc and i was scared to dive it the second time around. crazy speed. (Posted on 12/27/11)
Ummmm no Review by Vlad von Needler
Very fast as reviewers state.
Very fragile front end.
Aluminum replacements rediculous expensive.
No problem with parts from ebay or wherever.
Too high CG for racing other buggies.
Dangerously flawed battery box.
Stock tires are a joke in the dirt.
(Posted on 12/26/11)
powerful Review by smith
I had bought this buggy about a year ago and its strong and crazy fast. love it. Thank you XTM. (Posted on 11/4/11)
Good Enough To Buy a Second One Review by Gotta Have Two
My son and I got into R/C cars over Christmas 2010. He got a Electrixrc Ruckus, me the XTM Rail.

I was continually fixing his Ruckus (stripped gears, oil leaked shocks, busted top, and burnt out motors) so upgraded him to a Chinese made buggy (HSP XSTR Pro). XSTR Pro is better, but still too fragile for him! Big problem with the Chinese car is some of the replacement parts are different sizes (and don't fit well, or at all), and have generally lacked quality control. That and the manual is pure garbage.

Over the same period, yes, I toasted my XTM Rail's front-end suspension a few times. Not sure if it's a design flaw or not though, but I'm pretty sure the stock wheels are no good. The original rims cracked and/or broke out around the center hub on the "spokes". Same thing was gradually happening to all my replacements as well from XTM. Eventually decided to go with dish wheels, and use the six shot wheel style only for street driving. So far so good.

Soon it's my son's birthday and he want's ANOTHER R/C car - ya, he's hooked! He's been pining to use my Rail and I occasionally let him. He would love an XTM of his own.

I considered getting him the XTM Rage, even the XT2e, and various other non-XTM cars, but there was this nagging in the back of my mind to just get another Rail!

It will be much more cost effective to just have a batch of spare parts on hand for both of us to pool from. We can also share wheels, battery harnesses, LIPO's, radios, etc.

I love the programmable features of the speed control and the Airtronics radio. I am going to set his speed controller to settings easier on the car, and turn down the Airtronics radio to limit his top speed. That and let him start with a 2S LIPO, moving up to 3S and 4S when he's ready - and reprogram the ESC and radio as appropriate along the way.

He get's it on Saturday if he's good!

