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XTM Roll Bar - Rail Main 274mm (2Pcs)

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No. 148684

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XTM Roll Bar - Rail Main 274mm (2Pcs)



148684 Roll Bar - Rail Main 274mm (2Pcs)

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SKU 148684
Manufacturer XTM
Mfr Part Number MV1683AL
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looks good , poor design Review by Rail Rocker
Hello ,

The roll cage is functional as well as pretty BUT the choice of drilling holes into the tube severaly weakens the structure and will crack and break upon impact .

Simple fix BEFORE breakage...remove the roof plate , the plastic piece and replace with the roll cage front plastic pieces (#........) , will need two (2) .

Slide the new plastic pieces onto the tube over the area that has the holes and reassemble the roll cage .

ACQUIRE two (2) aluminum arrow shafts with removable tips and saw off the arrow tip ends (threaded side) long enough to fit between the new plastic pieces and the Rail side frame .

My arrow shafts were threaded for #10-32 size screw , so I drilled a clearence hole for that size thru the lip of the Rail side frame and bolted the arrow shaft to the side frame .

The other end of the arrow shaft is bigger than the plastic piece so a few wraps of aluminum tape (think duct tape) on that will make everything fit snuggly .

Drill a small hole for the screws and your done , no more worry about breaking the roll cage in half everytime it rolls over .

IF you already broke the roll cage....use 1/4 -20 thread stock about 3/4 inches long and some epoxy glue .

Use a hand tap , tap the inside of the roll cage tube 1/4-20 both ends.

Screw in the stubby threaded pieces coated with epoxy glue and screw the two halfs together making sure the original screw holes line to keep it straight !

When epoxy has fully cured , check to make sure it still fits properly , then proceed with the previous steps how to install roll cage reinforcements .

Original roof plate will not be used , but keep handy for target practice .

Another custom roof can be made using thin aluminum sheet and wrapping around the tubes.....DO NOT DRILL INTO ROLL CAGE TUBES !!

Good luck and I hope this saves ya'll alot of cash and aggrevations !! (Posted on 8/12/13)

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