(Posted on 6/1/11)
strong body weak front arms. Review by mistweapons
Awesome look Buggy. fast on 4s hard Li-po. My only problem is the front suspension. My first run i was going too fast and broke some front suspension part. Few weeks later, i broke more front suspension again and some of the metal was now bent but fixed that with a hammer. the thin arms are cheap plastics. yet i ride my car late night were the road is also narrow and not in the morning since i have school and work. (Posted on 3/3/11)
simply the best ! Review by juboc66
i'm so very pleased with this beast,went off of all the reviews and video and pieced mine together with (2) 4s 5000 mah lipos, stronger steering servo for back-up,but after running mine; i'm happy to say that the stock servo does a great job. you have to keep your eyes focused on this rocket becasuse it's just that fast. i love this over the nitro because there's far less aggevation due to always tuning the nitro's and its far $cheaper$ to run.I get 45 min. per 4s out of the 2 i've gottten. Thanks, redland,ca.(hobby people) for making this a wonderful buying experience for me. (Posted on 3/2/11)
simply the best ! Review by juboc66
i'm so very pleased with this beast,went off of all the reviews and video and pieced mine together with (2) 4s 5000 mah lipos, stronger steering servo for back-up,but after running mine; i'm happy to say that the stock servo does a great job. you have to keep your eyes focused on this rocket becasuse it's just that fast. i love this over the nitro because there's far less aggevation due to always tuning the nitro's and its far $cheaper$ to run.I get 45 min. per 4s out of the 2 i've gottten. Thanks, redland,ca.(hobby people) for making this a wonderful buying experience for me. (Posted on 3/2/11)
AWESOME !!!! Review by MorganRail
This XTM Rail is awesome=)
I am running one NiMH 7 cell 8.4v 5000mah by Venom. It gets up and goes. But it's time to up grade to a LiPo battery. Everyone needs one. (Posted on 2/20/11)
Lightning in a Bottle!!!! Review by BiGG ShaY dAwGG
I initially went to HP to buy the XT2 because it was on sale. In comparison to the Rail, the rail was much more durable and only $40 more so I bought it. W O W!!!! The Rail has "stupidiculous" speeed!!! I cart wheeled it twice, the second time was serious and no problems!! I am running a 4s 3000 and also 3s 2200(x2). Be careful not to burn speed control when running the series, I got a puff of white smoke out of the ESC!! I ran it on the baseball diamond, parking lot, sandbox at the park.... AWESOME PERFORMANCE in the sand w/o sand paddles!! This buggy has so much torque that im getting sidewayz on takeoff, may need to stock and extra esc though! Im just getting back into cars for the 1st time since a kid and this is a GREAT start!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BUGGY!! no joke (Posted on 2/16/11)
Very cool Review by Marine
Stationed overseas and RC is king. The Rail is best of best. Thanks for fast shipping. (Posted on 2/9/11)
Bought as demo (store display) Review by Kevin Ng.
I am currently own 3 Nitros RC and now get this so I can run around neighbor, it great RC Buggy, very fast with everything stock. May need 2nd battery for long play time. Also want to add light for night time or show up. Thank you XTM!!!! (Posted on 2/4/11)
Holy S$!t Awesome Review by Army Pilot
I love this rail it flies. I am stationed in Iraq and my buddies here run slash 1/10th SC trucks and I demolish them on them on the track. The rail is so smooth and now all of the guys here complain that I have a unfair advantage. I am running 2s 35c 5000 lipos. Other than that my rail is bone stock. I did under estimate the rails quickness and smashed into a curb the first day I had it out, happy to report 10 dollars later and one upper A arm and I am back racing. I 100% recommend the rail its truelly badass. (Posted on 1/18/11)
This thing rocks! Review by Tim the basher
Waited for half year, finally the prize was "right" so I picked one up and I put a 2s first to test on my drive way . Right away I could tell how much torque it has. This morning I found a whole city block and with the 4s it flies! The thing drives so smoothly that I don't have to worry any over corrections, I was told by some guys awhile back that the mechanical sound of this buggy isn't the best, I am glad to report mine didn't have the cheap-gritty sound as I was warned. Radio is great, bind from the factory w/o any glitch. The only thing I think could be a bit better is the servo, it's kind of slow and the torque could be higher, but at this price XTM really has out done themselves! Hobby People is providing better and better merchandise. I am a happy customer. (Posted on 1/8/11)
Great looking car for the money! Review by Kanevil
I got the Rail over the Xmas holiday and that thing hauls, esp with the 4S Lipo pack! The Rail is a great looking buggy, has great components, and very durable for the price! I have also convinced 2 of my co-workers to get it, haha. The only thing that kept me from posting a 5 stars was the weak front suspension arms. I broke mine from a minor crash and wasnt sure if it was defective or the quality of the plastic. But overall, I am happy with my purchase!! (Posted on 1/3/11)
Durability concerns... Review by WC350z
As mentioned by LG I too adjusted the LVC to 3.2v, however, left punch (torque) exactly where it is. I too run a 5000mah 40C 4S Lipo.

There is a slight incline at the end of the asphalt, just before grass area which sent buggy 8ft or so in the air and when it landed it did several bad tumbles since it was going almost full speed. of the roll cage is scratched and plenty of dirt and grass in battery compartment, other than that no issues.

At first I was concerned about durability because of how heavy it is, but it is well built. Cant imagine this thing on 6S. May have to swap out the ESC and motor just to find out, eventhough, I love the stock ESC and motor. (Posted on 12/31/10)
TORQUE!! Review by LG
LG: Thank you for such detail in your review. Modelers will appreciate your comments. Happy New Year. HP

Car has plenty of torque... it will rip the grass off at the park for 2-4ft under hard acceleration. Clocked it at 46.1mph on 4s 5000mAh 40C without the wing, with wing it does about 44.3mph. Although slower than my Slash 4x4, this thing is still fun. Slash does 71mph but really unstable because of its weight the RAIL would probably not have that problem since it's over 7 lbs.

Hit a curb at 20mph with the RAIL and no damage other than some minor scratches.

One thing I did was to put a piece of Velcro, wrapping the fan and signal wires between the ESC and rollcage as the body scrapes them and could eventually cut in insulation.

I will adjust ESC to increase the LVC as it is set to 3.0v which may reduce the life of the Lipo,another adjustment I will do is to decrease the amount of initial power (torque) just one setting hope it helps reliablity.

Cant decide on rating 4 vs 5 stars. If this was 50+mph definately 5 stars, but does it deserve 4 just for that? No. I will just try to play with gearing 46mph is good enough...FOR NOW.

Forgot to mention ESC and Motor stay cool! Highest temp on ESC has been 115F, motor about 100F (Posted on 12/31/10)
fun car Review by Tbias
super fast buggy,much heavier than other cars so even slower crashes seem to break something.great handling and really fast...burnt out speed control on second day,hobby people fixed no probs since...dont crash it though (Posted on 12/19/10)
xtm racing Review by BigRay
I own one and its the most powerful stock or even built up car I've seen in a long time thank you for so much fun (Posted on 12/8/10)
Love this rail, I've put it to the test Review by Dan
I've run the daylights out of this rail, no problems other than a few normal breaks from crashes. Over the years I've owned many RC cars, trucks, buggies and this is my favorite. My only minor complaint is the ESC isn't very smooth when starting from a stop. Check out this link to see a youtube video of this beast in the air. It really flies. (Posted on 12/5/10)
great looking, just some bugs to iron out Review by dirtlover62
I have been running the rail for about a week now, this vehicle has not flipped over once yet. has great speed, and i like the program "Card". Only problem now is Reverse-It cogs real bad when i need to go in reverse. Had to send the ESC back To customer service for testing/replacement. Parts are not available at my local hobby shop, but i still see real potential in this vehicle and believe it will become very popular soon. (Posted on 11/23/10)
Fast and Strong Review by Davis
I've had my rail for 3 weeks. It is faster than my T4 and the only thing that looks as good is a Baja. I am running a 4s 5000. I am looking for others who have a Rail, as Id like to race. I'm in Fountain Valley. Rock on. (Posted on 11/13/10)
Down right fun Review by Krikor
This is the first RC Car/Buggy I have ever had and hesitated initially due to price, but worth every penny. What makes it even better is the staff support. A toy is only as good as it runs. This thing can run. Fast, strong and amazing fun. I am trying to convince a friend of mine to get it. He's on the fence, just needs a little nudge. If you want to have fun with an RC Buggy, this is your thing!!! (Posted on 10/25/10)
Fast and Cool Review by SandMan
I've had mine for 10 days. Bought in Murrieta and your guys were most helpful, helped me set up and I upgraded to lipo pack. I am running at a school and it draws attention. More fun than any buggy Ive had. (Posted on 10/18/10)
Strong and Fast Review by Sand Man
Love it. With a 4s its hauls. Performance is really good, and looks are awesome. (Posted on 10/12/10)
now that's a truck! & I as a pro Review by
you got a nice set of truck there I have ( OFAN) real beast 21 Gas (Posted on 9/14/10)
awsome buggy Review by brian
I have to agree with all the other reviews,this buggy is insane,I have had it for 4 days and was sooo impressed with the car it needs nothing ,but like the others have said ,the roll bar could use a little beefing up (Posted on 9/7/10)
Love the rail Review by Zehner189
I've had it for a few days now, and I love it. I was running a brushless E-Revo and it was too strong for it's own good. It broke down constantly. So I decided to get rid of it once I saw some videos of the rail.

First shot out of the box I loved it. It looks awesome, and runs really well. It was pretty different than the revo. It was nice to not worry about doing wheelies all the time. That drove me nuts. I've been running the rail on pavement, dirt, jumps, sand, grass, gravel, you name it. The stock tires are very good for all of it. I'm so glad I got the rail. Everyone I show it to loves it and wants one.

I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 only due to 2 things. The roll cage isn't the best design. It does look very good, but due to the fact they drilled holes to mounth the upper alum plate. This causes a weak spot in the main roll bars. I put in a vertical support brace to keep the cage from caving in any more, but the roll bars are just a little to thin walled. The second issue is only due to the fact this buggy is so new, so getting parts, and upgrades are somewhat a pain to find and get.

I'm in the process of fabricating a new roll cage out of solid aluminum tubing. Super cheap and will be a lot stronger. All you need is 3/8" tubing and a bender. Just use the stock cage as a template, and drill the holes accordingly.

Happy driving, all and all, an amazing design and well worth getting!! (Posted on 9/5/10)
Sand Racer Review by Steve
Just bought 1 and raced it last night at the beach. My buddy has a Rail and after running it myself, I went and bought one too. We set up a pylon course at the beach last night and it is awesome. We need to hook up some paddle tires to really sand race, but stock it was really good. Rail is fast, motor puts out great torque. I would suggest putting a filter over fans if running in sand. I am running 2 2s packs, but Im saving up for some 4s packs. If you can, run this in the sand as it seems it was designed for it, and it looks right. We had about 30 people watching us race. (Posted on 9/5/10)
Sick Buggy Review by Ron
Bought mine yesterday from Fv. The radio is awesome, best radio I have seen included in an RTR. Out of the box, the Rail is sick looking, the metal cage and the wheels just look right. I am running both the 4s as well as 2s packs in parallel. I did some hi speed passes in the street and dialed in the trims, and then I did some small jumps. Truck handles really well, better than my core truck because of the 4wd. The tires handle all terrain pretty good, but I will add sand paddles soon so I can run at the beach. I run over at fairview and the rail was a magnet, people couldnt believe how good looking, as well as the size of the buggy is really impressive. I raced a rustler and the rail easily held its own, but handled so much better that it really wasn't a race. Rail Rocks! (Posted on 9/3/10)
The coolest RC Review by Sand Racer
My son and I each have a rail. We are running 2S packs in tandem and the Rail is really fast. We have run it on the street, in the dirt, and at the beach. Without a doubt, the Rail is the best RC buggy we have run. It handles really well, have tremendous punch, and the scale looks rock. Great job XTM. (Posted on 9/1/10)
Big, Fast, Strong Review by RCRacer
I've been running the Rail for the past 10 days and it is now my prime buggy. I'm running a 4S pack and its fast. I'm running the M11x with the included receiver. I think the buggy is ready to race, although I'm running it at Fairview park and at the beach. The buggy turns heads everywhere I run it. Best looking buggy on the market. Handles brilliantly. Rocket buggy. (Posted on 8/31/10)
The best choice in this price range Review by Michel
I have this Rail for 3 weeks now and it is a amazing and fun . I have set it for street bashing and I use 1 x 4s 30C 4500mah and 2 x 2s 30C 5200mah , It is so fast ( maybe too fast ) , if you want it easily spin from the 4 wheels on the asphalt when take off , I am going way faster than the cars in my street ( I am sure that is is in the 45mph range like advertise ) . It is quality build , realy nice material . I did not regret choosing this buggy , it is so powerfull , but it still hug the road , it is drivable at high speed and braking is very good too . I do not reget buying this one , I enjoy it a lot . It is way ... way faster and agile than my neighbor 1/8 gas buggy that cost him over $ 1200 , he simply is no match for the rail . I had to unthighten the cooling fan from the motor to get them to turn freely .

have fun (Posted on 8/28/10)
Needs hopups Review by jason
unbelieveable truck. Fast and tracks like a rail. Its a riot with 4s packs. I'm going get sand paddles and looking to hop it up. Great buggy. (Posted on 8/25/10)
Rocket Ship Review by Steve
Been running this for past 3 days, and its a rocket. running a 4s 5000 pack, need to get another, and its hot. The best looking rc buggy on the market, and everywhere I run its a head turner. A buddy of mine is selling another buggy to get one too. Looking to race soon. (Posted on 8/25/10)
Excellent choice Review by beau
Unbelievable speed with twin 7.2 volt 5000 ma batteries. Does not jump like a traxxas, still learning. Well built except for the roll cage. One flip and I flattened the cage down about an inch. Tires have exceptional traction on the pavement and dirt. Braking is out of this world. Overall great buggy. (Posted on 8/18/10)

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